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The enormity of Gant's plan stands revealed. Accompanied by ex-Navy Seals Gabe and Rafael, Agent Henson must race into a vampire-infested pit of horror if they hope of stopping the demented scheme. Will Reverend Gant and the New Children of God be able to turn the biggest event of the year turn into the biggest bloodbath of all time? Dan Wickline (30 Days of Night: Dead Space) and artist Tony Sandoval bring you the final horrific chapter of this latest 30 Days of Night tale! Artists Nat Jones (30 Days of Night Annual) and Alex Sanchex provide chilling covers.
52 WEEK #51
Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid Breakdowns by Keith Giffen Art by various Backup features by Waid and various Covers by J.G. Jones The end is near! As the year races towards its close, we follow our heroes through their final steps in space - and time! From the mean streets of Gotham to the far reaches of deep space, the last weeks tick down to their shattering conclusion. World War III is just the beginning! Plus, more origins of the DC Universe, including the JLA with Ethan Van Sciver and Batman with Andy Kubert! These final issues feature art by Darick Robertson, Eddy Barrows, Joe Bennett, Justiniano and more. 52: A year without Superman; a year without Batman; a year without Wonder Woman…but not a year without heroes. Week 48 on sale April 4 • Week 49 on sale April 11 • Week 50 on sale April 18 • Week 51 on sale April 25 • Week 52 advance-solicited; on sale May 2 • 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US
Written by Geoff Johns & Richard Donner Art and cover by Adam Kubert Part 4 of the landmark 'Last Son' story, by Geoff Johns, Richard Donner and Adam Kubert! Superman travels to a place so alien and strange, it could only be presented in a special 3-D section, featuring 3-D effects by Ray Zone! That's right, the action in ACTION takes on a whole new meaning as this benchmark story takes a sharp turn into the third dimension! Plus, meet the all-new Superman Revenge Squad! Retailers: This issue will be available in 2 versions that may be ordered separately. The 3-D Edition is priced at $3.99 and the Standard (non-3-D) Edition is priced at $2.99. They will feature the same cover image. The 3-D Edition will feature portions of the content and the cover in 3-D; 3-D glasses will be included. Please see the Previews Order Form for further details. On sale March 28 • 3D Edition: 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US; Standard Edition: 32 pg, FC, $2.99
Written by JEFF PARKER Penciled by LEONARD KIRK Cover by TOMM COKER The spy. The spaceman. The goddess. The robot. The gorilla. During the late 1950s, the U.S. government allowed FBI Special Agent Jimmy Woo to forge a team of unlikely heroes. Together, they stormed the fortress of a criminal mastermind to rescue President Eisenhower - but the group disbanded soon after. Now, almost 50 years later, an unauthorized S.H.I.E.L.D. mission goes down in flames - and from the ashes arise forces from the Golden Age of Marvel! Collecting AGENTS OF ATLAS #1-6 - plus the Agents' first appearances in stories from YELLOW CLAW #1 (Jimmy Woo; October 1956), MENACE #11 (Human Robot; May 1954), VENUS #1 (August 1948), MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #82 (Namora; May 1947), MARVEL BOY #1 (December 1950), MEN'S ADVENTURES #26 (Gorilla Man; March 1954) and WHAT IF? #9 (1950s Avengers; June 1978). Also featuring blogs, creator interviews, character designs and other extras! 256 PGS./Rated T+ …$24.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2712-7
Written by STAN LEE & STEVE DITKO Penciled by STEVE DITKO with JACK KIRBY Cover by JACK KIRBY & STEVE DITKO Variant Painted Cover by ALEX ROSS In 1962, in the pages of a comic book slated for cancellation, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko gave birth to one of the most-enduring icons in American popular media: the one and only Amazing Spider-Man! Turning the concept of a super hero on its head, they imbued the young, guilt-ridden Peter Parker with the fantastic powers of an arachnid and the fantastic pressures of an everyday teenager. The combination was pure magic. During the course of 40 issues of web-slinging, wisecracking wonderment Lee and Ditko built the foundation for 45 years of Spidey spectaculars - girl trouble; bill trouble; bully trouble; the Daily Bugle; and a cast friends, family and, of course, super-villains unlike any other! Completing the entire Stan Lee/Steve Ditko Spider-Man run in one massive volume -including every page, every pinup and every letters column. Not to mention unused covers, critical essays and bonuses galore! We went back to the Mighty Marvel Archive to restore each and every page in this volume for painstaking accuracy to the originals. There's no kidding - this collector's edition is the guaranteed be-all, end-all book for the Spider-Man fan! Collecting AMAZING FANTASY #15, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1-38 and ANNUAL #1-2, STRANGE TALES ANNUAL #2, and FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #1. 1088 PGS./All Ages …$99.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2402-0 Trim size: oversized AMAZING SPIDER-MAN OMNIBUS VOL. 1 HC - VARIANT EDITION 1088 PGS./All Ages …$99.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2509-4
Written by Will Pfeifer Art and cover by Pete Woods Spinning out of the pages of Jodi Picoult's WONDER WOMAN comes the first major comics event of 2007! Well over a year has passed since the events of INFINITE CRISIS, including the retreat of the Amazons to the realm of the Gods. But now they're back, screaming for vengeance! What could compel the Amazons to renounce their peaceful ways and attack America? The answers will prove useless to a country and hero population utterly unprepared for this savage attack. And where is Wonder Woman while all this is going on? Written by Will Pfeifer (CATWOMAN, INFINITE CRISIS: THE SPECTRE) and illustrated by Pete Woods (SUPERMAN: UP, UP AND AWAY, SUPERMAN: BACK IN ACTION), this series unites the former Catwoman team for a story that will have devastating ramifications both in the present and all the way into 2008! On sale April 25 • 1 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US Editor: Matt Idelson
by Kaori Yuki Setsuna and the rebels' assault on the courtroom results in chaos and a shocking revelation about Sevothtarte's true identity and his relation to the Sandalphon project! With all other forces in disorder, Rosiel is now poised to take control of Heaven, with a new and mysterious ally at his side. But how will the emergence of Sandalphon alter the balance of power? Rating: T+ (C: 0-0-0)
Written by Kurt Busiek Art by Brent Anderson Cover by Alex Ross The sorcerer Simon Magus and Grimoire take center stage as a new factor enters Astro City's most turbulent decade: The Innocent Gun! Plus, while the gang war rages, guns of another sort spell disaster for the Williams family, as one brother seeks to kill and the other is targeted for death.
by Bates, Peyer, Nilges, & Valenti Otto and Bart find the once high and mighty Truckasaurus in a junkyard and share dreams of its resurrected glory; Bart and Milhouse imagine themselves in an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon; Professor Frink returns with another lesson in weird science; and Bart enlists the help of a certain someone to get the best of Principal Skinner!
