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100 BULLETS #81
Written by Brian Azzarello Art by Eduardo Risso Cover by Dave Johnson When we last saw Ronnie Rome, Agent Graves was making him an offer. Turns out to be different than Graves' usual, as it leads Ronnie to Italy and face to face with a dangerous beauty men are willing to kill for. On sale February 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
52 WEEK #43
Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Pat Olliffe & Drew Geraci, Joe Bennett and others Greg Rucka, Mark Waid Breakdowns by Keith Giffen Art by Chris Batista & Rodney Ramos, Backup features by Waid and various Covers by J.G. Jones The month begins with one of the main players in 52 having everything - and everyone - taken away from him, and ends with messages from beyond the grave that will have a lasting impact on several DC heroes. Also, Ralph Dibny's fate - or is that Fate? - is at last revealed as he solves the greatest mystery of all. Plus, more Origins of the DCU! 52: A year without Superman; a year without Batman; a year without Wonder Woman…but not a year without heroes. Week 40 on sale February 7 • Week 41 on sale February 14 Week 42 on sale February 21 • Week 43 on sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US
Written by Geoff Johns & Richard Donner Art and cover by Adam Kubert In Part 3 of the emotional story 'Last Son,' written by Geoff Johns & Richard Donner with stellar art by Adam Kubert, get ready for new secret identities, new villains, and a new mystery hidden within the Fortress of Solitude! Superman's life reaches a turning point as he confronts an evil power twenty times greater than his own in a battle that threatens not only his planet, but the boy from Krypton!
by Fred Van Lente & Ryan Dunlavey Kant! Hegel! Schopenhauer! What do these thinkers have to do with violence? Nothing. Nothing at all. That's why it's senseless! (Ba-dump-bump!) Also in this issue: 'You're a Good Man, John Stuart Mill!' Xeric winner, Ignatz nominee.
Written by Steven T. Seagle Art by Becky Cloonan & Ryan Kelly Cover by Joshua Middleton Adam is caught with his pants down - figuratively - when the self-professed virginal son of God is tripped up by personal scandal, public humiliation, and the unexpected return of Mel the mercenary in his all-too-perfect Miami ministry. But why does Adam get the sinking feeling that Mel hasn't come for the money he's owed? On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
Written by CHRISTOS GAGE & STUART MOORE Penciled by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI & MIKE MCKONE Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO After being captured, enslaved and made a pawn of Annihilus, Terrax has broken free…only to crash-land on a planet ruled by the Space Parasite! Facing an enemy who can absorb his cosmic power, will Terrax assume the fearsome role of The Tamer once again…or has the trauma of his enslavement broken his once-mighty spirit? PLUS! Stardust is dead. But what was he? Who was he? And is he really gone? Find out in this all-new tale featuring Galactus' newest herald! Book 1 (of 2) 64 PGS./Rated A…$3.99
by Various 'Later Than You Think': Archie learns life is about trade-offs. The good news is he'll save money if he rents a DVD for his date with Veronica, but the bad news is he'll pay another way, by suffering through a gooey-sappy-syrupy chick flick! 'Career Daze': As part of 'career week,' the Riverdale High students get to spend a week participating in the career of their choice, so Archie decides to be Veronica's new butler! 'Right on the Kisser': Betty and Veronica argue over who is the better kisser… and of course, to determine the answer they'll have to demonstrate on Archie!
by Various Double your pages, double your Archie, and double your fun in this double digest full of new stories and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games, and your chance to 'Find Your Name in Print!'
Want to see the comic book live up to its ultimate potential? Then come along with groundbreaking artist/designer Ashley Wood (Popbot) as he presents his latest opus. D'Airain Aventure is a new ongoing monthly title, offering up 32-ad free pages of story and art from the incomparable Wood. Join Les Morts 13 and a rotating cast of characters and overlapping, intersecting stories for what promises to be one of the most unique tales ever told in comics. This first issue is presented with three special covers from Wood, as well as featuring 4' cover flaps with additional comic strip material on them. Take your comic book expectations and throw 'em out the window for this Aventure of a lifetime. *Covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1-to-1 ratio. *Retailers: See your order form for special incentives
by DiGerolamo, Griffith, & Trainor Lisa finds her self in a load of trouble when tries tto do an unsupervised load of laundry. Bart meets a new friend from way out of town. On a lazy day, Bart and Milhouse make a fort out of a refrigerator box. And finally, Uter displays his penchant for physics as he teams up with Bart on the playground.
