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52 WEEK #16
Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid Breakdowns by Keith Giffen Art by various Backup feature by Waid and various Covers by J.G. Jones In WEEK 13, featuring art by Todd Nauck & Marlo Alquiza, it's the resurrection of Sue Dibny! But are the Elongated Man's ex-teammates here to help, or hurt? Plus, the origin of Elongated Man by Mark Waid and Kevin Nowlan! In WEEK 14, with art by Dale Eaglesham & Art Thibert, Steel faces a turning point, and Montoya and the Question go international! Plus, the origin of Steel by Waid and Jon Bogdanove! It's the death you never expected in WEEK 15, featuring art by Shawn Moll & Tom Nguyen! Plus, the origin of Metamorpho by Waid & Eric Powell (The Goon)! Celebrate the nuptials of Black Adam and Isis in WEEK 16, illustrated by Joe Bennett & Ruy Jose! Plus, the origin of Black Adam by Waid and J.G. Jones! WEEK 17 features art by Chris Batista, Jack Jadson & Ruy Jose, and can be described in one word: Lobo! Plus, the origin of Lobo by Waid and Giffen! 52: A year without Superman; a year without Batman; a year without Wonder Woman…but not a year without heroes.
Written by Frank Miller Art by Miller & Klaus Janson Cover by Miller Hailed as a comics masterpiece, Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS - and its equally provocative sequel THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN - get the oversized Absolute treatment in a giant one-volume, slipcased edition! This Absolute edition features an extended sketch section from THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN with commentary by Miller, a look at the plot and pencils from the legendary finale to THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, a new introduction by Miller, striking new cover and slipcase art by Miller, and more!
by Various You voted and we listened! Culled from hundreds of emails and the on-line poll at, here are the three thinkers rabid ActPhilo fans demanded to see: St. Thomas Aquinas, 'The Scholastic Spastic' who ridded the world of doubt...or did he? Soren Keirkegaard, star of 'Fear and Trembling in Copenhagen'! Ludwig Wittgenstein, who has a funny name! And had... deep thoughts. And stuff. This Xeric Award-winner collects the 'people's choice!'
by Andrew Pepoy & John Workman Featuring supermodel Katy Keene! 'Love in Blum': Katy Keene lands a plum role in 'Johnny the Pirate III,' but all her sister MacKenzie cares about is crashing the set so she can meet hunky heartthrob Oleander Blum! Along the way, MacKenzie spots other famous stars, ruins her dress, and literally crashes the set! Plus, hilarious hijinks with Archie and the gang, and musical manga mayhem with Josie & the Pussycats!
Written by JOSS WHEDON Pencils & Cover by JOHN CASSADAY 'TORN' The X-Men have been ripped apart and mentally destroyed. Only one remains standing. But with the combined power of the Hellfire Club standing in their way, what chance do they have?! Part 4 (of 6)! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99
by Digerolamo, Dorkin, and Lloyd Bart wins a shopping spree at Krusty's Land of Misfit Toys, but it doesn't take long before all his friends and family members are asking him to score them some free toys. Then Maggie and Moe take a trip to Wall E. Weasel's, stumble into a plot of international intrigue, and come face-to-face with another crimesolving babysitting duo--Gerald, the one-eyebrowed baby, and Titania!
Written by Grant Morrison Art by Andy Kubert & Jesse Delperdang Cover by Kubert What do you get when you add one Batman, fifty Ninja Man-Bats and the British Prime Minister's wife? Welcome to a glittering night of mayhem among the rich and famous, as Batman faces down a whole army of winged horrors in a no-holds barred, bone-crunching superbrawl among the treasures of London's Pop Art museum. And when the Dark Knight's done, an even greater shock awaits, as we finally meet a startling NEW addition to the Batman family in 'Man Bats of London,' - Part 2 of the 4-part 'Batman and Son,' by comics legends Grant Morrison (ALL STAR SUPERMAN, SEVEN SOLDIERS) and Andy Kubert (Ultimate X-Men, 1602)! And don't miss the stunning New Printing of BATMAN: SON OF THE DEMON, solicited on page 60!