Written by Andy Diggle Art and cover by Whilce Portacio & Richard Friend Part 5 of the 6-part 'Rules of Engagement.' It's all-out war as Batman goes up against an army of Lex Luthor's G.I. Robots! On sale April 11 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
by Various 'Where the Jobs Are': A stroll through the high school's job fair leads Betty and Veronica to daydream about glamorous jobs like being a secret agent, rock star, or blogger. At least we know they're qualified to be 'creative writers!' 'Personal Best': The girl's baseball team decides the best way to win this season is for each member to improve their specialties, so Betty and Midge work on their fielding, Ethel perfects her pitching, Nancy brings her batting average up, and Veronica handles cosmetic improvements! 'Serious Business': The line to wait for a famous author's autograph is so long that Betty and Veronica have time to write their own books while they wait!
by Wall, Hardin, & Reyes Seventy years ago, Rayne met her mentor at the roof top of the world to begin her training as an agent of the Brimstone Society. For the first time ever, catch a glimpse of Rayne alongside Mynce in one of their earliest action-packed adventures together. The fate of Tibet hangs in the balance as master and apprentice fight to stop a vampire occult from hijacking an entire country!
Written by John Rogers Art by Rafael Albuquerque Cover by Cully Hamner When aliens are trying to kill you, who you gonna call? Guy Gardner! Sure, he tried to kill you once already, but who's counting? On sale April 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS TPB Written by FABIAN NICIEZA Penciled by STAZ JOHNSON & REILLY BROWN Cover by ROB LIEFELD With CIVIL WAR tearing the Marvel Universe apart, only one man can sew it back together: Deadpool!? Well, who else would make the perfect mercenary hero-hunter? In an effort to do his part, Deadpool crosses paths with the Great Lakes Avengers, and slices and dices his way to Daredevil, the Man Without Fear! Plus: What happens when the Merc with a Mouth faces the Sightless Scarlet Sentry? And where does Cable stand in all this? Where he always does: pretending he's above the fray. Then why is he having a secret meeting with Captain America? Collecting CABLE & DEADPOOL #30-36. 168 PGS./Rated T+ …$17.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2233-8
Written by Jennifer Keating Moore, J. Torres and Robbie Busch Art by Stephanie Gladden, Christopher Cook, Gary Fields, Janice Kubo and Al Nickerson Cover by Robert Pope & Mike DeCarlo It's Madam Foster's birthday and all the friends want to throw her a party! Guess who's the piñata? Plus, Ami and Yumi would just like to enjoy a quiet day off, but they're just too popular! On sale April 25 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US
by Linda Medley A fable for modern times, Castle Waiting is a fairy tale that's not about rescuing the princess, saving the kingdom, or fighting the ultimate war between Good and Evil - but about being a hero in your own home. In this sixth issue, Dayne convinces the castle folk that the best way to repair the Keep is to knock holes in its walls; Tolly reveals a surprise talent; and Iron Henry attempts some small talk. Meanwhile, the baby seals turn the tables on the Wooster, bludgeoning him like a cheap Central Valley pi?ata.
Written by Will Pfeifer Art by David Lopez & Alvaro Lopez Cover by Adam Hughes Catwoman's about to find out that some people don't like it when you steal their secrets! Catwoman's got one angry metahuman supervillain on her tail, and Holly's left on her own to handle the rage of Hammer and Sickle! On sale April 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI and DWAYNE MCDUFFIE Penciled by MIKE MCKONE Cover by ADI GRANOV One member of the Fantastic Four lies hospitalized, a casualty of the Civil War that has fragmented the superhuman community! Another member of the team is secretly helping the opposition. It had to happen: Amid the tumult and tensions, the Fantastic Four break up! Who will toe the line, who will join the resistance, and who will leave the battlefield altogether? Is this the end for Marvel's First Family? Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR #538-543. 184 PGS./Rated A …$17.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2227-3
Written by DAVID HINE Penciled by YANICK PAQUETTE Cover by JUAN DOE Enough is enough! The tension between the X-Men, the 198 and the O*N*E* has finally reached a breaking point. As CIVIL WAR rips apart the Marvel Universe, the X-Men also find themselves crumbling from the inside out. Will they admit defeat, or will they finally start to fight back? Collecting CIVIL WAR: X-MEN #1-4. 112 PGS./Rated T+ …$11.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2313-X
by Various Our headliner this issuse is Alison Bechdel, whose memoir Fun Home was one of the most acclaimed graphic novels of 2006. She delves into life, death, her work, and the banning of her book in Missouri with interviewer Lyn Emmeri. Plus, an interview with Golden Age cartoonist Fred Guardineer, who is perhaps best known for his work on comics such as Zatura, The Durango Kid, Detective Comics, and Crime Does Not Pay. The full-color comics section will feature Get Lost, The Comic Designed to Send You, and future Spider-Man team Ross Andru and Mike Esposito's post-Kurtzman humor comic of the 1950s. Plus, an ample array of comics history, analysis, and criticism.