Written by Andy Diggle Art and cover by Whilce Portacio & Richard Friend Part 3 of the 6-part 'Rules of Engagement,' written by Andy Diggle with art by Whilce Portacio & Richard Friend! The Bat-Plane is launched as Lex Luthor steps up his bid to own Gotham City like he does Metropolis. Luckily, Batman is bringing his own technological wonders to the battle against LexCorp! On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Twenty years in the future, the world is reeling from an outbreak of vampirism. A new Red Army cuts a bloody swathe across Europe and claims its own sovereign nation: a Blood Nation. Now, Captain Ethan Cutter must lead an elite special forces unit to infiltrate the Blood Nation to stop the vampire horde from being unleashed again upon humanity
Written by John Rogers Art and cover by Rafael Albuquerque Who - or what - is the Reach? Find out as the Beetle's first year concludes and new series artist Rafael Albuquerque takes the reins! On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Jennifer Keating Moore, Abby Denson and Robbie Busch Art by Stephanie Gladden, Chynna Clugston-Flores, Scott Roberts and Bob Harper Cover by Robert Pope & Mike DeCarlo Every time the Foster's Friends watch a movie at home, Bloo never gets to see what he likes. But now it's payback time! Plus, Ami and Yumi are forced to take dance lessons! On sale February 28 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US
When it comes to horror comics, few artists can measure up to the legendary Bernie Wrightson. Now, after a long hiatus from making comics, Wrightson is back at the drawing table working side-by-side with acclaimed writer Steve Niles on the most exciting new horror comic of the year-City of Others. Stosh Bludowski is a killer, born with the capacity for no apparent human emotion other than rage. Killing comes easy for Blud, and he makes a good living doing what's easy-until the day he meets two jobs in an alley who just won't die, and a grotesque mystery unfolds right in front of him. Soon, the remorseless killer is confronted by a reality he could never imagine, and he will be invited to make a decision once and for all . . . is he human, or is he Other? 'Bernie is one of my greatest heroes and influences in art. When it comes to horror, few creators have contributed more to the comics medium than Bernie has.' -Alex Ross
The party in honor of the late Buddy Vance has turned into a disaster, thanks to the Jaff's machinations. But even more damaging to the party-goers, and all of our reality, is the fact that some of the Show's key players have been sucked into Quiddity! The climax to Clive Barker's epic novel enters its final phase right here. *Retailers: See your order form for a special incentive
by BJ & Frank Santoro The third issue of this twelve-issue, semi-monthly comic book by internationally exhibiting artists Ben Jones (Paper Rad) and Frank Santoro (Chimera) continues the adventures of Castle, a girl Ninja embroiled in a conspiracy of drugs, rock and roll, and politics. Castle continues her descent into a massive criminal conspiracy and has her first encounter with a rock star suspiciously similar to one Kurt Cobain. Get on board with this electrifying thriller now!
by Various Alison Bechdel? Yoshihiro Tatsumi? Walt and Skeezix? Bill Hazelnuts? Sloth? Megan Kelso? Kramers Ergot? Place yer bets now! This is the controversial 'Year in Review' issue, with the always hotly debated list of 2006's best comics and graphic novels. This year's special issue will feature assessments and interviews with the best cartoonists currently working in the comics field, including the first English interv iew ever with Tatsumi. And from the past, a treasure trove of never-before-collected comic strips is unearted - Salesman Sam, Nonsense, and High Pressure Pete - by George Swanson, whose comics, including the long-running The Flop Family, graced the newspaper page for more than 50 years.
As his queen mourns the death of their son, Conan mounts an all-out invasion of Stygia, setting events in motion that may change the course of all Hyboria . . . Conan and the Midnight God #2 continues an exciting new chapter in the adventures of the barbarian king.
Written by Chuck Dixon Art and cover by Derec Donovan The siege is on! Connor, Shado and Eddie Fyers are assaulted from all sides by swarms of deadly assassins. But to what end? Who wants the world's greatest archers dead? The answer is…monstrous! On sale February 28 • 4 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Mike Carey Art by Jim Fern & Mark Pennington Cover by J.H. Williams III Part 1 of 'Cut Here.' Kai squares off alone against the araburu kami - a legion of predatory, memory-stealing goblins - as well as the beautiful Nidoru, spirit of needles. And although one promise spelled doom for the Hara family, Kai may be forced to make yet another. On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
Written by ED BRUBAKER Penciled by JOHN PAUL LEON Cover by JOHN ROMITA SR. A special stand-alone issue, and a perfect jumping-on point for new readers! Milla and Matt have been reunited, but the things he's been through - prison, and then life on the run -- have changed him. And now, in the days after the Marvel Civil War, being Daredevil is even more dangerous than it was before Matt got taken down. Can their relationship survive the new obstacles that have been placed in their way? Can 'Blind Love' conquer all? Written by Ed Brubaker, with art by John Paul Leon, and featuring a special cover by Marvel Comics Legend John Romita Sr! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
(W) Paul Jenkins and David Wohl (P) Tyler Kirkham Welcome to the world of The Darkness. Somewhere in the depths of hell a lone British soldier is forced to relive his life over and over. He needs to take a hill that's controlled by the Germans but he can never make it. That is until he's helped in this Sisyphean task by a mysterious (and very powerful) helper - Jackie Estacado. This special series, brought to you by The Darkness video game/comic scribe Paul Jenkins and The Darkness co-creator David Wohl, parallels the levels of the much anticipated video game by 2KGames, while bringing you original stories that show you a side of The Darkness you've never seen. Jenkins and Wohl are joined by rising star Tyler Kirkham, artist of Phoenix Warsong. These stand alone stories can be enjoyed without the video game, but add a new level to the playing experience! Cover A) Stepjan Sejic painted cover Cover B) Video Game cover Cover C) Tyler Kirkham cover Cover D) Marc Silvestri cover Cover E) Dale Keown cover 32pgs, FC $2.99
Written by Bruce Jones Art and cover John Watkiss Concluding the 2-part 'Homecoming.' In the chilling finale to this special tale from the days before Deadman was dead, Scott Cayce's experiment with remote viewing goes horribly wrong, putting his wife Sarah in danger of losing her sanity - and her life. Meanwhile, Scott discovers that his father's coma might be more than it seems. On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
by Basu, Chari, & Singh As the Devi's power grows, Tara's emerging feelings for Rahul open her eyes to issues far more real than divine politics. Yet it is this connection to humanity that weakens her, as she discovers to horrible effect when Kratha tracks down Rahul. Meanwhile, the Durapasya prepare for their attack on the Darinde stronghold, intending to divert Bala's forces and give Amara a chance to steal the source.
by Jennie Breeden & Lauren Perry Jen has to survive yet another Black Friday adventure with Will's family in issue ten of The Devil's Panties. Then it's Jen vs. the baby as she determines that babies are 'the other white meat' and attempts to sauté one for Thanksgiving dinner. The baby is triumphant and goes on to drool another day. As if that's not a big enough blow, Will's mother says the most dreaded words ever: 'You have baby now!' Does Jen manage to escape the weekend without spawning? Make sure you pick up issue ten to find out.