Written by Matt Wagner Art and cover by Wagner Join Matt Wagner as he revisits the early career of the young Batman in another adventure inspired by DC's Golden Age in this blood-curdling sequel to BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN! The Dark Knight is learning that there are more twisted faces of evil than those worn by the street criminals and mobsters of Gotham. Now, Batman must counter sinister machinations and new dimensions of wickedness as he confronts the hooded menace of the Mad Monk!
Written by Matt Wagner Art and cover by Wagner Matt Wagner takes the Dark Knight through his sophomore season in this new trade paperback collecting the 6-issue miniseries! Batman has spent his first year fighting organized crime - but nothing thus far in his early career as the Caped Crusader has prepared him for the new menace facing Gotham: super-powered villains! Retailers, please see the order form for a special order incentive.
written by ROBERT KIRKMAN art by MATTHEW ROBERTS, CORY WALKER, E.J. SU &VAL STAPLES cover by CORY WALKER & STAPLES In this chapter Battle Pope learns to deal with his new celebrity status, stops a bank robbery, sleeps with a major villain, and has a hell of a nightmare! Beginning a new direction for Pope and his sidekick Jesus. An excellent jumping on point for new readers! (Yes, we mean YOU!)

Written by Gail Simone Art by Paulo Siqueira & Robin Riggs Cover by Jerry Ordway Concluding the 2-part story arc 'Headhunting!' Black Alice is torn between good and evil. For which side should she use her magical abilities? As the Huntress and Black Canary pull her towards the Birds, powerful others are influencing Alice's darker tendencies.
Written by Keith Giffen & John Rogers Art by Cully Hamner Cover by Duncan Rouleau A jaw-dropping secret about the Beetle's armor is revealed in this can't-miss issue!
by Richard Moore Abbey, Michael and the Boneyard gang have to confront a two-pronged threat: a huge masked chainsaw -wielding uh, massacerist in a girl's summer camp and the Pumpkinhead whose very presence puts all in the 'yard into fevered sleep. Abbey barely survives the confrontation with the chainsaw brute, now it's up to Michael to face the worst threat… with NoDoze and a baseball bat! Collects issues 16-20.
Written by Abby Denson, Scott Cunningham and John Rozum Art by Chris Cook, Gary Fields, Scott Roberts, Al Nickerson and Scott McRae Cover by Robert Pope & Mike DeCarlo Kaz is tired of Ami and Yumi hogging the spotlight - he's ready for a taste of fame! Plus, meet Grim's prize-winning hound: Cerberus!
Written by Chuck Dixon Art and cover by Andy Smith A dark prophecy is fulfilled as a monstrous evil walks the land, drinking the blood of innocents and killing all who oppose it. The destiny of this invincible, demonic force is forever entwined with that of Claw the Unconquered. Can even the cursed barbarian warrior stop hell that threatens the world?

(W) Frank Tieri (P) Tyler Kirkham (C) Stjepan Sejic Jackie Estacado, the Darkness bearer, Wolverine have never met, but the same cannot be said for the Darkness power and Wolverine. The sins of Jackie's grandfather haven't been forgotten, and Jackie's left to pay the price. Frank Tieri (Iron Man, Deadpool, Wolverine)and Tyler Kirkham (V.I.C.E., The Gift) bring you an edge-of-your-seat story and Stjepan Sejic tops it off with his mouth-watering colors. You do NOT want to miss this book!
written by GARY REED art & cover by DALIBOR TALAJIC The teens, still reeling from the death of their friends, suddenly find themselves not so alone anymore as a sanctuary of hundreds of other survivors is found. But is there strength in numbers and who is the 'hanged man?'
by Takeshi Obata After a high-speed chase, Light and the taskforce apprehend the newest Kira who was using the power of the Death Note to advance his career. Light regains his Death Note and his memories, and the depths of his cunning are revealed. His masterful manipulation of both humans and Shinigami lead him to the strongest position he's yet enjoyed. But the glow of his victory is marred when a new threat appears. Rating: T+
DMZ #10
Written by Brian Wood Art by Riccardo Burchielli Cover by Wood In the mind-bending conclusion of the 5-part 'Body of a Journalist' story arc, Matty finds himself in a very different place than when and where he began, and the very nature of his status in the DMZ could be changed forever.

