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Agent Michael Henson follows the clues found in Dinah King's apartment and finds himself at a southern church revival meeting where he is made a horrific offer. How this ties into the death of the Icarus crew begins to unfold. Meanwhile, two girls head out to a late-night rave in the warehouse district only to discover more than just a swinging nightlife. Dan Wickline (30 Days of Night: Dead Space) and Alex Sanchez (Doomed) bring you the latest horrific chapter of 30 Days of Night! Artist Nat Jones again provides an alternate cover. *Covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio. *Retailers: See your order form for a special incentive
52 WEEK #42
Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Pat Olliffe & Drew Geraci, Joe Bennett and others Greg Rucka, Mark Waid Breakdowns by Keith Giffen Art by Chris Batista & Rodney Ramos, Backup features by Waid and various Covers by J.G. Jones The month begins with one of the main players in 52 having everything - and everyone - taken away from him, and ends with messages from beyond the grave that will have a lasting impact on several DC heroes. Also, Ralph Dibny's fate - or is that Fate? - is at last revealed as he solves the greatest mystery of all. Plus, more Origins of the DCU! 52: A year without Superman; a year without Batman; a year without Wonder Woman…but not a year without heroes. Week 40 on sale February 7 • Week 41 on sale February 14 Week 42 on sale February 21 • Week 43 on sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US
by Tyler Chin-Tanner, James Boyle, & Fabio Redivo The race is on! New thrill seekers join Alex and Saida in their reality TV contest. It's red team vs. blue team blazing through the streets of San Francisco. The first one to the finish wins the round and the clue that will lead them one step closer to the $4 million grand prize.
Conclusion to 'THE WAR AT HOME,' an official tie-in to 'Civil War.' The Civil War shaking the Marvel Universe races to its climax -- with Spider-Man caught right in the middle. Where else would we expect to find him? 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99
Written by KEITH GIFFEN, DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNING Penciled by MITCH BREITWEISER, SCOTT KOLINS, ARIEL OLIVETTI & KEV WALKER Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO The epic collection of the cosmic event begins here! Heroes will die. Villains and heroes will form allegiances. Empires will fall. A destructive force punctures through the edge of our universe and slaughters millions of worlds - including Xandar, home of the intergalactic peacekeeping force known as the Nova Corps. With the Nova Corps gone, who can possibly hold off the Annihilation Wave? To protect the legacy of the Xandarian culture, the lone surviving member of the Corps - Richard Rider of Earth - must escape from the burning ruins of the homeworld with the murdering hosts of the Annihilation Wave closing in. But can he trust himself to use his new power wisely, or will he lose control again and pose a threat to the cosmos greater than the invasion itself? And on the subject of trust, how far can he trust his new 'friend'... Drax? Plus: Just how did Drax end up on Xandar, anyway? His story begins with the crash of an interstellar prison transport in an isolated Alaskan town. And when Paibok the Power Skrull, Lunatik, the Blood Brothers and Drax the Destroyer come calling, it's not a social call. You think you know Drax? Big, green and not all that bright - is that the Drax you're thinking about? Think again! Collecting DRAX THE DESTROYER #1-4, ANNIHILATION PROLOGUE and NOVA #1-4. 244 PGS./Rated T+ …$29.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2511-6 Trim size: oversized
Written by Kurt Busiek Art by Ricardo Villagran Cover by Butch Guice An old foe returns to haunt Aquaman! The Dweller in the Depths and King Shark have already fallen before this mighty new Fisherman. While Young Arthur struggles to protect a village, this version of the Fisherman threatens the world! On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
by Various 'The Web Returns': It's the return of that 'Mighty Hero,' the Web… sort of! It's the filming of the latest super-heroic multiplex mega hit starring everyone's Other favorite arachnid-inspired hero, the Web. Katy has the plum role of the hero's spunky girlfriend, but when things get seriously deadly on the set, Katy may have to put on her detective hat. Who is sabotaging the stunts, and why? 'Riverdale's Got Talent': The latest TV talent show sensation comes to Riverdale in a benefit to fund the high school's education programs, and the first thing the judges will learn is that not all of the faculty and students have the 'talent' they claim to have!
by Greg Pak & Nigel Raynor This issue continues the second storyline in our first 'season' of all new adventures as Sharon arrives with her barbarian horde and yet another group of pirates attack the Galactica. Sharon and Adama come face-to-face once again. Of course Adama knows she's a Cylon... one of the Sharon's shot him, after all. But this Sharon - loyal and ready to serve - is unaware of what previously transpired! Featuring another stunning group of cover contributors including: Nigel Raynor, Stjephan Sejic, and Jonathan Lau, plus a photo cover!
by Stephen L. Antczak & Andy Lee To satisfy the blood oath of his father, Beowulf travels from his home to Denmark to fight Grendel, the inhuman monster that has been plaguing the Danes. Adding a dose of political intrigue and romance to this classic tale enhances the thrills and drama, giving it depth as of yet unseen in any other adaptation. The art by fan-fave Andy Lee is both ethereal and sinister, like the ashes of ancient fires igniting the legend of Beowulf anew.
by Various 'The Great Outdoors: Betty Style!': Camping in the wilderness has its disadvantages for Veronica - namely, no malls, no electricity, and no plumbing. But before she can bail, Veronica spots hunky Donald on the trail, and suddenly, the lack of luxuries become irrelevant! 'The Great Outdoors: Veronica Style': In a flip of the previous story, Veronica hosts a camping trip, and no convenience is left behind! But even high energy power lines aren't infallible, so Betty may get her wish of 'roughing it' yet!