Written by BRIAN K. VAUGHAN Pencils and Cover by MARCOS MARTIN In this shocking finale, Doctor Strange's new arch-enemy forces him to make an impossible choice between saving millions of lives or the life of Strange's best friend. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
by Moebius, Sakai, Boyd, & Various Join the 35 artists (Moebius, Stan Saikai, and others) who have generously donated all-new, original contributions created specifically for this collaborative effort to raise as much money for cancer research. 100% of all the money collected from sales goes directly to cancer research. Previews has contributed, and you can, too!
Written by NEIL GAIMAN Pencils by JOHN ROMITA JR. Cover by RICK BERRY Variant Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR. Six issues weren't enough for NEIL GAIMAN and JOHN ROMITA, JR.'s epic tale of Ikaris and his fellow Eternals! Who are these strange figures? Why are they here? And what does this mean to Iron Man, registration and the Civil War? The Eternals cannot be ignored. 32 PGS./Rated T+…$3.99
by Brad J. Guigar Evil Inc. is a corporation run by super-villains for super-villains. (You can do more evil if you do it legal.) This is a collection of the daily Evil Inc. comic strip from June 2005 to Jan. 2006. However, instead of the standard comic-strip collection, the individual panels are used to create a continuous-narrative graphic novel.
THE NEW EXILES TPB Written by TONY BEDARD Penciled by JIM CALAFIORE & PAUL PELLETIER Cover by JIM CALAFIORE SNIKT, to the sixth power! With the Exiles fired, it's time for a new group of dimension-jumping heroes. Wolverine has always been known as the best there is at what he does, so six Wolverines must be really, really, REALLY good at what they do! Can the Exiles get their jobs back from these scene-stealing Canucks? Don't bet on it! Plus: Silver Surfer…destroyer of worlds!? The old Exiles vs. new Exiles! And whatever happened to Thunderbird? Collecting EXILES#84-89 and ANNUAL #1. 176 PGS./Rated A …$14.99 ISBN: 0-785z-2236-2
Written by Simon Oliver Art by Tony Moore & John Lucas Cover by Philip Bond 'Lies of Our Fathers,' Part 2 of 4. A nemesis from the darkest period of Henry's past is determined to force his way back into Henry's life. Now Henry has a problem even more dangerous than the vermin running wild across Los Angeles. On sale February 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
Witness the conclusion of the trial of Asia Minor, as Jude holds in his hand the power of life and death over Bete Noire's favorite drug dealer...and must decide whether to use it. And, if he does decide to execute Asia Minor for his crimes...will the Fallen Angel stand by and let it happen? Written by New York Times Best-selling author Peter David (Spike vs. Dracula) with art by J.K. Woodward. *Retailers: See your order form for a special incentive
A second Fallen Angel trade paperback released within six months of the first? That's crazy talk, we know, but it's true! The story of the Fallen Angel continues here, in this special collection, 'To Serve In Hell.' Volume 2 compiles IDW's Fallen Angel issues 6-10 in one attractive volume, taking Liandra from a run-in with a nomadic tribe in the desert and back to Bete Noire again. Guest-starring Sachs and Violens! Written by New York Times Best-selling author Peter David (Spike vs. Dracula) with art and cover gallery by J.K. Woodward.
An issue long 'Tales of the Fear Agent' illustrated by legendary Italian illustrator FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA! A population of human flies pays Heath to protect them from a race of spiders slowly taking over their world. However, when Heath becomes impregnated with the spiders' eggs he becomes the planet's greatest threat.
Written by Dwayne McDuffie Art by Dan Jurgens & Ken Lashley Cover by Pete Woods The superstar creative team of Dwayne McDuffie (JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED, STATIC), Dan Jurgens (Superman, Captain America) and Ken Lashley (The Flash) bring Firestorm to bold new heights! Jason Rusch and Prof. Martin Stein just want to get their lives back to normal, but the New Gods have other plans! When Orion comes looking for Prof. Stein, you can bet a throwdown's not far behind! Guest-starring the Seven Soldiers' Mister Miracle! On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Stuart Moore Cover by Brian Stelfreeze Art by Jamal Igle & Keith Champagne Collecting FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN #23-27! One year after the events of INFINITE CRISIS, Firestorm must stop a deadly nuclear accident and a threat to his very existence. It all leads to an epic battle with Killer Frost and Mister Freeze that rages from the mean streets of New York City to the very heart of the sun! Advance-solicited; on sale February 28 • 128 pg, FC, $14.99 US
Written by Mark Guggenheim Cover by Ethan Van Sciver Art by Ron Adrian & Art Thibert Breakout writer Marc Guggenheim (SUPERMAN/BATMAN, Wolverine) comes aboard for a new chapter in the heroic journey of Bart Allen! Bart has literally grown into the mantle of the Flash, but if he's going to be a team player, he must first choose a team. Does Bart belong with the JLA or the Teen Titans? On sale February 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
'Fundamentals of Fear x153: The Deepest, Darkest' pt. 2 (W) Hugh Sterbakov (P) Will Conrad (Col) Blond (Cov) Green, Conrad, & Migliari Secrets and lies abound as two of the Freshmen embark on a clandestine relationship-the fallout promises to rock the team to their very core! And wait until you see what happens when they're attacked by an all-new enemy! This special issue tells two concurrent stories and delves deeper into the mystery of Mr. Fiddlesticks. Plus! The Beaver turns his building skills to something other than dams! Co-created by Robot Chicken and Buffy star Seth Green and written by the biggest thing since Oprah, Hugh Sterbakov! Cover A) Randy Green Cover B) Will Conrad Cover C) Rodolfo Migliari (Part 3 of a six-part cover) 32pgs, FC $2.99
Author: Mark Powers Artist: Mike Bear Cover Artist: Clement Sauve SINS OF THE MOTHER: Part 1 (of 4)-Nearly murdered by her compatriots. Betrayed by all whom she trusted. Imprisoned for a year by her most hated enemies. Her only child missing. The result? One very angry woman. The Baroness is back, and if she has her way, the world will burn with her rage! 32pgs, FC $3.50
by Dan Abnett & Dheeraj Verma On March 9, 1862, the world saw the first battle between two ironclad warships; a battle which would change the face of naval warfare forever. The comic strip narrative illustrates one of the most revolutionary naval battles in world history and transports the reader to the cramped and dangerous conditions that the sailors faced for the first time.