by Darrow, Skroce, & The Wachowski Brothers Doc, Texas, and Monica storm the Church's stronghold in order to rescue the Faerie Princess.
by Keith Baker and Chris Lie Eberron is a sprawling fantasy realm fueled by magic-powered technology - a world DDP brings to comics for the first time, in an all-new tale written by Eberron's creator, Keith Baker! What becomes of a patriot who fails her country? That is the curse of the young hero Greykell. But a conflict still rages - a secret struggle upon which her world's fate hinges.
story by RICHARD STARKING art by FLINT HENRY & MORITAT covers by LADRÖNN & IAN CHURCHILL August 23 • 32 pg • FC • $2.99 'BEHEMOTH AND LEVIATHAN' (by Starkings & Flint; cover by Ladrönn) Henry (Judge Dredd/Aliens) Flint delivers eight pages of all-out action as Hip Flask takes on the Croc Elijah Delaney above and below the waters of the Los Angeles canal! 'SHOCK CROC' (by Starkings & Moritat; flip cover by Ian Churchill) Mouth Almighty Herman Strumm and his delectable sidekick, Rabbi, entertain satellite radio listeners when Elijah Delaney stops by Dogstar Radio to deliver an exclusive interview!
by Steve Emond When Emo Boy hits rock bottom, his tears take on a life of their own, acting as symbiotes and attaching themselves to unsuspecting hosts. Maxine finds herself fighting for her happiness like never before when a mass 'emoing' forms, determined to bring her down into the dredges with everyone else!
Written by NEIL GAIMAN Penciled by JOHN ROMITA, JR. Cover by RICK BERRY Variant cover by JOHN ROMITA, JR. People are trying to kill Ike Harris. He remembers things he shouldn't and for that he must die. Join New York Times bestseller NEIL GAIMAN (MARVEL: 1602, Sandman, Anansi Boys) and comic-god JOHN ROMITA, JR (WOLVERINE, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) to uncover the mystery of Ike Harris and the mystery of creation itself! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99
Written by TONY BEDARD Pencils & Cover by PAUL PELLETIER 'THE NEW EXILES' Part 1 (of 2)! Snikt, to the sixth power! With the Exiles fired, it's time for a new group of dimension jumping heroes. Wolverine has always been known as the best there is at what he does, so six Wolverines must be really really REALLY good at what they do! Can the Exiles get their jobs back from these scene-stealing Canucks? Don't bet on it! 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99
Gliding through the streets of the fate-filled city of Bete Noire, the Fallen Angel has been a force both for good and evil. But her origins have remained as mystery - cloaked as the Angel herself... until now. See the truth of her background unfold for the first time as the most formidable opponent she's ever faced tracks her down with an offer that she may not be able to refuse... even though, in accepting it, the life she knows may well be over. This special trade paperback collects IDW's first Fallen Angel mini-series, co-created and written by fan-favorite writer Peter David.
Written by ROBERTO AGUIRRE-SACASA Penciled by VALENTINE DE LANDRO & MIZUKI SAKAKIBARA Cover by GARY FRANK There is an order to everything. A balance to the world and the nether-realms beneath the world. And now that balance is being tipped, as dark forces gather like a storm. The occult mutants known as Salem's Seven are once more banding together. But this time, it's to bring their father, the nefarious Nicholas Scratch, back to life. If they should somehow succeed...pray for the Fantastic Four's souls! Plus: An employee from Fantastic Enterprises comes to Sue for help, claiming that her son is being abused; meanwhile, Reed is asked to keep a promise he made to a dying man months ago. And finally, Fantastic Enterprises is ready to go public, and to mark the occasion the FF agrees to an outrageous publicity stunt: Drafting an honorary fifth member to join their team. Ten young super-heroes 'compete' for the spot, but only nine of them have honorable intentions. Unlucky Number Ten will stop at nothing to win - and to get his or her hands on the secrets of the Fantastic Four! Collects FOUR #25-30. 144 PGS./Rated T+ ...$14.99 ISBN: 0-7851-1959-0
written by RICK REMENDER art by JEROME OPENA cover by TONY MOORE July 26 • 32 pg • FC • $2.99 For the first time in eight years, Heath returns to Earth in a futile attempt to save his home planet from the scourge of an alien infestation. Once there, though, he finds little left to greet him.