Written by Gail Simone Art by Nicola Scott & Doug Hazlewood Cover by Stephane Roux 'Blood & Circuits' concludes, setting up the new Birds of Prey as a formidable espionage unit with a burgeoning roster of super-heroine specialists - which the new Spy Smasher simply cannot allow to continue! On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Gail Simone Art by Joe Bennett, Paulo Siqueira & Various Cover by Terry & Rachel Dodson A volume collecting BIRDS OF PREY #86-90 and 92-95! The Secret Society of Super Villains takes one of the Birds of Prey hostage and demands the Birds' leader's secret identity as their ransom. The Birds will have to save their friend and battle Deathstroke to defend their leader! Advance-solicited; on sale February 21 • 224 pg, FC, $17.99 US
Written by Mark Waid Art by George Pérez & Bob Wiacek Covers by Pérez The greatest team-up title of all time is back! A proud DC tradition is restored as writer Mark Waid (52, SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES) and legendary artists George Pérez (THE NEW TEEN TITANS, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS) & Bob Wiacek (ORION) put Batman and Green Lantern on the trail of what could be the greatest weapon in the DCU! The trail leads to Ventura, the gambling planet…wanna bet what'll happen if they don't get their hands on the weapon? Retailers: This issue will feature two covers by George Pérez that may be ordered separately. The Cover A spotlights Batman; Cover B spotlights Green Lantern.. Please see the Previews Order Form for further details. On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US Edited by Joey Cavalieri
Meet the government's last line of defense when it comes to the really messy parts of keeping the world safe... BRIT. When super-powered menaces threaten our home soil, send in Brit. Brit is a one man killing machine, indestructible, unstoppable... and eligible for a senior citizen's discount. Now presented in FULL-COLOR! Collects BRIT: COLD DEATH & BRIT: RED WHITE BLACK & BLUE
by John Gallagher & Various When Buzzboy is told that he needs to find a new super mentor, or give up his super powers, the auditions at the Buzzboy Diner begin. Becca, Zoomer, and Doc Cyber must help Buzzboy decide between the good, the bad, and the monkey. Plus, he must do all this with the added threat of Timequake, the malicious mallard! Cover by Howard Porter.
Written by FABIAN NICIEZA Penciled by REILLY BROWN Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG He's a rough n' ready lumbering tank with a great big mad-on for the Merc With A Mouth. The last time these two faced off, Deadpool turned Rhino into a keychain. What happens when Deadpool tracks down Spidey's favorite rawhide in order to make amends for past misdeeds? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
by Various The follow up to Paper Rad's acclaimed Paper Rad, B.J. and da Dogs is both a return to form and a move forward for the group. Focusing on their joke-oriented side, they've produces a book of exuberant fun. Bringing together funny comic strips, psychedelic imagey, and their lo-fi digital wizardry, this new volume is a great sampling of what the group can accomplish as entertainers. This is book-as-variety show, as the energetic collective bounces from longer stories like Patrick and Catrick to suites of gag cartoons like Pig Tales, to drawings of Alf, and Miss Piggy and pixilated creatures. Throughout, Paper Rad brings both silly humor and serious satire, bringing their unique blend of cartoon absurdism to new heights.
Written by Will Pfeifer Art by David Lopez & Alvaro Lopez Cover by Adam Hughes To save Holly from a murder rap, Catwoman has traveled to Metropolis. But how will the home of Superman be the key to Holly's salvation? Hint: It's got something to do with LexCorp. What illegal, highly explosive things does Lex Luthor have under lock and key? On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Will Pfeifer Art by David Lopez & Alvaro Lopez Cover by Adam Hughes An inexperienced Catwoman takes over for Selina Kyle in this volume collecting CATWOMAN #53-58! Selina is busy caring for her child, but will it be too late for her to go back when she questions her decision to step away from her crimefighting life? Advance-solicited; on sale February 21 • 144 pg, FC, $14.99 US
Written by Greg Rucka, Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir Art by Steve Scott Cover by Jesus Saiz Part 1 of the 2-part 'Corvalho' with guest art by SHADOWPACT'S Steve Scott! Fire, the Black King's Knight, tries to break free from Amanda Waller's blackmail in a move that will shake the agency from top to bottom! On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Greg Rucka Art and cover by Jesus Saiz Collecting the first seven issues of the acclaimed new series from Greg Rucka! After the explosive events of INFINITE CRISIS and THE OMAC PROJECT, the U.N. formed Checkmate to bring down heroes and villains that get out of line. Now they use unique ability to deputize human and metahuman forces throughout the world in pursuit of its goal to hold the line. Advance-solicited; on sale February 21 • 168 pg, FC, $14.99 US
Written by MARK MILLAR Pencils and Cover by STEVE MCNIVEN Variant & Sketch Variant Covers by MICHAEL TURNER It all ends here! The startling battle that will determine the future of the Marvel Universe! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99
by Rick Remender & Carlos Rafael Our opening mini-series from writer Rick Remender, artist Carlos Rafael, cover artist Dave Dorman, and the classic crew of the great Battlestar Galactica, concludes! Issue #4 features more pulse-pounding action as Starbuck, Boomer, and a band of rag-tag colonial survivors work desperately to defeat the Cylon menace and make their way back to the Galactica! Featuring two covers, one by the legendary Dave Dorman, the other by interior artist Carlos Rafael!
Honor among thieves . . . Conan and his companions have escaped the Spider King and made their way to a new city. But even as Conan fights his way through the arena, one of his friends is plotting his betrayal. The first part of the prelude to the Conan classic 'Rogues in the House,' told in the Robert E. Howard tradition by the celebrated storytellers Timothy Truman, Cary Nord, and Dave Stewart. • Colorist Richard Isanove (Wolverine: Origin) joins the Conan team!
This has to be the worst week in Cal McDonald's life. First his only human friend dies (thanks, in part, to Cal). Then he gets beaten nearly to death by a gang of cops. And then he goes into withdrawal while he's in a coma from the beating. And the cherry on top of this sad-sack sundae-Cal's ex, Sabrina, has been kidnapped by the oldest evil in the books, Nosferatu, and now he's using her to bait Cal into a trap. Getting an early discharge from the hospital was easy enough, thanks to Mo'Lock and his posse of ghouls, but now he's gotta make it past the army of cops, find Sabrina, and figure out a way to kill a vampire nobody else in history has been able to touch. And did we mention he's doing all of this SOBER?