Written by Geoff Johns Art by Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert Cover by Ethan Van Sciver The explosive conclusion of 'Wanted: Hal Jordan!' Wanted throughout the world, Green Lantern suffers the wrath of a new enemy who will plague him for years to come. But what does this alien want from Hal Jordan? And why is it impossible to give? Plus, witness the birth of the new Star Sapphire! On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
by J.C. Tyler & Ralph Tedesco When a young bride experiences trust issues with her new husband, she enlists the help of a private investigator. Already convinced that he's being unfaithful, she never stops to consider how curiosity killed the cat. Will the lesson she learns help her overcome her jealousy before it's too late? An incredible twist on the Grimm story 'Bluebeard'!
Written by Walter Simonson Art by Renato Arlem Cover by Howard Chaykin The Search for Hath-Set continues as Hawkgirl runs afoul of the deadly Female Furies of Apokolips! On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
by Giffen, DeMatteis, & Abraham The Bwahaha isn't just back, now it won't go away! Milo's a slacker in this world, but the next universe over he's champion of justice Captain Valor. Now that Valor's come to his world, Milo's learning that he's his own worst enemy. Milo's gone for Valor's girlfriend, the evil Calignous, while Valor's going for Milo's girlfriend Steffie. Can you cheat on your girlfriend with... a parallel universe version of your own girlfriend?
Written by JUSTIN GRAY & JIMMY PALMIOTTI Art by AL RIO & TOM PALMER Cover by BILLY TUCCI & MARK SPARACIO Marvel's strangest team of heroes find themselves trapped in the hull of a ship with a bomb as the Grim Reaper plans to blow up the Statue of Liberty and take the Heroes for Hire with it! But why? What nefarious plan could he have up his sleeve? He's evil, so does it matter? He has to be stopped! Also, someone dies in this issue! No kidding. As if that wasn't enough to make your merry Marvel month, here comes the return of villains no one asked for! THE HORRIFIC HEADMEN have a special surprise for the hapless Humbug! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
HYPERVELOCITY #2 (of 6) Written by ADAM WARREN Pencils and Cover by BRIAN DENHAM As armor-piercing destruction bears down on Iron Man at eight times the speed of sound, the high-tech secret at the heart of Tony Stark's latest reinvention of his powered suit is finally revealed... and still another set of mysterious enemies, far faster and deadlier than even the new and improved Iron Man, are likewise closing in for the cybernetic kill! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
Written by Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges Art by Tony Akins & Andrew Pepoy Cover by James Jean Jack has landed in Vegas, baby, in part 1 of the new story arc 'Jack of Hearts'! But will luck be his lady in this town of sin and decadence? And who's this old friend (and fellow escapee) from the Golden Boughs Retirement Village Jack has teamed up with? Jack concocts the perfect scam and meets the perfect woman, but how perfect could they be if Jack is involved? On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
Written by Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges Art by Tony Akins & Andrew Pepoy Cover by James Jean The first five issues of the popular FABLES spin-off series are collected in this amazing new volume! Last seen hitchhiking from Hollywood, Jack's now a wayward Fable in the heartland of America. His extreme road stories and encounters with other notorious, renegade Fables are just a few of the situations in store for this fan-favorite character. Advance-solicited; on sale February 28 • 128 pg, FC, $14.99 US • MATURE READERS
JACK STAFF #13 story PAUL GRIST art & cover PAUL GRIST 32 pg, FC September 27 $3.50 There's something wrong in Castletown, but only Becky Burdock Vampire Hunter seems to have noticed, and if she's going to sort it out the only man who can help her is Jack Staff, Britain's greatest Villain
Written by Dan Slott & Dan Jurgens Art by Jurgens & Jerry Ordway Cover by Jurgens & Kevin Nowlan JLA CLASSIFIED ships twice in February, as the 5-part sory 'The 4th Parallel' heats up! Issue #34 features Part 3, as the Red King continues his fact-finding exploration of the multi-verse and discovers a second splinter world. And on this world it seems Batman may have the upper hand... for now! And in issue #5, the final world created by Doctor Destiny's Materioptikon is completely dominated by the Red King... as the Justice League of America is dismantled one member at a time! Issue #34 on sale February 14; issue #35 on sale February 28 32 pg, FC, $2.99
The cataclysmic conclusion sees The Seven Brothers face off with the Son of Hell one final time, as Ronald's power is finally revealed. The dramatic conclusion to John Woo's Seven Brothers ensures comics will never be the same.