Written by Chuck Dixon Art and cover by Derec Donovan Don't miss the pulse-pounding conclusion of Dragon's Blood! With the world dragon awakened and a master sorcerer revealed, can one man armed with only a bow save mankind? On sale April 25 • 6 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • Final issue
Written by Mike Carey Art by Jim Fern & Mark Pennington Cover by J.H. Williams III Part 1 of the 4-part 'A Map of Midnight.' With both a new role and a new life in service to Lord Aratsu, Toshi must choose her weapons and begin her hazardous training through a fairy-tale-gone-wrong world like nothing anyone has ever experienced. On sale April 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
Written by ED BRUBAKER Penciled by MICHAEL LARK Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC The second part of the hard-hitting new arc 'To the Devil, His Due' is here, and Brubaker and Lark are just getting warmed up! As Daredevil fights to find the source of new and violent trouble in Hell's Kitchen, Matt Murdock struggles to piece his life back together. But when a woman from his past enters the picture, it could all go flying off the rails. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
by Takeshi Obata Light's latest machinations are putting a strain on even his formidable intellect as Near flies to Japan to beard Kira in his den. Near is sure that Light is Kira, but his sense of honor as L's heir will allow no doubts. He doesn't want to just stop the Kira murders - he wants to expose Light as the Death Note killer. Light thinks he's up to the challenge. Rating: T+
DEVI #10
by Samit Basu & Aditya Chari As the battle between the gods' servants and Bala's hordes rages in the slums of Sitapur, Bala breaks through to the secret labyrinth that holds the Source that will make him all-powerful. Meanwhile, finally working in harmony with her human host, Devi vanquishes the Darinde and her own doubts. Now she has the chance to finish Bala off once and for all - but before evil is destroyed, great sacrifices must be made.
by Various The second volume of Weird Science features classic stories written by Al Feldstein, and illustrated by such master artists as Wally Wood, Joe Orlando, Jack Kamen, Harvey Kurtzman and Feldstein himself. This stunning collection reprints issues Weird Science #7 - 12, a total of 24 complete breathtaking EC science fiction stories, originally published in 1951 and 1952.
Written by CHRIS CLAREMONT Pencils and Cover by PAUL PELLETIER While Sabretooth and Slaymaster try to finish each other off in a deadly battle, Psylocke goes head-to-head with Reed Richards. Her mission, to kill this world's last hero. But will the power-crazed Sue Storm beat her to the punch? 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99
Written by Simon Oliver Art by Tony Moore & John Lucas Cover by Philip Bond Concluding the 4-part 'Lies of Our Fathers.' Laura makes a major career move that puts her in a position to help Henry stop the flood of illegal Draxx into the city's poorest neighborhoods. But how she uses her newfound power could leave Henry's life in ruins. Meanwhile, a new insectile threat approaches Los Angeles. On sale April 4 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
Written by JEPH LOEB Pencils and Cover by ED MCGUINNESS Variant Cover by MICHAEL TURNER The devastating end of Civil War has two decidedly different reactions from the Mighty Avengers and the New Avengers! If you thought heroes were divided during the War, just wait until the aftermath! That's right, it's both teams in one book, and we got the superstar team from Superman/Batman - Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness - to take on Earth's Mightiest Heroes…and the Avengers Assemble like never before! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
Written by Dwayne McDuffie Art by Pop Mhan & Rob Stull Cover by Pete Woods The end is here as Firestorm faces the fury of a superpowered Kalibak and a horde of Parademons! After this battle, you'll see a Firestorm that's never been seen before! On sale April 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • Final Issue
by Hiromu Arakawa In the midst of heated battle, Ed and Prince Lin of Xing are swallowed whole by the homunculus Gluttony. Will they survive the depths of Gluttony's gullet, or has Al lost his brother for good? And the political power structure of the military may be irreparably shattered when Colonel Mustang confronts Führer President King Bradley with his horrifying suspicion that Bradley is a homunculous! Rating: T
Written by Mike Carey Art and cover by John Bolton GOD SAVE THE QUEEN is a new hardcover that reunites acclaimed writer Mike Carey (CROSSING MIDNIGHT, LUCIFER) with renowned fantasy painter John Bolton (FABLES: 1001 NIGHTS OF SNOWFALL, THE SANDMAN PRESENTS: THE FURIES). Bolton's lush palette perfectly captures both the lurid underbelly of modern London and the haunting elegance of Faerie in a dark, compelling tale of decadence and desire that echoes the epic scope of BOOKS OF MAGIC and THE SANDMAN. Set in both North London and the Faerie kingdom, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN tells the story of a rebellious teenager who falls in with a group of slacker faeries. She discovers that for faeries, the ultimate rush is Red Horse, a drug made from heroin and human blood. It's a dangerous high, and when she gets hooked she's drawn into a civil war that becomes a struggle to the death between Queen Titania and her predecessor, Queen Mab. Don't miss this imaginative, thought-provoking collaboration from two acclaimed creators! Advance-solicited; on sale April 18 • 96 pg, FC, $19.99 US • MATURE READERS
by Fsc This new 192-page graphic novel covering all five Fsc titles and over 50 pages of additional stories will be available in stores in April. H'eofigendlic Lodrung covers the last six years worth of stories by Fsc and also unpublished works that have been only available until now. Some of these hard to find stories were only published in very small runs years ago in Singapore and China and have now been translated into the English language. This truly is a definitive collection of Fsc works and is a must for anyone who enjoys the very best in sequential art.