Written by Andy Hartnell Cover by J. Scott Campbell Art by Nick Bradshaw & Jim Charalampidis Collecting the action-packed 4-issue miniseries! Abbey and Sydney go undercover to infiltrate an all-girl biker gang after a powerful Native American artifact is stolen. The girls take a wild ride into the dangerous world of espionage, motorcycles and black magic to track down the priceless item! Advance-solicited; on sale February 21 • 96 pg, FC, $12.99 US
by Jennie Breeden In this volume, Jen ventures out to a gay club while visiting her sister in Pittsburgh and realizes that her boobs have no power there. Then, it's on to Halloween, where she has an excuse to dress up and teach the rugrats all about tricks and trading candy. The kids are never going to be the same again, but at least Jen scores some good candy!
DMZ #16
Written by Brian Wood Art by Riccardo Burchielli Cover by Wood 'Public Works' part 4 of 5. Matty's on the outs with his 'friends' in the terrorist cell he'd infiltrated and now finds himself a marked man. To make matters worse, the U.N. pulls out of the DMZ, leaving security to Trustwell Inc.'s ruthless soldiers-for-hire. On sale February 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
'CAPTAIN STONEHEART AND THE TOOTH FAIRY' Hip Flask is expecting to spend a quiet night working late at the Information Agency, but he reckons without the appearance of Ebony Hide's young friend, Savannah. JOE KELLY and CHRIS BACHALO come to Hip's rescue with the story of Captain Stoneheart and the Tooth Fairy... a story so special it took five years in the making!
by Jeff Lemire Xeric Award winning cartoonist Jeff Lemire (Lost Dogs) illustrates the tale of Lester, an orphaned 10-year-old who goes to live on his Uncle's farm. Their relationship grows increasingly strained and Lester befriends the town 's gas station owner, and damaged former hockey star, Jimmy Lebeuf. The two escape into a private fantasy world of superheroes, alien invaders, and good old-fashioned pond hockey. Tales from the Farm is the first volume in a trilogy of graphic novels set in a fictionalized version of Lemire's hometown of Essex County, Ontario.
Written by Brian K. Vaughan Art and cover by Tony Harris A 'behind-the-scenes' look at the Eisner-winning Ex Machina, featuring a new cover by Tony Harris, never-before-seen art, script pages and extras not available anywhere else! You won't want to miss this look at the process that goes into creating the acclaimed series, and new readers will get a taste of what they've been missing! On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
by Hopeless, Mellon, Herrera, & Strakhov Shelby Cooper lives just outside a world of spandex politicians and electric cars - but F**K them and their world! She's a hot chick with a hotrod. She drives fast, talks trash, and hurts people with a big-ass wrench. What does any of that have to do with super powers? Well, on a mission to find her brother and in search of the destiny she never knew she had, Shelby's life is about to get interesting. Join her on a 4-issue road trip that leads from the drag strip all the way to the White House. Like her father before her, she is GearHead.
Section 9 special agents Batou and Togusa are investigating a series of brutal murders that appear to be linked by the victims' common tattoo, a military design. A found yacht key could help unlock the mystery behind the murders, but if the Section 9 agents want to toss the boat, they'll have to get in line-behind two killer cyborgs with a distinct antipathy for cops! Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor presents for the first time in America the 'lost' Ghost in the Shell stories, created by Shirow Masamune after completing work on the original Ghost in the Shell manga and prior to his tour-de-force, Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface. This deluxe-format issue begins 'Mines of Mind,' the third of four Ghost in the Shell tales.
Domestic disturbance. Don't miss the final issues of GIRLS, which concludes with issue #24! RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES
by Shannon Eric Denton & Keith Giffen Created by Eisner winner Keith Giffen and Cartoon Network writer Shannon Eric Denton, and illustrated by Joe Kubert grad Matt Jacobs! During World War II their squad took down an elite unit of German super soldiers and started a Eugenics Race that carries into present day. Now, they are the only hope against one man's ultimate solution.
Written by Mike Carey Art by John Paul Leon Cover by Lee Bermejo In this unforgettable one-shot story, Mike Carey and John Paul Leon (THE WINTER MEN) tell a twisted tale of things that aren't what they seem. Constantine happens upon an argument between twin sisters that turns into a hunt through London for mysterious items to quell the sibling fire. But when a bizarre sickness begins to shadow him, he realizes he'll need help from some 'special' friends to get him out of this terrifying, deadly mess. On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
Written by ALEXANDER IRVINE Penciled by RUSSELL BRAUN Cover by ARTHUR SUYDAM 'EQUINOX' PART 5 It all comes down to this. Trapped between Hell and a hot place, Daimon Hellstorm unveils his trap -- and teaches his old man a thing or two in the process. This is The Son of Satan as you've never seen him before, brought to you by acclaimed novelist Alexander Irvine (The Narrows), with searing art by Russell Braun (Animal Man) and Klaus Janson. 32 PGS./Explicit Content …$3.99 THERE IS A STRICT NO OVERPRINT POLICY ON ALL MAX TITLES - PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDERS AND PLACE THEM BY THE FOC.