Written by J.T. Krul Art and cover by Alex Sanchez Part 1 of the 2-part 'Unleashed,' written by J.T. Krul (Fathom, Soulfire) with art Alex Sanchez (30 Days of Night)! The Justice Society's very own master of the shadows, Doctor Mid-Nite, returns to his home city of Portsmouth to investigate a bizarre string of crimes known as the 'Vampire Murders.' On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Jim Krueger & Alex Ross Art by Doug Braithwaite & Ross Cover by Ross Green Arrow is the front-and-center focus of this issue, which also features the Doom Patrol, the Metal Men, the Titans, Supergirl and others on the battlefield! But whose side are they on? The villains' plot to to exploit the innocent may even affect the heroes' comrades, colleagues and co-combatants! On sale February 28 • 10 of 12 • 40 pg, FC, $3.50 US
by Sean O'Reilly & Stjepan Kade and Ezra have been hunting Fallen Angels for the last 1,000 years and now the Black Sun is on the horizon. Kade and Ezra have captured a Fallen, and he knows the Beast's name! How far will Kade go to stop the Apocalypse?
by Matz & Jacamon 'Gears, Part One': His last hit having gone somewhat badly, our killer decamps to his safe house in Venezuela... and the arms of a beautiful woman. But soon the locals tell him a stranger has arrived asking questions: a cop has followed him from Paris.
Written by PETER DAVID Penciled by PASCAL ALIXE Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO The Four from the Fantastick face Otto von Doom and Namor in the stunning conclusion of MARVEL 1602: FANTASTICK FOUR!!! When the battle is over, will Atlantis still be standing? And will all four of our merry adventurers make it out alive? Find out here! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.50
Written by TONY BEDARD Penciled by SHANNON GALLANT Cover by SEAN CHEN Facing the foes no single super hero could withstand! When global threats surface, they must contend with the combined might of: Captain America! Storm! Iron Man! The Hulk! Giant-Girl! Wolverine! Spider-Man! It's all-ages action in the Mighty Marvel Manner! With great power comes...a whole lotta trouble? That's what the Wrecker finds out when he's zapped by a jolt of magical muscle meant for Loki, the god of mischief. Suddenly, the Joe Lunchpail of crime is taking on Earth Mightiest Heroes, and all of them are running afoul of one very angry Norse god! Plus: three more original tales of Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Collecting MARVEL ADVENTURES THE AVENGERS #5-8. 96 PGS./All Ages …$6.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2307-5 MARVEL ADVENTURES THE AVENGERS VOL. 1: HEROES ASSEMBLED DIGEST STILL AVAILABLE! $6.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-2306-7)
When Finney arrives at the first day of 8th grade, he meets the new girl in school-a ghost named Jenny! The shy and somewhat awkward Finney summons all of his courage and asks Jenny to the Dead Day Dance, and to his surprise she accepts. The only problem is she's a ghost and he's not, meaning they can't actually dance, hold hands, or even share a kiss! What's a boy to do? Go to the school's witch for a magic potion, of course! Key Selling Points: • Lead TOKYOPOP manga title: National consumer print advertising campaign and internet advertising targeting more than 2 million impressions • Promoted with BLADs for chapter 1 • Promoted with My Dead Girlfriend 'Alone on Valentine's Day' eCards • Author promotion at San Diego Comic-Con (July '06) and New York Comic-Con (Feb '07) to promotote the book; cosplayer event and contest; the TOKYOPOP booth will feature a special MDGf graveyard installation • Eric Wight is the ghost artist for Seth Cohen, a main character on The OC which has spawned the Atomic County 14-episode series that is being promoted on the hit TV series as well as by Warner Brothers and Verizon Wireless nationwide • Eric Wight is a professional animator and illustrator with a fan following in the comic book world as he has done numerous projects for Dark Horse, etc. • HOME TOWN: Eric Wight - Chalston, PA
story & art by BRIAN BOLLAND, EVAN DORKIN, PHIL HESTER, JOE KEATINGE, DOVE McHARGUE, JOE PRUETT, MATTHEW SMITH, DALIBOR TALAJIC, and R. G. TAYLOR cover by MICHAEL GAYDOS 64 PAGES B&W JANUARY 31 $5.99 The Eagle, Eisner, and Harvey Award nominated anthology returns this month with yet another issue packed with today's top creators and tomorrow's brightest talents. This issue 'Milk and Cheese' returns and a cover by fan-favorite MICHAEL GAYDOS! RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES
Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Penciled by HOWARD CHAYKIN, PASQUAL FERRY, OLIVIER COIPEL, LEINIL FRANCIS YU & JIM CHEUNG Cover by JIM CHEUNG The Civil War is on, and no book will be more affected than NEW AVENGERS. You think Marvel would never mess with its top-selling book? Wrong! The Avengers are about to go to war over their beliefs, and the shake-up will shock you. A genuine comics super star illustrates each stand-alone story in this volume - featuring Captain America, Cage, Spider-Woman, Sentry and Iron Man! Collecting NEW AVENGERS #21-25. 120 PGS./Rated A …$19.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2242-7
Written by CHRIS CLAREMONT Penciled by SCOT EATON Covers by SALVADOR LARROCA 'FALLEN FRIEND' Part 1 & 2 (of 2) Chris Claremont makes his triumphant return to NEW EXCALIBUR with one of the most personal stories of his career. One of the team's members suddenly succumbs to an all-too-real tragedy. The team must pull together and care for their fallen friend while their own lives fall to pieces. Also, this issue features the debut of all-new ongoing penciler, Scot Eaton! Plus covers from legendary X-Artist Salvador Larroca! 32 PGS.(Each)/Rated A …$2.99 (each)
by Fumino Hayashi First serialized in Newtype USA, Angelic Days takes the angst-ridden EVA pilots and sets them in the lighter, brighter world of high school. With comedy, action, and romance (plus a fair share of fan service), Angelic Days is the manga NGE fans have been waiting for! Rating: 13+ SC, 5x7, 184pgs, B&W SRP: $9.99
Written by J. Torres Art by Michael Chang Ting Yu Cover by Jonboy Meyers Two monks hire Jubei to kill a monster terrorizing a mountain village. But upon his arrival, Jubei is met with suspicion and hostility by the villagers. And instead of witnessing an attack by a monster, he spies some of the elders luring a creature out of the woods or what appears to be a sacrificial offering! On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
YILDIRAY CINAR comes aboard as series artist as the diabolical Blackthornes go to extreme measures to try to save Kitty, who's losing herself to her animal side. ALSO AVAILABLE: NOBLE CAUSES, VOL. 5 TP
by Hub 'The Cycle of Water, Part Two': Okko the ronin leads Noburo, Noshin, and Tikku on their quest to find Tikku's sister, Little Carp. Hot on the trail of the pirates, they brave a den of thieves and a shipwreck at sea, only to find themselves stranded on a mysterious island.