Written by ZEB WELLS Penciled by CLAY MANN Cover by MICHAEL GOLDEN Welcoming the new creative team of Zeb Wells (Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways) and Clay Mann (Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four)! The Heroes are offered a mark that will make them rich, but it comes with conditions... 1) They have to work with the treacherous Paladin, 2) They have to travel to the Savage Land, and 3) They're hunting a Tyrannosaurus Rex! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
by James L. White & Dalibor Talajic A direct market comic book event! The Academy Award-nominated writer of the film Ray comes to comics in a big way, kicking off a new series at Boom! only! Stockbroker Lincoln 'Linc' Greer, divorced dad, is looking forward to a hot date in a remote cabin for the weekend. When his date cancels and he gets stuck with visitation rights with his son, he takes the boy hunting in the wilds of Oregon. Before he knows it, his son is kidnapped and a voice at the other end of his cell phone tells him to do what he asks - if he ever wants to see his son again! Linc soon finds that he's the only African-American man in this small mostly white logging community. Isolated and alone, he's got to face a contentious community and save his son! A blockbuster thriller featuring artwork from new sensation Talajic, fresh off Image Comics' Deadworld!
by Fred Chao This fantastic first issue finds Johnny Hiro dating the daughter of a 1970's Tokyo Action-Girl. Unfortunately, Gozadilla is out for revenge! The excitement never ends, even though Johnny Hiro really wants it to. Fans of Godzilla, Voltron, and other Japan imports will dig this indy homage, by hot newcomer Fred Chao!
by Josh Howard & Various In the Himalayas it's referred to as Yeti. North America calls the creature Bigfoot. But no matter what name it's given, the humanoid legend has captivated imaginations for centuries. Now Dead@17's Josh Howard, along with the hottest indie creators around, reveal the secrets surrounding the missing link in Sasquatch, an anthology as big, and as interesting, as the creature itself!
Written by Tony Bedard Art by Dennis Calero Cover by Steve Uy A stand-alone tale written by Tony Bedard (SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES) with art by Dennis Calero (X-Factor)! In order to save lives, Alan Scott is forced to renege on a deal he made years ago with one of his Golden Age enemies. But will this betrayal mean this reformed villain is permanently out of retirement? On sale April 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Jim Krueger & Alex Ross Art by Doug Braithwaite & Ross Cover by Ross Witness the triumphant return of Green Lantern and his showdown with Sinestro in the penultimate issue of JUSTICE! Captain Marvel's incredible victory! The challenge of Aquaman! But will the super-villains still maintain the upper hand if they have Aquaman's son and a world in their grasp? On sale April 25 • 40 pg, FC, $3.50 US
Written by Geoff Johns Art by Dale Eaglesham & Art Thibert Cover by Alex Ross; Variant cover by Eaglesham Part 2 of the 5-part JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA/JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA crossover with 'The Lightning Saga!' Batman and Starman break into the depths of Arkham Asylum in search of the one person who may be able to reconcile Starman's past. But with nightmares literally around every corner, that person may be dead before they reach him. Plus, a battle within the Fortress of Solitude reveals the key to it all, especially the members of the team! Retailers: This issue will feature two covers that may be ordered separately. The Standard Edition cover is by Alex Ross; one copy of the Variant Edition, with a cover by Dale Eaglesham, may be ordered for every 10 copies of the Standard Edition ordered. Please see the Previews Order Form for further details. On sale April 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Whimsical and witty, silly and smart, Little Lulu is a classic of all-ages comics. When comic-book geniuses John Stanley and Irving Tripp put pen to paper, they brought to life an unforgettable cast of endearing, intelligent, believable characters that have had an unmistakable influence on American culture. Collecting Dell Comics' Marge's Little Lulu #64-68, originally published between October 1953 and February 1954, this laugh-a-minute volume features some of the funniest stories to ever star Lulu, Tubby, Annie, Iggy, and all the other little bundles of humor that started a comedy revolution. • These all-ages tales are more than just an exceptional piece of comic-book history, they're all-out gut-busting fun, perfect for both kids and their parents. • 'Recommended for all libraries; appropriate for young readers, but it will also appeal to adults, both out of nostalgia and for its own charm.' -Library Journal, from a previous volume of Little Lulu
Operation: Crystal Ball. THE BIG FINALE! Surrounded by spider tanks, demon soldiers and flying commandos, the squad faces a familiar foe and Captain Boudreau must face his worst fear to save the lives of one of his men and a special little girl.
Written and illustrated by Fred Gallagher CMX. Collecting chapters seven and eight of the popular online comic! Largo is way off his game, and even the efforts of the class president and a brave hamster may not be enough to get him going again. Piro is worried about his friend, but his biggest concern is the safety of a certain voice actress who finds herself the center of attention of a massive fanboy horde. This edition includes bonus material. Advance-solicited; on sale April 25 • 5' x 7.375' • 240 pg, B&W, $10.99 US • TEEN
by Renée French Micrographica takes Renée French's Ignatz Award-nominated online strip of the same name and turns it way up. A mob of tiny rodents live la vida loca, led by the trash-talking bully Moe, and his trash-talking sidekick Preston. Add in Nubbins, the big guy; poor, sweet crapball-lovin' Aldo, and a rotting corpse turned playground, and you'll never find a more moving affirmation of traditional values. Inspired by a bald bird sighting while the author was wandering Hunter's Hill in Sydney, Australia, this book is pure weirdness - and just what Renée French fans dream of. With guest drawings by Jim Woodring, Penn Jillette, Dean Cameron, Dylan Williams, James Gunn, and more.
Written by CHRIS CLAREMONT Pencils and Cover by SCOT EATON Captain Britain faces his darkest foe. ALBION has come to save Britain, and in the process, destroy a world! Nocturne is on the ropes, Juggernaut's in love, Dazzler sings the blues, Wisdom sells MAX books, and Sage is stoically beautiful. You don't dare miss 'BATTLE FOR ETERNITY' part 2! 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99
by Nick Cardy At long last, here is the definitive book on famed DC artist Nick Cardy's work in newspaper strips! Featuring never-before-published art, interviews, analysis, and commentary, plus Nick's complete run on the 1950 Tarzan strip, published for the first time in its entirety! Also, see Nick's gorgeous renditions of Lady Luck, Casey Ruggles, and more!
by Serena Valentino & Camilla d'Errico 'Sleeping Beauty's Story' - Part 1 of 2! Gwen and Aunt Bea take a trip to San Francisco where they encounter the spirit of a lovely young woman wandering the Sutro Bath ruins in this modern and breathtaking adaptation of Sleeping Beauty.