Written by Steve Niles Art and cover by Scott Hampton Fresh from DAY OF VENGEANCE, Black Alice stars in her own one-shot - the final chapter in the 'Helmet of Fate' story that leads directly into April's DR. FATE series! Being the town goth isn't all candles, eyeliner and black nail polish for Lori Lechlin, the most hated girl in school. She can steal any magical being's powers and use them as her own, but what happens when she encounters the Helmet of Fate? Will it win her any friends? On sale March 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
by Michael Avon Oeming & Brandon Jerwa, & Lee Moder There can be only one… only one all-new, action-packed, monthly comic book series starring the Immortal Highlander, that is! Our opening story arc comes to a globe-spanning conclusion as Connor and his crew race to destroy the remnants of the Kurgan's super-soldiers in the present, all the while as allegiances disintegrate and a traitor is revealed! Featuring another trio of immortal covers from Tony (Conan) Harris, Dave Dorman, and special this month: Billy (Uncanny X-Men) Tan!
by Rebecca Kraatz Growing up in rural British Columbia, Rebecca Kraatz was like other girls. She had a crush on Frank Chambers. She also had a bunch of backstabbing friends. But her life was anything but ordinary, as can be observed from the magical deer to the cursed rug-hooks. In this book, Kraatz coaxes the unexpected from the everyday. A bittersweet confection that grows more satisfying with each reading.
by Tom Gauld The highly-anticipated, first American published comic from esteemed British cartoonist and illustrator Tom Gauld! Masterfully understated and beautifully drawn, Hunter & Painter is a witty look at art and celebrity in 38,000 BC: a caveman agonizes over what kind of painting to feature in his upcoming exhibition. Hunter & Painter follows Gauld's recent success with acclaimed comics such as Guardians of the Kingdom and stories in the groundbreaking anthology Kramers Ergot.
Written by ED BRUBAKER & MATT FRACTION Pencils and Cover by DAVID AJA Mysterious enemy forces circle all around him, as Danny Rand comes face to face with history! The legacy of the Iron Fist becomes clear, as he leaps to the aid of a man he has long-thought was dead... and who has come seeking Danny's help with an army on his trail. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
story WILLIAM HARMS art & cover NICK POSTIC & NICK MARINKOVICH Vlad Tepes has spent the last 500 years in limbo, waiting for the vampires to re-emerge and unleash their brutal attacks against humanity. With New York City in ruins, Vlad has at last returned to fulfill his destiny-annihilate the vampires, no matter the cost. Everyone and everything is expendable. RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES
The Martian armada is headed for Earth - and Invincible is the only thing that stands in their way! Led by the parasitic SEQUIDS the Martians plan to invade Earth and provide the Sequids with a new slave race. If Invincible fails, it's all over - luckily he brought along some HELP.
ION #11
Written by Ron Marz Art by Greg Tocchini & Jay Leisten Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky What new Crisis has Donna Troy rushing to save Kyle Rayner - and will she be in time? On sale February 21 • 11 of 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Jim Krueger & Alex Ross Art by Doug Braithwaite & Ross Cover by Ross An extraordinary hardcover volume collecting JUSTICE #5-8, written by comics legends Alex Ross (KINGDOM COME) & Jim Krueger (Earth X) with art by Doug Braithwaite & Ross! In this volume, a conspiracy of villains has found a way to use Superman's powers against him. He's beyond control and there's only one solution - which may kill him!
by Michelinie, Hudson, & Layton This pulse-pounding three-issue monthly miniseries reunites the classic fan-favorite 1980's Iron Man creative team, written by David Michelinie and covers illustrated by Bob Layton! The military wants very much to contain - and eliminate - a situation up in the Oregon woods. And Carl Kolchak is right in the middle! But when that 'situation' is a creature genetically engineered for deep-space survival of their own creation, what other drastic measures, and creations, are they willing to unleash to silence everyone once and for all?
Written by Jesse Leon McCann Art by Min S. Ku & Jeff Albrecht Cover by Scott Jeralds All dogs chase mail carriers, and Krypto's no exception! But why are he and the Dog Star Patrol chasing a space mailman? On sale February 21 • 6 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US
Written by MIKE CAREY & SKOTTIE YOUNG Penciled by GREG LAND & SKOTTIE YOUNG Cover by GREG LAND In the first of three high-octane horror comic one-shots, Werewolf by Night returns to the Marvel Universe! This shocking story by X-Men's Mike Carey and Ultimate Power's Greg Land (in the comic he's waited his whole life to draw!) is a powerful, brutally terrifying tale that will redefine Jacob Russel forever! And as if that wasn't enough - join writer/artist Skottie Young in a no-holds-barred look at the afterlife of the Monster of Frankenstein! It's an extra-length comic at no extra price, and it's destined to keep you sleeping with your lights on…till the upcoming Legion of Monsters: Morbius and Legion of Monsters: Man-Thing! 32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99
by Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly 'Food as Substitute' - Working as a waitress at a popular restaurant, Megan starts a passionate love affair with one of the young chefs, and at the same time negotiates an awkward relationship with a much older customer. Late nights, good food, better sex, steamy kitchens, love triangles... all set in the diverse and artistic neighborhood of Wicker Park, Chicago.
Written by JEFF PARKER Penciled by JUAN SANTACRUZ Cover by CAMERON STEWART In the year two thousand and six did the veiled kingdom of Avalon reappear in the New World.The magical realm is defended by the legendary and unbeatable Black Knight. Be there any heroes brave enough to challenge its queen, Morgan Le Fay? Then let these Avengers speak! 32 PGS./All Ages …$2.99
NEW AVENGERS #22 GHOST RIDER #3 64 PGS./Rated T+...$4.99
Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS & BRIAN REED Pencils & Cover by JIM CHEUNG The Infinity Gems offer their users complete mastery of the universe -- if any one of the Gems fell into the wrong hands, it would be catastrophic. So, when the Illuminati discover the Infinity Gems are scattered across the cosmos, completely unguarded, the race is on to collect them before anyone else learns the truth. The fate of the Marvel Universe hangs in the balance as Brian Michael Bendis (New Avengers) and Brian Reed (Ms. Marvel) team up with Jim Cheung (Young Avengers) to tell another chapter in the tale of the Illuminati! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
'CULTS IN OUR MIDST' While the Hand is deprogrammed a traitor infiltrates the cult and we learn the Hidden History of the Brotherhood of the Voice.
by Joshua Kemble Numb is Joshua Kemble's Xeric Award winning comic about a young writer named Seymour struggling with writer's block. Having no other sources for inspiration, he rehashes old memories of an ex-girlfriend, Leah Mizzi, to use as fuel to write. By reliving those experiences, he gains inspiration, and then begins to write a novel that he thinks will be wildly successful. However, Seymour is about to find out that there's more to writing than having a muse. A compelling and insightful look into lost love, sources of inspiration, and overall clarity. Fans of work by Daniel Clowes, Adriane Tomine, and Chris Ware will most likely enjoy Numb.