by Schley, Frizzell, & Martin Scorn and companions seek out her captive family. The firm grip of the empire begins to constrict them as Lord Maximus has found the previous taste of a moral defeat unsavory to the palette and now sends a more formidable praetorian to track our young outlaw. This issue ships with two covers in an equal ratio and is also available in a limited edition sketch version.
It's a battle of ninja vs. ninja, with all the stops pulled out and every trick in the book. Well, almost every trick. Our protagonist/ninja, Hanzo's young ninja wife, Tsukumo, must avenge her father's death at the hands of another shadow warrior, but he's as crafty as they come. This mystical, imaginative faceoff consumes all 300-plus pages of this action-stuffed volume. • Published in the popular pocket-sized manga format, Path of the Assassin packs historical fiction and fine art in yet another classic samurai series from Dark Horse. • Each volume comes shrink-wrapped and carries an 18+ content advisory.
edited by Bwana Spoons A zine/comix anthology showcasing artists, comics, toys, and interviews, bound by a single theme: 'When Plants Attack.' Featured in this issue are Craig Thompson, Brian Ralph, Tim Biskup, Jeff Soto, Dalek, Lauren Gregg, Mike Giant, Carson Ellis, Jo Jackson, APAK, Martin Ontiveros, and more.
Pained by unrequited love, Pil-Hyun dreams all day about swooning Song-Ah. Confronting his feelings leads him down tragedy's path. He finds out the handsome and irresistible Gyung-Ju Lee is seeking favor with Song-Ah! Does Pil-Hyun stand a chance against Gyung-Lee? Song-Ah is torn between the man she loves and the man in love with her. Pil-Hyun will soon learn the true meaning of love. Key Selling Points: • A romantic-comedic romp through high school that will appeal to fans of Kill Me, Kiss Me, INVU, and Paradise Kiss • Will be promoted online through with a manga player (preview) and through TP's November newsblast-generating over 500,000 impressions
Written by BRIAN K. VAUGHAN Penciled by ADRIAN ALPHONA Cover by JO CHEN 'LIVE FAST' Part 3 (of 3) In an explosive conclusion that changes everything forever, the Runaways bid farewell to co-creators Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, who prepare to turn the keys to the Hostel over to the incoming creative team of Joss Whedon and Michael Ryan! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
The samurai Shiro has crossed continents and the Mediterranean Sea in order to be reunited with his love, Yoshiko. Now he finds himself searching Egypt's crowded bazaars and empty sands for her. But unknown to Shiro, Yoshiko has been taken to the desert stronghold of a powerful warlord and locked away in his harem. And her only hope of escape may well be the villainous Spaniard, Don Miguel. The superb team of Ron Marz (Ion) and Luke Ross (Jonah Hex) continue their sexy, swashbuckling, romantic epic. Samurai: Heaven & Earth™ © 2006 Ron Marz and Luke Ross.
by Pécau, Kordey, Beau, Manchu, & Vatine 'Genesis': In the dawn of prehistory, four immortal brothers and sisters were entrusted with ivory runes by a dying shaman, and told never to use the card together. Now these four immortals, four archons, leapfrog through time, consumed in an epic struggle to influence and shape the history of Western civilization: a secret occult history of the world in seven chapters, beginning with Moses' challenge to the Pharaoh amidst the sands of Egypt. Perfect bound.
by Various THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR MANGA! One of the world's biggest comics, containing the original manga versions of some of the most popular anime ever made! Each issue includes tons of full-color information about toys, TCGs, CCGs, video games, and anime, plus amazing manga stories! Rating: T
Written by John Broome and Gardner Fox Art by Gil Kane, Carmine Infantino and others Cover by Kane Over 500 pages of black-and-white comics are included in this fast-paced collection that features the Emerald Warrior's battles with the beautiful Star Sapphire, would-be world conqueror Sonar, and the renegade Green Lantern known as Sinestro from GREEN LANTERN #18-37 and THE FLASH #143. Advance-solicited; on sale February 28 • 552 pg, B&W, $16.99 US
by Matt Groening Catch a wave of good humor and hang ten with the Simpsons in their newest, gnarliest comic collection: Simpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo. Homer, Lenny, and Carl think they will be living the sweet life when they all opt for Mr. Burns' early retirement plan, but their former boss' tropical island retirement community turns out to be for the birds… literally! Bart meets a reclusive B-movie director who announces that his collection of horror, science fiction, and Radioactive Man memorabilia is up for grabs, and every geek, nerd, and dweeb in town sets out on a quest to get their sweaty little hands on it. Krusty the Clown becomes Springfield's newest doctor, and it's not long before he has the town in stitches while delivering big laughs. Principal Skinner takes you into the inner sanctum of Springfield Elementary to reveal untold tales of the Permanent Record File! Bart's arch nemesis, a now surgically altered Sideshow Bob, is released from prison, and Bart must figure out which newly arrived citizen is really Bob in disguise. Then, not to be outdone, Sideshow Bob's brother Cecil arrives on the scene with revenge on his mind and a grudge against… Lisa Simpson. So sit down by the seashore and slather on the right amount of SPF* to prevent you from being over done by the fun.
by Kapur, Chari, & Virgin Comics As Jessica Peterson continues to hunt and exterminate the members of the 68, a young member threatens to touch whatever humanity she has left. But Harker has no plans to stand back and allow his eternal assassin the chance to be enlightened!