Written by Kelley Puckett Art by Jonboy Meyers Cover by Michael Chang Ting Yu When a stranger enters a small village and assaults a young girl, the villagers discover and beat him to death, not knowing he is their feudal lord. With their entire village now marked for destruction by the forces of the shogunate, Jubei agrees to stand by them in their hour of need. But with an entire army bearing down upon them, what can one man do? On sale April 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Judd Winick Art by Scott McDaniel Cover by Duncan Rouleau Don't miss this special issue written by Judd Winick with art by Scott McDaniel (NIGHTWING, GREEN ARROW) that reveals the story behind the team's supposed 'death'! One year ago, a desperate bid to save the life of original Outsider Black Lightning reunited Nightwing and the Outsiders - and forced a mass prison break at Iron Heights that led to an impossible choice. On sale April 25 • 48 pg, FC, $3.99 US
by Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti, & Lee Moder Jimmy Palmiotti, Joe Quesada, and Lee Moder present Painkiller Jane: The Return! Collecting all three issues of the Dynamite return of Jane, this trade paperback collection also features a complete cover gallery (featuring the art of Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Connor, and Lee Moder), as well as an on-set diary by Jimmy Palmiotti, detailing his visit to the set of the all-new PKJ series on SCI-FI, as well as an interview with the creators! Advance Solicited-Shipping in July!
by Giffen, DeMatteis, & Bax The return of Mister Master! The first issue was a retro-early days of Marvel riff! The second issue brought back the go-go check era of DC! Now we're finally in the Bronze Age, as Mister Master returns for a third time, to a totally different Brigade from a totally different era! Great fun and mayhem ensues, from the Bwa-ha-ha Boys!
Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Art & Cover by MICHAEL AVON OEMING 'SECRET IDENTITY' Homicide Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim investigate murders specific to super-hero cases, and they both have a secret: They both have powers. And in this shocking issue, Christian Walker vs. Satan! Oh, you heard us! 'Nuff said! From the writer of some of your favorite Marvel comics - including ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and NEW AVENGERS - comes a brand-new chapter from this award-winning book. Part 6 (of 6) 32 PGS./Explicit Content …$2.95 Powers is TM & © 2006 Jinxworld Inc., 2006. All Rights Reserved.
PS238 #22
by Aaron Williams Cecil Holmes has long suspected something 'odd' has been going on at Excelsior Public School. Unbeknownst to him, the secret school for super-kids, ps238, is three miles below his feet. Today, some of his suspicions will be confirmed, as a stranded creature from beyond our world has escaped! This is compounded with the mystery of what happened to a missing convenience store clerk. Are the two related?
Written by GARTH ENNIS Pencils and Cover by GORAN PARLOV The Punisher's wildest foe is back --and this time he's embarking on a solo mission: playing bodyguard to the hemophiliac son of a dangerous mob boss. First stop: A Banana Republic ensnared in bloody revolution whose dictator -- Leopoldo Luna -- goes back a ways with Barracuda, and then some. With rebels storming the palace, 'Cuda's gonna need someone to watch his back. Enter: An old friend. 32 PGS./CARDSTOCK COVER/Explicit Content …$3.99 THERE IS A STRICT NO OVERPRINT POLICY ON ALL MAX TITLES PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDERS AND PLACE THEM BY THE FOC
Written by MATT FRACTION Penciled by ARIEL OLIVETTI & MIKE DEODATO JR. Cover by ARIEL OLIVETTI Hey, there, Marvel Universe. He's back - with a vengeance. Taking no prisoners. Literally. With CIVIL WAR in full throttle mode, Frank Castle is feeling the heat. His safe houses have been raided and his munitions seized, and he's square in the crosshairs of a Marvel Universe big gun who always gets his man. Until now, this wasn't Frank's war. But when spandex-clad baddies start carrying badges - well, let's just say that's something the Punisher can't abide. Brought to you by rising star Matt Fraction (The Last of the Independants), with eye-popping art by Young Guns Reloaded superstar Ariel Olivetti (LAST AVENGERS STORY). Collecting PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #1-4, plus the black and white edition of issue #1 144 PGS./Rated T+ …$19.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2775-5 Trim size: standard
Written by Danny Bilson, Paul DeMeo & Adam Brody Art by Jerry Ordway & Al Vey Cover by Ordway Events come to an earth-shattering conclusion as the Red Menace's plan to nuke Los Angeles with a Soviet A-bomb are set in motion. Can the Eagle save the city that turned on him? And will he? On sale April 25 • 6 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • Final issue
Rex Mundi is a mystery set in a 1930s Europe where sorcerers stalk the streets at night and the Church never lost its grip on power. Master Physician Julien Saunière must uncover the two-thousand-year-old secret of the Holy Grail before all the world is drenched in blood! In #5: Julien is pushed to the edge of madness. Paris erupts in flames and violence. And Lorraine's fragile relationship with his daughter is shattered forever. Read the series that has the critics saying: 'The series is inventive, deep, and surprising. This is a must have for any fan of mysteries, political maneuvering, or just a fun comic.' -Nicholas Slayton, 'Murder, magic, and corruption . . . What more could a mystery reader ask for?' -Nicola A. Menzie, Rex Mundi™ © 2007 Arvid Nelson.
As a way of supporting the artists of tomorrow, 12 Gauge Comics and the Savannah College of Art and Design have partnered to bring you a very special issue of THE RIDE - drawn completely by the talented students of SCAD - with all proceeds going directly to their Sequential Art Scholarship Fund. The feature story follows Frank Simms (THE RIDE #1) and his search for a missing girl in America's most haunted city - Savannah, Georgia. Ghosts, guns and mayhem abound! The chilling back-up tale features a young psychic and her attempt to stop a murder only she believes will happen.