Written by Andersen Gabrych Art and cover by Henry Flint Meet the Omega Women! As Lady Styx's strange plan for a new cosmic-scale 'natural order' comes together, three seductive aliens join the ranks - each as beautiful as she is lethal! Will these space sirens soften the galaxy-toughened Omega Men, or will it be beauty that kills these beasts? On sale February 21 • 5 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
It's a miracle that astro-nots Krunk and Quinn have managed to stay out of the joint this long, but their luck has run out. Now residents of Honest Abe's Penitentiary, Krunk and Quinn have to find a way out or learn to make new friends (if you know what I mean). Luckily, Krunk's big, bad mom ain't about to let her baby boy go punk, and woe be to he who gets in her way . . . or who doesn't. Meanwhile, vengeful space-hottie Neoki realizes that to get back her priceless idol, she's going to need the key around Quinn's neck-and she's going to have to get it before the time bomb around his neck goes boom! Relentlessly marching forward in their quest to embarrass their families, Zach Howard (Shaun of the Dead) and Sean Murphy (Scarecrow: Year One; Off Road), with screenwriter Reed Buccholz, have created Outer Orbit, an 'epic' science-fiction/action-comedy/adjective-noun forged from equal parts stupidity, idiocy, and imbecility. And in case you were wondering, yes, sheep are involved.
by Eric Trautmann & Cold FuZion Studios The year is 2020, and massive 'hypercorporations' are locked in a clandestine war for control of world markets. Joanna Dark, agent of one such hypercorp - the Carrington Institute - must unmask a traitor within her own ranks, a spy planted in the Institute by the sinister dataDyne Corporation. From running gun battles in the mean streets of Los Angeles, to deadly mechanized ambushes in the smoke and sprawl of the City of Industry, she's faced down high-tech mercenaries, street criminals and crooked cops, all to find - and eliminate - the mole. Now, she faces off in a no-holds-barred contest against the one man who can reveal all the secrets, uncloak the lies, and end her deadly mission - Operation: Janus' Tears -once and for all.
Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Pencils and Cover by MICHAEL AVON OEMING 'SECRET IDENTITY' Readers of the Eisner Award-winning POWERS know this has been the most intense year the book has ever seen. Walker and Pilgrim's lives have turned inside out, and this latest murder exposes nothing less than the world's most-kept secret - a secret so deadly that it will force Walker to make a decision he can never take back. Witness a scene so gruesome, no other comic but POWERS could show it to you. From the writer of NEW AVENGERS, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and the CIVIL WAR specials! Part 5 (of 6) 32 PGS./Explicit Content ...$2.95 POWERS is TM & © 2006 Jinxworld Inc. All Rights Reserved.
PS238 #20
by Aaron Williams A while ago, Tyler was sent into the future to foil a time travel plot by the villainous super-genius, Zodon. Well, the future is now, but what exactly happens to the smartest and most evil student at ps238? Can such an amoral being be let loose in our timeline? And will he make it back to the present in one piece? And it looks like Tyler has to get some help from his classmates, since his work keeping Zodon from destroying time has just begun!
Written by MATT FRACTION Pencils and Cover by MIKE DEODATO 'Small Wake for a Tall Man' In the ashes of CIVIL WAR comes this modest service for its tallest victim -- the stainless steel sultan of stretch, Stilt Man! In a sleazy pub, Frank Castle's first super-victim is laid out on the tables, his life and legacy celebrated by a veritable who's who of Marvel villains that come to pay their respects, not just for a fallen friend, but for a lost way of life. Raise a glass, friends, and join us in this year's MUST SEE funeral! Even Spider-Man's gonna be there! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
RAMAYAN 3392 AD #6
by Dasgupta, Kang, & Virgin Comics The seeds of 3392 were sewn long ago: a chronicle of the last days before the Mahavinaash (End of Days). Leaders intoxicated by power. Nations lusting after supremacy. The ultimate villain is conceived. Reckless... Rancorous... Rageful... Ravan!
Written by Danny Bilson, Paul DeMeo & Adam Brody Art by Jerry Ordway & Al Vey Cover by Ordway The Eagle's under house arrest when The Grey Falcon - the young hero who idolizes him - gets nabbed by mobsters. Will the Eagle risk a prison sentence on Alcatraz to rescue his protégé? On sale February 21 • 4 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
written by TONY BEDARD art & cover by JASON ORFALAS Retro and Sparky enter the belly of the beast - face to face with the alien leader aboard the Quorum mothership. What will the invaders offer Retro to betray all humankind? Why will he find himself wanting to say yes? And what dark twist of fate created the Quorum? Find out as the last battle begins for the fate of Planet Earth and for the soul of one brave Man-Mech!
by Ed Larallee & Grant Bond Having rescued Reverend Hodge, Paul returns to Boston, only to find that his wife and children have been convicted of treason and are to be executed by General Bloodsworth and his men. In an effort to rescue his family, Revere, joined by the Sons of Liberty, intercept the British. However, the rescue attempt is complicated when the werewolf and his pack join the fray. The series concludes in an all-out battle at the Old North Church pitting Rebels and Redcoats, against werewolves and harpies, and if that isn't enough, someone returns from the dead to extract their revenge on Revere.