Written by SEAN MCKEEVER Pencils and Cover by TAKESHI MIYAZAWA What has Peter Parker been trying to hide from his friends all this time? The answer may (or may not) shock you! Plus, Liz makes a decision that will send shockwaves throughout Mary Jane's circle of friends. Don't you dare miss this issue! 32 PGS./All Ages …$2.99
Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS & BRIAN REED Penciled by LUNA BROTHERS Cover by LUNA BROTHERS Exploding out of the pages of NEW AVENGERS! This all-new epic chronicles the intriguing secret history of Jessica Drew and her journey from child experiment to Hydra agent to S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to super hero to private eye to Avenger! Written by NEW AVENGERS scribe Brian Michael Bendis and searing-hot newcomer Brian Reed (MS. MARVEL), and featuring stunning full-color visuals by the Luna brothers (Ultra, Girls), this story is packed with intrigue leading directly into the upcoming SPIDER-WOMAN series from Bendis and Eisner Award-winning artist Alex Maleev (DAREDEVIL). Collecting SPIDER-WOMAN: ORIGIN #1-5. 120 PGS./Rated T+ …$13.99 ISBN: 0-7851-1966-3
Written by STAN LEE, BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, JOSS WHEDON, JEPH LOEB, ROY THOMAS & PAUL JENKINS Penciled by ALAN DAVIS, MARK BAGLEY, OLIVIER COIPEL, MICHAEL GAYDOS, SALVADOR LARROCA, ED MCGUINNESS, LEE WEEKS, SCOTT KOLINS, MIKE WIERINGO & MARK BUCKINGHAM Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL Celebrating the 65th anniversary of Stan Lee's employment at Marvel Comics! In five all-new 10-page tales written by 'The Man' himself, Stan meets his web-slinging creation, journeys to Greenwich Village to catch up with his old pal Doctor Strange, is abducted to Latveria by the sinister Doctor Doom, makes the mistake of bicycling past Yancy Street and surfs the stars with a certain silver-skinned space-farer! Plus: Today's hottest writers and artists pay homage to Stan's life and career in five new 10-page stories. Also featuring classic Stan-scripted stories from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #87, FANTASTIC FOUR #79 and #87, MARVEL PREMIERE #3, and SILVER SURFER #14! Collecting STAN LEE MEETS SPIDER-MAN, DR. STRANGE, DR. DOOM, THE THING and SILVER SURFER. 240 PGS./Rated T+ …$24.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2272-9
Unexpected twists at every turn as power-mad evildoers hunt our heroes amidst a galaxy spanning war-Knights of the Old Republic is Star Wars at its very best, nearly 4,000 years before Luke Skywalker! A deadly new threat targets Camper, the seriously senile captain of the renegade vessel The Last Resort, and his youthful guardian Jarael must risk everything to try and save him, even if it's impossible. Meanwhile, fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick and the conniving Gryph have mistakenly tricked their way into their most dangerous predicament yet-surrounded by an army they are trying to escape on a planet that's about to become the biggest battlefront in the galaxy. The second someone recognizes them, they're toast, assuming that a stray blaster bolt doesn't get them first! • Continuing the ongoing monthly series set nearly four thousand years before the rise of the Empire and the fall of Anakin Skywalker (and seven years prior to the events in the Knights of the Old Republic video game).
Bethany and crew break out from Hell to find God and the angels of heaven have returned to clean the Earth of all things wicked. The result is all out war between Belial and the house of blue demons. As the world is torn apart around her Beth discovers one last hope of safe passage to Europe. Well, maybe not so safe…
Written by Mark Waid Art by Barry Kitson & Mick Gray Cover by Kitson Sibling rivalry confronts the Legion as Lightning Lad and Mekt Ranzz are forced to go from head-to-head to side-by-side! But will even the combined might of these brothers be enough to fend off the Dominator's Enforcers? On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by J. Torres Art by Johane Matte & Sanford Greene Cover by Todd Nauck It's a Teen Titans double feature! The Hive Five each have a close encounter with a Titan, but who's really telling the truth about their run-ins? Meanwhile, Lightning is trapped by Chang, and Thunder must find the Teen Titans to save him! On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US
Things go ballistic in Brasyna, as-with the world watching-the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS clash in the no man's land between two opposing armies on a hair-trigger. And… OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON square up for their first full on, one-on-one battle in many millennia! And… HOT ROD, NIGHTBEAT and HARDHEAD pitch in. And… Verity and Jimmy walk into the lion's den (again!) Phew! By Simon Furman (Transformers: Stormbringer) and E.J. Su (Transformers: Infiltration). *Covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio. *Retailers: See your order form for a special incentive
For those of you craving unchecked, giant robot action on an epic scale, look no further than this special space epic. In 'Infiltration,' we had tantalizing hints about the state of play elsewhere in the TRANSFORMERS universe, but now we look in on Cybertron itself, unlocking a dark, dark chapter in the planet's history, one that is about to hit the Autobots and Decepticons again… full force! By the Beast Wars team supreme of Simon Furman and Don Figueroa. This special collected edition also features a sketchbook from artist Figueroa, too.