Written by BRIAN K. VAUGHAN Penciled by ADRIAN ALPHONA & MIKE NORTON Cover by JO CHEN The Runaways say good-bye to the past, and make hard decisions about their future. Plus: Still reeling from the events of YOUNG AVENGERS/RUNAWAYS, the teenage heroes must now confront a horrific enemy who threatens to tear the team apart. Collecting RUNAWAYS #19-24. 144 PGS./Rated T+ …$7.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2267-2 These RUNAWAYS DIGESTS STILL AVAILABLE! RUNAWAYS VOL. 1: PRIDE & JOY…$7.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1379-7) RUNAWAYS VOL. 2: TEENAGE WASTELAND…$7.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1415-7) RUNAWAYS VOL. 3: THE GOOD DIE YOUNG…$7.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1684-2) RUNAWAYS VOL. 4: TRUE BELIEVERS …$7.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1705-9) RUNAWAYS VOL. 5: ESCAPE TO NEW YORK…$7.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1901-9) RUNAWAYS VOL. 6: PARENTAL GUIDANCE…$7.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1952-3)
by Tania Del Rio Batty wizard Bartholomew continues to tutor Sabrina with frustrating lessons that have little to do with magic. Despite her protests, Sabrina's aunts insist she continue with her lessons. Meanwhile, Sabrina receives an invitation from Llandra to Narayan's birthday party. Desiring to resurrect her friendship with Llandra, but feeling awkward about running into Shinji now that she's dating Harvey, Sabrina accepts the invite. But when Shinji arrives with a new girlfriend named Hemlock, it is Sabrina who feels awkward and hurt. Matters get worse when Sabrina learns what Shinji has in mind for Hemlock. As if all this intrigue weren't enough, it all ends with a startling revelation about Bartholomew!
by Chopra, Manikandan, & King James Jensens's odyssey of karmic vengeance reaches new heights as he discovers that his nemesis is darker than he could have ever inmagined. Disturbingly, James must now confront his own shadow self which may be just as sinister. Continue with Sadhu Z, now a Nic Cage thriller in development as a feature film.
by Christian and Adam Berenak & David Seidman Visions of Lust are everywhere he turns. So many that they make him sick to his stomach. It seems that the world no longer has any shame. It is a cesspool of whores and adulterers who live their life in Sin. It's time to make one of the sinners an example the rest of the world can learn by. Follow John Doe as he hunts for another victim in his masterpiece of murder. His search brings him back to the sins of his own past and his will to overcome them. Follow John Doe into the world of LUST.
by Ian Shaughnessy & Mike Holmes Casey has had it with Holden's adolescent behavior. Holden's fed up, too. Casey's tutoring job keeps her way too busy, and what's worse, her clients are horny frat boys! but Holden has a plan to save their relationship, as long as it doesn't backfire into an even bigger disaster!
Written by DAVID HINE Penciled by FRAZER IRVING Cover by JOHN WATSON The pressure builds on Black Bolt. The hawks in the Inhumans council are calling for all-out war and as he struggles to make his fateful decision, Black Bolt finds himself betrayed. As if that weren¹t enough, a terrible secret from his past is revealed. It's enough to make a man scream. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
by Matt Groening Springfield super-capitalist Mr. Burns gets his Squishee on, and drafts the town's other savvy salesman Apu Nahasapeemapetilon to manage a new Mega-Kwik-E-Mart. Will power, greed, and money go to the convenience store clerk's head? Then, Bart returns to France and this time he's bringing the clown and Milhouse. But after a reunion with his former captors, Cesar and Ugolin, Bart will need the help of the harlequin to foil a French connection.
by Wells, Shinde, & Kumar With the villainous Harker and the LAPD hunting her, Jessica Peterson must choose between fulfilling her destiny as the Snake Woman or salvaging what's left of her humanity. Don't miss the issue that upsets Harker's master plan and changes the status quo of the 68 forever!
Written by KEVIN SMITH Penciled by TERRY DODSON Cover by TERRY DODSON The mysterious disappearance of an old friend brings Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, to New York in search of answers - and a certain web-slinging ex-lover of hers is following the same trail. How long will it take before they do some...catching up? Collecting SPIDER-MAN/BLACK CAT: THE EVIL THAT MEN DO #1-6. 176 PGS./Parental Advisory …$14.99 ISBN: 0-7851-1079-8
Written by ROGER STERN, STEVE LEIALOHA, MARV WOLFMAN & MARIE SEVERIN Penciled by MIKE ZECK, STEVE LEIALOHA, AL GORDON, JIM MOONEY, BRUCE PATTERSON, JOHN ROMITA JR., MARIE SEVERIN, RICK LEONARDI & JOHN BYRNE Cover by AL MILGROM Roger Stern sets his stamp on Spider-Man and his supporting cast with a collection of costumed criminals, would-be alien abductors, and gangsters both local and imported! Featuring new enemies, old enemies and the fall of a hero! A new Prowler unmasked and an old secret revealed! Guest-starring the White Tiger and the Smuggler, later Atlas of the Thunderbolts! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #206, and SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #43-52 and 54. 256 PGS./Rated T+ …$24.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2710-X
There are two sides to every argument, and this month starts an exciting new series looking at some of the most famous encounters between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire-from the Klingon perspective! First up, an unsteady peace breaks out into full-scale war after a Klingon cruiser is destroyed by the Federation starship Enterprise. How will the Klingons respond? How do you say 'swift and blinding violence' in Klingon? From the creative team that brought you Angel: Auld Lang Syne. Available with a Klingon photo cover-and ask your retailer how to get a special incentive cover by artist Joe Corroney (24: Nightfall), with or without cover logos!
In 'Light of Day,' part four of IDW's all-new Star Trek: The Next Generation relaunch, a shuttle craft accident strands Worf, Geordi, and Ro on an unexplored moon. The trio survive the crash, but when the sun rises they are fighting for their lives… against a colony of nocturnal aliens who become deadly killers with each new dawn. Meanwhile, aboard the Starship Enterprise, the situation gets even more grim! Written by David Tischman (Bite Club) with art by Casey Maloney (Children of the Grave). Featuring a special cover by the artist of rock band KISS's classic 'Destroyer' album, fantasy painter Ken Kelly! Zach Howard once again provides a special incentive cover, as well.