Rex Mundi is a mystery set in a 1930s Europe where sorcerers stalk the streets at night and the Church never lost its grip on power. Master Physician Julien Saunière must uncover the two-thousand-year-old secret of the Holy Grail before all the world is drenched in blood! Julien and Genevieve come tantalizingly close to the innermost secrets of the Holy Grail, but they are being pursued by the Holy Inquisition and the Duke of Lorraine's magic-wielding assassin! How much longer can Genevieve keep her role as a double-agent for Lorraine a secret from Julien? At the same time, Lorraine's military miscalculations have allowed the Prussian army to penetrate deep into France, right up to the gates of Paris. If Lorraine can't break their advance now, everything could be lost!
ROBIN #159
Written by Adam Beechen Art by Freddie E Williams II Cover by Patrick Gleason & Wayne Faucher He's fought the Joker and Johnny Warlock, OMACs and King Snake. But can Robin survive the challenge of...a first date? On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Chuck Dixon Art by Timothy Green II & Rick Magyar Cover by Jock Rush gets an offer he can't refuse - or outrun! When a gangland massacre paints the streets red, Diego locks into a death race with the mob, the Feds and a mafia don who's most likely insane! On sale November 29 • 5 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Scott Peterson Art by Robert Pope, Tim Levins, & Scot McRae Cover by Pope & McRae It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air - but so are ghosts and goblins! Mystery, Inc. tackles three tales of terror as they come up against Edgar Allan Poe-inspired stories of suspense and the supernatural that are guaranteed to warm your heart but make your blood run cold. On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US
by Mike Calvoda & David Seidman He claimed that his work would be followed. He claimed his work would be studied, and he claimed the lives of those who have sinned against God. One of the most terrifying killers in cinema history has returned after a decade long absence in this remarkably gripping comic book series from Zenescope Entertainment and New Line Cinema. A drug dealer who is too lazy to care about his own life or the lives of those he infects has become an unwilling pawn in one man's masterpiece. A horrific act of human torture is revealed, and the terrifying past of the notorious John Doe is exposed.
Written by Bill Willingham Art and cover by Tom Derenick & Wayne Faucher Part 2 of the Demon Triptych! The Shadowpact's latest foe shows his true face, and Blue Devil is forced to realize his true fate! Nightmaster is dying and they only way to save the world is to recruit more members to their lost cause. Who will join? Find out in this issue! On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
SHE-HULK 2 #16
Written by DAN SLOTT Penciled by RICK BURCHETT Cover by GREG HORN PLANET WITOUT A HULK: Part 2 of 4 'When the Hulk's away... SHE-HULK SMASH!' It's more two-fisted action as SHE-HULK, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D., faces off against Hulk-rogues around the globe! And this time she's brought some company: the one and only WOLVERINE! That's right, true believers! It's Green Genes and the Ol'Canucklehead in a tag-team like no other! So get ready for a smashin', slashin' slugfest that'll leave you cryin' for your mama, cryin' for more, and cryin' WEN-DI-GO!!! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
Written by DAN SLOTT Penciled by JUAN BOBILLO, PAUL SMITH & RICK BURCHETT Cover by MIKE MAYHEW She-Hulk's firm is dealing with their first superhuman sexual assault case. Their client? Eros of Titan, the space-faring Avenger called Starfox! And when emotions get over-heated at the office, expect a love triangle or two to finally come to a head! What will this mean for Pug, She-Hulk and John Jameson? Who (or what) is Awesome Andy falling for?! And what will be the final fate of Starfox? Will he face ruin or redemption? One way or another, the case against the fallen Avenger ends on the moon of Titan! Plus: Civil War threatens the rights of every American super hero. So whose side will Marvel's top superhuman lawyer fight for? And how can she possibly choose, when she feels one way as She-Hulk, and another as Jen Walters? Collecting SHE-HULK #6-13. 192 PGS./Rated T+ …$19.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2218-4 These SHE-HULK TRADE PAPERBACKS STILL AVAILABLE! SHE-HULK VOL. 1: SINGLE GREEN FEMALE…$14.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1443-2) SHE-HULK VOL. 2: SUPERHUMAN LAW TPB…$14.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1570-6) SHE-HULK VOL. 3: TIME TRIALS…$14.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1795-4)
Written by DAVID HINE Penciled by FRAZER IRVING Cover by JOHN WATSON Deep beneath the Pentagon the O*N*E is experimenting on the captured Inhumans with horrifying results. On Attilan, while pressure builds for all-out war on humankind, Quicksilver's young daughter Luna uses her developing powers of empathy to probe the dark corners inside the mind of Black Bolt's brother, Maximus the Mad. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
by Trainor & Constanza A three-hour tour turns into a long-lost adventure, stranding the whole Simpson family on a deserted island in a classically illustrated tale of survival we call 'Simpsons Family Robinson.'
by Danny Neiman, John Stauffer & Barzak When four young skateboarders find four very special skateboards, they are thrown into the deep end of a global war between good and evil! Extreme skateboarding, heartbreaking heroes, mystery, alien-powered boards, flesh-metal villains, and high stakes adventure all combine to open a fresh world for action comics!