story TOM BELAND art & cover TOM BELAND 24 PAGES B&W JANUARY 17 $2.99 'FLAME ON' Lily takes a speaking engagement at the Caribbean Hilton and takes Tom along for a romantic weekend. Soft breezes, sandy beaches, hot sun--and a bleach-white gringo--add up to a horrific experience. Romance and comedy at its Eisner-nominated finest!
by Keith McCulloch From the legendary Fort Thunder scene (Paper Rad, Teratoid Heights, Skibber Bee Bye) comes this new collection of comic strips. McCulloch's hilarious cast of talking dogs and frustrated humans comes off like a cross between Seinfeld and The Office. These strips explore the lighter side of life, from troubles with friends to job frustrations.
by Dan Parent 'It's a Small World': When Ginger is assigned an article on the 'best place in the world' for Glitz Magazine, she immediately turns to famous world-traveler Veronica for help! You know what that means - Ginger and Veronica are about to travel the world in 30 days! Their whirlwind tour covers all the most exciting and exotic spots, but will they be able to narrow it down to one in time to meet Ginger's deadline, and will their final selection surprise even themselves?
After Sam Garrison and his pregnant wife move into a rough inner-city neighborhood plagued by gangs and drugs, Sam and his neighbor Mark Buchanan decide to bring their own brand of justice to the streets as masked vigilantes called the Watchdogs. But Sam learns that Mark has a darker agenda... and finds himself accused of murder.
Written by Mike Carey Art and cover by Whilce Portacio & Richard Friend While Dane and company are on Thea Mater with Ashe, Vascar makes contact with the Night Tribes of our world and begins to reveal his master plan to rid the Earth of humankind. Also, revelations about the origins of Ab-Death are brought to light. On sale February 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by PAUL CORNELL Penciled by MANUEL GARCIA Cover by TREVOR HAIRSINE There's a dragon running the Welsh mob. And that's not a metaphor. A fire-breathing, giant lizard is running the mob and the Welsh police can't handle it. This falls under the purview of Pete Wisdom and MI 13. And they're calling in some extra help to handle this problem as SHANG-CHI, MASTER OF KUNG FU shows up in this issue! 32 PGS./Explicit Content …$3.99 THERE IS A STRICT NO OVERPRINT POLICY ON ALL MAX TITLES - PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDERS AND PLACE THEM BY THE FOC.
'SPIDER-MAN 3': VENOM UNLEASHED! The most anticipated comic book movie of 2007, 'Spider-Man 3' features Spidey's psychotic opposite, the murderous Venom! We'll sink our teeth into why Venom's going to be THE breakout character of 2007, and it starts with his May 4 cinematic debut! TOP-SECRET SPIDEY PREVIEW You've been teased long enough: get an exclusive first look at the super-secret Spider-Man project headlined by writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist/Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada! EVERYTHING you know about the Wall-crawler will change with this shocking storyline: 'One More Day'! MORRISON UP TO 'BAT' Grant Morrison once again hits Gotham City to chronicle the adventures of Batman. And who else would Morrison bring to the party but Batman's No. 1 archenemy, the Joker? You'll die laughing when you get the scoop on what Morrison has in store for Batman #663. DC'S BLOCKBUSTER MYSTERY EVENT OF 2007! In this very issue, the publisher makes an exclusive announcement about a top-secret event, one that is sure to be one of the most talked-about and hottest projects of 2007! Get the scoop here! TURTLE POWER The original indy sensation that went on to conquer the world, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return to the big screen on March 30 in an all-CGI feature film that's sure to blow fans' minds!
Written by JEPH LOEB Pencils and Cover by SIMONE BIANCHI 'EVOLUTION,' PART 2 Superstar Jeph Loeb (Batman: Hush) is joined by future superstar Simone Bianchi for the biggest, best and, quite possibly, last battle between Wolverine and Sabretooth! These sworn foes have been locked in an endless grudge match that goes back longer than either can remember -- or even imagine. The key to victory is eons old, and it's certain to rock their world. It's time for round two -- at thirty thousand feet. As Logan and Creed continue to up the ante on their latest death match, a third party lurks outside the ring. An entity whose power, guile and sheer iron will is unlike anything either has encountered. 32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99
Written by PETER DAVID Pencils and Cover by ANDREW CURRIE 'MY FAIR SUPER HERO' The Mighty Avengers star's solo series heats up as Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, and Beast begin in earnest to try and rehabilitate super-assassin Ladykiller-but what has she got to say about it? Who's pulling whose strings…and more importantly, why? Loyalties are put to the test and motivations are questioned, as only Peter David & Andre Currie can do it! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
X-FACTOR #16 Written by PETER DAVID Pencils and Cover by PABLO RAIMONDI James Maddocks: A good man. A family man. A man of God, who opens the door in his Minnesota home one day to discover himself face-to-face with his 'maker'--Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, come to remove the runaway dupe from the home and life he's created for himself. How far will Maddocks go to save his existence...and will Jamie be willing to destroy Maddocks' life in order to be whole once more? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
X-MEN #196
Written by MIKE CAREY Pencils and Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS 'Primary Infection' The X-Men confront Pandemic and the Plague Dogs, but too late to stop Rogue from being infected with strain 88. How desperate do you have to be when Sabretooth is your ace in the hole? And will the cure turn out to be worse than the disease? Part 3 (of 3) 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99


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