In the days before Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi's first fateful mission to Naboo, Darth Sidious discovers a threat to his plan for galactic domination-the nefarious criminal organization Black Sun. Unwilling to tolerate such opposition to his Imperial ambitions, the Sith lord sends his apprentice Darth Maul to deal with this cartel of space mobsters. Step by deadly step Maul infiltrates Black Sun, eliminating its lieutenants and working his way into its inner sanctum. Yet those who rule this society of evil do not intend to be vanquished so easily. It's all-out action as the darkest forces in the galaxy vie for power in a battle that will have dire consequences for the future of the Republic. Each month, the Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection series will bring readers a limited-edition hardcover of the best of Dark Horse's Star Wars graphic novels. Available only through Direct Market retail outlets, each volume's print run is limited to initial orders and will not be reprinted.
The future of Star Wars is here in an all-new adventure set more than a century after Return of the Jedi and the New Jedi Order! The Jedi Temple is attacked, an Emperor is betrayed, and the Sith are born anew! A lot can happen in a hundred years, but that's just the beginning of the story! Not since Luke Skywalker first stepped aboard the Millennium Falcon has the galaxy seemed like such a vast, exciting, dangerous place! Readers will meet a host of new characters, see fleets of new spaceships, and visit scores of exotic locations-some new and some familiar. This is a perfect jumping-on point for any reader. • Collects issues #1-3 and #5-7 of the Legacy ongoing series.
by Lee, Enjeti, Reyes, & Hartman DAMAGED JUSTICE - Part 3 (of 4). While Sinclair's Survivors fight for their very lives on a bug-ridden planet, on Earth it's also a fight to the death. Plus, it's the final showdown between Tanner and Lock - and this time, only one of them will be walking away!
SUPER F$$$$$S #4
by James Kochalka Sure, the universe was destroyed, but will our heroes let that stop the party? No way! Vortex saves the day, but makes some tiny little fundamental changes in the structure of the universe, just for fun. Also in this issue: Jack Krak clashes with his fans, Orange Lightning returns from the dead, yet another hero suffers a head injury, and Princess Sunshine makes out with Grotus!
Written by Mark Waid Art by Barry Kitson & Mick Gray Cover by Kitson The surviving Legionnaires and Wanderers face off against the entirety of the Dominator Empire to prevent the destruction of the galaxy! On sale April 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Mark Waid and Tony Bedard Art by Barry Kitson, Mick Gray and various Cover by Kitson A new volume collecting SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #20-25! In this volume, Brainiac wants to bring the deceased Dream Girl back from the dead, and only the mind of a deadly enemy can help. Advance-solicited; on sale April 25 • 192 pg, FC, $14.99 US
by Giffen, Leib, & Chee Ed's quest to track the Tag curse all the way to the current holder continues, leading him into the dark heart of murder, betrayal, and deceit. The road to stopping the Tag takes him into an insane asylum. But is this the only place he can find the information he seeks about this mysterious and enigmatic curse?
Written by J. Torres Art by Mike Norton & Lary Stucker Cover by Todd Nauck Raven's going to pieces! Her multicolored Emoticlones have broken free and are on the run. How will the Teen Titans get all of them back together? On sale April 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US
by Hama, Verma, & Wagner Stand with the raw recruits of the Confederate and Union armies as they face each other in the first major battle of the Civil War, an encounter which would change their lives forever as they learnt how to fight and survive. Meet by Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson whose stubborn defence against Union attack ensured Confederate victory.
THUNDERBOLT JAXON TP Written by Dave Gibbons Art by John Higgins Cover by Gibbons Collecting the 5-issue reimagining of a classic British hero! Jack, Billy and Saf are three ordinary, adventurous kids who make a startling discovery: a mystical Norse relic from the fourth century. All is well as they take their newly found treasure home - unaware that it will lead to the rebirth of legendary British hero, Thunderbolt Jaxon! Advance-solicited; on sale April 25 • 128 pg, FC, $19.99 US
Painted cover by Diego Jourdan; story by Jake Black; art by Andres Ponce The fourth of five movie prequels slated for release in the weeks immediately preceding the opening of the new TMNT CGI movie! Prequel #4 stars April O'Neil and her initial dealings with the mysterious millionaire Max Winters. When Winters sends April to a Central American rain forest in search of an ancient statue, April finds herself thrust into the world of illegal antiquities trading and very violent men!
by Keiko Takemiya The future. Despite hundreds of years of peace, mankind has exhausted the Earth with its enormous cities - mere hubs for advanced machines. It is the age of Superior Domination (S.D.) where children are no longer the offspring of parents, but the progency of a universal computer. Amidst the calm, however, lurks a hidden chaos. The consequence of so many turns of the screw in a natural human order was the creation of a subrace of humans called the Mu, whose only marked distinction is their extra-special sensory powers. They are a sensitive and peaceful species no different from humans, but they have been forced into exile by Universal Control. Now the Mu must find their way back to Terra. Leading the way is 14-year old Jomy Marcus Shin, whose power is couched in so much innocence as to stun even himself.
by Derek McCaw & Mark Teague Dark and light forces are unleashed when the mysterious box from Tony's past is opened. Tormented by an evil hospital staff and haunted by zombies from the past, can Tony trust his childhood toy elephant to guide him to the truth? Mark Teague and Derek McCaw spin a wild tale of one man finding his way back to the light.
Collected for the first time ever, TRANSFORMERS adventures previously available only to members of the HASBRO TRANSFORMERS COLLECTORS' CLUB. This special full-color comic book features the prologue, 'Vector Prime: In The Beginning,' as well as the chapters 'Balancing Act' and 'Revelations,' as VECTOR PRIME sets out to preserve the balance in PRIMUS' eternal war against UNICRON. Featuring 72 full pages of story and art, plus an all-new cover by interior artist Dan Khanna!