In this thrilling third chapter of the adventure we find the Sock Monkey and Mr. Crow drifting out to sea with the Captain at the helm of a floating piano. All is far from well, though! On the horizon they spot the terrifying dolly, 'Inches,' sailing after them with a large and dangerous-looking cannon pointed straight at them. High-seas horror is the inescapable order of the day in the latest chapter of Tony Millionaire's comics masterpiece Sock Monkey: The Inches Incident! Text and illustrations of Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey™ & © 2006 Tony Millionaire.
by Flynn, Yardley, & Amash 'Truth of the Heart': Just in time for Valentine's Day, ramp up the romantic intrigue… but don't worry, as always the stakes are high in the world of Sonic! As more of Fiona Fox's mysterious past is revealed, Sonic must face shocking secrets that will leave him torn between his new girlfriend and the friends he has loved and fought for all these years. Not only that, but one of her revelations sets off a series of events that will lead to one of the most senses-shattering cliffhangers in years! Which of Sonic's allies will be pushed to the brink? This is one issue you won't want to miss! Plus: 'Worth the Effort': Sabrina the Teenage Witch artist lends her artistic talents to Sonic the Hedgehog as Amy gets trained by one of the best warriors ever: Knuckles' girlfriend Julie-Su. But will Amy's infatuation for Sonic put both of them in danger? Love is a Battlefield cover by Tracy Yardley and Jim Amash.
Written by SEAN MCKEEVER Penciled by TERRELL BOBBETT Cover by MARCELO DICHIARA The bi-monthly action begins with an all-new feature-length tale starring Spider-Man's alien costume and guest-starring the Sandman! Peter Parker would love nothing more than to get a good night's sleep, but his sleek, symbiotic suit has plans of its own...and no one is gonna get in its way! Also - A bonus all-new 10-page story featuring a special surprise guest! PLUS - A heaping helping of classic Spidey stories! 104 PGS./Rated A …$4.99
Written by Darwyn Cooke Cover by Cooke Art by Cooke & J. Bone Investigating a gang shooting at a local restaurant, the Spirit and Commissioner Dolan make a startling discovery - the gunman apparently was killed years before, on the same night the Spirit came to be. Later, his mind wanders back to that fateful evening when Denny Colt met his destiny, and a legend was born. On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Continuing the 20th Anniversary celebration of Star Trek: The Next Generation with this all-new relaunch. Picard visits the archaeological dig on Kandom 9, where scientists have unearthed an ancient text -- and a gemstone worth more than human life. When contact with the Enterprise is cut off, greed turns to mistrust, and Picard must discover the killer in the group, before he becomes the next victim. Written by David Tischman (Bite Club) with art by Casey Malone (Children of the Grave). *Covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1-to-1 ratio. *Retailers: See your order form for special incentives
by Stuart Moore & Mauricio Melo This is the action-packed conclusion to the first comics adventure from the acclaimed Sci-Fi series! Stargate: Atlantis has just been renewed for a fourth sense-shattering season, and this three-part all-new epic comic book series is just what those millions of fans have been waiting for! Teyla and Ford launch a dangerous mission to rescue Sheppard from the Wraith laboratory. But will their actions doom an entire world? This issue features regular and wraparound by series artist Mauricio Melo as well as photo covers of the Team and Dr. Weir, and two painted covers, one by Ryan Drake and one by Lucio Rubira!
In this final chapter, Dynomite finally faces off with his archenemy Kane-man to man! It's an all out Kung Fu battle to the death. Can our yellow belt hero defeat his rival? Or will Kane's assortment of deadly hand weaponry prove to be the end of the super cool cat we know as Super Bad James Dynomite. Read The Show Down and see...
Written by Kurt Busiek Art by Rick Leonardi & Jesus Merino Cover by Carlos Pacheco & Merino Ever since the death of Superboy during the Infinite Crisis, fans have wondered what became of Krypto, and what those events meant for him. Now, writer Kurt Busiek is joined by sensational guest penciler Rick Leonardi (SUPERMAN RETURNS: LEX LUTHOR, BATGIRL, NIGHTWING) to tell a surprisingly touching tale of the Dog of Steel's most tragic days, laying the groundwork for Krypto's surprising future.
by Fernando Ruiz and Various 'The Class of 2027': A sideshow seer gives Mr. Weatherbee a peek into the future, and not only is Riverdale High still standing, amazingly, it's standing under the leadership of Principal Archie! As the Bee peeks deeper, he learns that it's because Archie has become a great disciplinarian due to his great role model, Mr. Weatherbee! Will Archie's future success soften the Bee's wrath when it comes to Archie's present failures? With puzzles, games, and your chance to 'Find Your Name in Print!'
Written by Geoff Johns Art and cover by Tony Daniel & Sandra Hope In the wake of INFINITE CRISIS, a new year of exciting adventures begins as Robin, Wonder Girl and the Teen Titans return to meet the 'new' Teen Titans as recruiting begins for the mysterious and secretive Titans East! Plus, the Doom Patrol joins the Titans in their battle against the Brotherhood of Evil in this volume collecting issues #34-41 of the fan-favorite series. Advance-solicited; on sale February 14 • 192 pg, FC, $14.99 US
Written by Douglas Rushkoff Art & cover by Liam Sharp Part 3 of the epic story 'Babel.' A pact between the gods to summon Astarte's mighty consort Marduk backfires, as the long-banished behemoth's powers prove too great to be controlled. The story may be saved, but salvation may come at the expense of everyone in the story - especially Astarte, who may have another surprise growing inside her. On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning Art by Wesley Craig Cover by Darick Robertson The horrific series continues! The Federal agents find themselves in over their heads, as the Hewitt family is coming out of hiding - in force! Can they make it through the night alive? One word: Alamo! On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
Before the live-action Transformers movie spectacularly explodes onto theater screens next summer, read the official beginning of the story right here! In this four-part prequel to the film, 'Prime Directive' written by Ryall and Furman and featuring artist Don Figeruoa's take on the movie characters, travel from CYBERTRON to Earth as we see what momentous events led to the Transformers bringing their war to our world. In issue one, BUMBLEBEE and a cadre of AUTOBOTS experience the lethal battle of Tyger Pax! Featuring two special photo variant covers-one AUTOBOT cover and one DECEPTICON cover. *Covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio. *Retailers: See your order form for special incentives
Written by MIKE CAREY Penciled by MARK BROOKS Cover by SALVADOR LAROCCA 'DIABLO' PART 1 (OF 3) The F.F. are pulled into a madman's scheme when those closest to them are drawn back through time as a lure to get the foursome to follow. And what awaits them in the years 1483 is a man with a quest to change the world-literally. Meet the alchemist supreme: Ultimate Diablo! And his plans for the Fantastic Four aren't pretty. 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99
by Stewart, Parker, & Padlekar Ian's powers and big mouth have attracted bloodthirsty gangsters, but a change comes over Astrid that may make a difference. Still, that doesn't explain the giant floating brainfish that's now on his trail, does it?
by Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton, Lui Antonio, & J.M. Ringuet Welcome to the 41st millennium - where vast armies wage bloody warfare across the galaxy in the name of humanity's supreme ruler. Countless souls upon billions of worlds whisper their supplication to the God Emperor - and those that oppose his sacred vision risk annihilation by his greatest warriors, the dread Space Marines. But how does one become a member of this most revered brotherhood? A simple man, from an obscure planet at the far end of the Imperium is discovering that to become a Space Marine will cost his family, his body - and quite possibly, his soul. Also available in a Previews Exclusive cover edition!
by Johnston, McNeil, & Templesmith 'Children of the Sun': Acclaimed Finder creator Carla Speed McNeil joins scribe Antony Johnston for this special issue! There is a distinct break between the peaceful Sunners and those who follow the Lord Founder. But when love crosses castes, can there be a happy ending, or is it destined to end in blood and violence?
Top Cow and Bandai Entertainment proudly present the Witchblade diving into the popular world of manga with this authentic Japanese series. Takeru is an average schoolgirl being raised in a Buddhist monastery by a group of nuns. Except for the forbidden wicked looking claw locked in a box that keeps appearing in her dreams! That'd make a relationship with cute Kou hard enough, but when a group of mysterious, black clad monks show up at the monastery the Witchblade chooses its newest bearer! Originally serialized in Japan's popular magazine, Champion Red and written by Witchblade Anime head writer, Sumita Kazasa, this uniquely Japanese tale is considered part of the Witchblade canon. Now collected for the first time for an American audience in standard comic format and in full color, plus this first issue is double sized for the same low price! Cover A) Yasuko cover Cover B) Gossett cover Cover C) Gonzo cover Retailer incentive - Hey, you! Ask your retailers how you can get this special ultra-rare cover featuring art from the Witchblade Anime by Gonzo! [For each set of Cover A and B (one of each) that a retailer purchases they can purchase 1 copy of cover C]
WONDER WOMAN #4 Written by Allan Heinberg Art and cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson When the all-new Wonder Woman encounters the Cheetah, Giganta and Dr. Psycho, she discovers that Wonder Woman's Rogues Gallery has undergone a radical transformation! Even Dr. Poison, Dr. Cyber and Osira are somehow more powerful and deadlier than ever before. But who is responsible for these magical makeovers? And will this army of revitalized rogues be too much for the gods' newest champion? Find out in Part 4 of the 5-part epic 'Who Is Wonder Woman?' On sale September 13 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
by Matt Coyle A stylish, gothic-noir, Lynchian murder-mystery, this story is disguised as a children's book. Tasmanian writer/illustrator Matt Coyle has already received major newspaper coverage for this work in Australia, with art exhibitions arranged for early 2007, and interest from film and TV companies. The book features astonishing, disturbing hand-crafted photo-realistic black-and-white sequential art reminiscent of Gaiman and McKean's 'Violent Cases.'
Written by PETER DAVID Penciled by RYAN SOOK & DENNIS CALERO Cover by RYAN SOOK In the fallout from HOUSE OF M and following the surprise film-noir hit MADROX, a new mutant team is forged! X-Factor is an investigative mutant agency that includes Madrox, the Multiple Man; Guido, the Strong Guy; Wolfsbane, the shape-shifter; Siryn, the chorus girl; Rictor, the living earthquake; and Generation X's Monet, the pompous witch. Drawn together in the heart of District X, this rag-tag band of heroes has a lot of answers to find, and fast! Bonus: A key player from House of M will play a major roll in X-Factor! (No, it's not Wolverine - sigh.) Collecting X-FACTOR #1-6. 144 PGS./Rated T+ …$14.99 ISBN: 0-7851-1817-9
Written by PETER DAVID Penciled by TOM RANEY, KEVIN WEST, LARRY STROMAN, BRANDON PETERSON & DALE KEOWN Cover by DALE KEOWN Look back to Multiple Man, Quicksilver, Strong Guy and Wolfsbane's earlier days together as the U.S. government's motley mutants meet murder and mayhem in the Middle East! Then, it's stateside struggles against the Nasty Boys and the Mutant Liberation Front, which may pale before a threat that strikes mutantkind much closer to home! Guest-starring the Incredible Hulk and the mythically mighty Pantheon! Collecting X-FACTOR #76-78 and INCREDIBLE HULK #390-392. 152 PGS./Rated A …$15.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2456-X X-FACTOR VISIONARIES: PETER DAVID VOL. 1 TPB STILL AVAILABLE! $15.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1872-1)
Written by Jeff Parker Penciled by Roger Cruz Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC They walk among us in a world that hates and fears them. They could be the girl next door, or that college student who works at the coffee shop, appearing perfectly normal, yet possessing bizarre powers. What? No, not mutants--we're talking about SKRULLS!!! 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99
by James Farr Xombie: Dead on Arrival follows Dirge, a mortally challenged monster with muscle to spare. Armed with reason, and impervious to death, he will face unspeakable horror on his way to reunite a lost little girl with her family. Can he protect a single living soul from certain death? Can he outrun the nebulous forces behind the zombie plague? And if a monster truly saves a human life, is it really a monster after all? Find out in the first full length adaptation, based on the cult Internet phenomena!


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