Artist Nick Roche goes his Transformers Spotlights (Shockwave, Hot Rod) one better here, this time tackling full scripting duties along with handling the art chores on a special issue featuring the one and only Kup! In this Spotlight on the grizzled old TRANSFORMER, Kup finds himself stranded, facing shutdown, and fighting evil that just might be all in his mind. Alex Milne joins the cause, too, presenting a special variant cover that shows just what Kup is up against in this Spotlight.
'THE BIG APPLE' It's off to Nuevo York as Lily surprises Tom with a New York trip! Tom's first trip to N.Y. is one to remember.... especially when they return home! Good times to be had by all in the city that never sleeps.
It's the complete first season of the greatest show you never saw: the classic tale of guy gets girl, guy finds super-suit, guy gains FBI nemesis, guy loses girl, guy loses car, FBI gets girl... well, you get the idea. With art by the Italian phenomenon GIUSEPPE FERRARIO, you'll think it's the '80s all over again as Justin and his friends fight to keep his wedding from collapsing while fending off the feds' attempts to take back his ultra-powered outfit. Collects TRUTH, JUSTIN & THE AMERICAN WAY #1-5
by Jon Adams The comic that's been likened to the works of Chris Ware, Craig Thompson, and director Todd Solondz is back. This long-running feature on Dark Horse's website is finally in print and includes brand new, never-before-seen material. The ineptitude of suburbia's Manchester Justice Squadron fuels this political satire that will appeal to anyone who appreciates humor, pretty pictures, losers and common sense.
by Various In Don Rosa's classic 'Treasure Under Glass,' Scrooge's visit to the Florida Keys turns up a sunken ship - with a wall map aboard pinpointing dozens of treasure burial sites! It takes a supersized diving bell to investigate further... and that's when sharks and pirates trap Scrooge between the devil and the deep blue sea! A new Rosa pin-up page is icing on the cake!
(W) Dean Motter; (A) Dennis Calero Jon Geoffries is a 'Unique,' one of the rare people with no counterpart on any other parallel Earth, which gives him the ability to jump through alternate dimensions. His abilities put him at odds with the powerful Shadows of Mercy Ministries… if they even exist at all! Jon's psychiatrist thinks Jon is slowly going mad… 32pgs, FC $2.99
The assassin Shizukiri is known throughout the land as a ruthless, unbeatable killer-a reputation that is about to be tested by his next target, Usagi Yojimbo! Having secretly hunted the rabbit ronin for some time, Shizukiri catches his prey off-guard with the last thing Usagi would expect and the worst thing he could imagine-a hostage! Sweet, innocent, devoted Mayumi has fallen into the clutches of one of Usagi's deadliest opponents. Usagi has given his word of honor to protect her, but he cannot save her and his own life. A dark deed, a harrowing battle, and a fateful choice all add up to one of the most heartbreaking challenges our long-eared hero has ever faced, this month in Usagi Yojimbo! Penny Arcade™ © 2007 Penny Arcade, Inc. Usagi Yojimbo™ & © 2007 Stan Sakai.
Trapped in a subterranean Nazi laboratory by an army of reanimated soldiers, it's not looking too good for the famous monsters. With his back against the wall, the Werewolf leads an unlikely platoon of his own, but getting the recently drafted Frankenstein and Dracula to cooperate presents a challenge in itself. Don't miss the bloody and action-packed conclusion to the real war to end all wars, courtesy of the Karney team of Johnson and Flanagan.
Written by Mike Carey Art by Peter Gross Cover by Whilce Portacio The earth's entire vampire community has broken the truce and declared all-out war. With Red and Ab-Death trapped in the Deadworld, can Dane and Mother-One possibly prevail? On sale April 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by PAUL CORNELL Penciled by MANUEL GARCIA Cover by TREVOR HAIRSINE All hell breaks loose in London as WISDOM climbs to a stunning climax. Can Pete and MI-13 save the world? Writer-to-watch Paul Cornell (Dr. Who TV series) continues his critically-acclaimed mini-series here. Don't miss it! 32 PGS./CARDSTOCK COVER/Explicit Content …$3.99 THERE IS A STRICT NO OVERPRINT POLICY ON ALL MAX TITLES PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDERS AND PLACE THEM BY THE FOC
This is the story of Sara Pezzini, a New York street Detective, and how she came to wield the most powerful artifact in the universe… the Witchblade! Her journey will take you through the murder-filled alleys of New York to the highest towers of society as a supernatural war is waged within her own soul.
Written by JEPH LOEB Pencils & Cover by SIMONE BIANCHI 'EVOLUTION,' PART 4 It's time for round four! Superstar Jeph Loeb (Batman: Hush) is joined by Young Guns Reloaded Artist Simone Bianchi for the biggest, best and, quite possibly, last battle between Wolverine and Sabretooth! These sworn foes have been locked in an endless grudge match that goes back longer than either can remember -- or even imagine. That stalemate is about to end. For real. The key to victory is eons old, and one of them is about to find it. It's gonna be bloody. 32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99 WOLVERINE #53 BLACK AND WHITE 24 PGS./NO ADS/Parental Advisory …$2.99
Written by Jodi Picoult Art and cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson Part 3 of Jodi Picoult's WONDER WOMAN run welcomes the return of art team Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson! Diana Prince was charged with capturing Wonder Woman for the Department of Metahuman Affairs, and she's unwittingly succeeded. But the true reason for her illegal detainment can and will precipitate a bloody war, one that even Diana is powerless to prevent! This issue leads directly into AMAZONS ATTACK #1, on sale the same week! On sale April 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
After an epic struggle to bring the Leprechaun Queen back to the mansion, an odious bargain must be struck for her services. Will Wormwood agree to her terms? Will he survive her cure? Courtesy of Eisner-nominated artist Ben Templesmith,
Written by JEFF PARKER Penciled by ROGER CRUZ Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC Their latest mission takes the X-Men into one of the world's deadliest jungles, where even the mutant mind of Charles Xavier cannot guide them safely. No, an expedition like this requires a GORILLA MAN! 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99


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