written by WARREN ELLIS art & cover by BEN TEMPLESMITH There's a tiny street in Snowtown that is unique: No-one's sprayed the Snowtown tag there. The city doesn't want to claim it. That in itself makes it an object of curiosity for Detective Richard Fell, recently transferred into the mysterious district. The big man and the sick child he adores, living at the end of the street, seem normal enough. But Fell knows that everyone is hiding something...
Written by Danny Bilson & Paul DeMeo Art by Karl Kerschl Cover by Ken Lashley Who's giving the Flash a run for his money as the new hero of Keystone? Illustrated by guest artist Karl Kerschl!
by R.A. Salvatore, Andrew Dabb, Val Semeiks Adapting the fourth novel in R.A. Salvatore's acclaimed 'Legend of Drizzt' series! At long last, Drizzt Do'urden has found a home - in the secluded Icewind Dale. But his hard-fought peace is threatened by the awakening of the fabled Crystal Shard - an occult device of unimaginable destructive power…
by Casey, Caselli, Blake, Barranco Snake-Eyes. Storm Shadow. Scarlett. The ties between these warriors are legendary, and span the history of G.I. Joe. When the unthinkable happens, can their bonds within G.I. Joe withstand the ultimate challenge that faces them all? Plus: Duke has gone AWOL, to pursue a secret mission that he's not telling even the other G.I. Joe agents about… what does he find in the wilds of the Amazon? Its globe-spanning action and intrigue as only G.I. Joe can provide!
by Hama, Quinn, and DeLandro The untold history continues! As Stalker, Rock 'N Roll and company face severe danger in Sierra Gordo, the rest of the fledgling team continues to gather evidence and intelligence on a growing threat from within America! Can Cobra be far behind? More all-new tales from the very beginnings of America's Real Heroes!
by Francesca Ghermandi Jobless and desperate, George Henderson falls deeper into a swirl of paranoia as Francesca Ghermandi's hallucinatory six-issue series reaches the halfway mark. Might the ticket he picked up in issue #2 provide a clue? It leads him to a mysterious bar. And then Louise, the woman he fled, shows up, first on a 'Missing Lovers' reality show and then in the all-too-real flesh!
Written by Walter Simonson Art and cover by Howard Chaykin Hawkgirl is torn by the sudden, mysterious return of Hawkman - but facing off against the deadly and progressively more powerful Maww may just be enough to keep her from finding out their deadly connection!
Written by Mike Carey Art by Leonardo Manco, Chris Brunner, Marcelo Frusin and Steve Dillon Cover by Tim Bradstreet Collecting HELLBLAZER #194-200, STATIONS OF THE CROSS finds John Constantine in the aftermath of the near-apocalypse he unwittingly caused, alone and with no memory of his identity or history. But the Hellblazer still has his usual luck, and soon enough he's being hunted by man and demon alike -- and about to make the worst mistake of his long, blood-soaked life.
Written by JUSTIN GRAY & JIMMY PALMIOTTI Pencils & Cover by BILLY TUCCI CIVIL WAR Tie-in! As CIVIL WAR rages through the Marvel Universe, an unlikely group of heroes have gathered together to hunt down and capture criminals who refuse to sign the Registration Act. In response to the overwhelming number of masked fugitives on the loose, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing use their bail bonds skills, underworld connections and government funding to lead an all-new Heroes for Hire into battle. Action, adventure, crime, beautiful women and Kung Fu chaos come together in this explosive new series from writers Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Billy Tucci! Featuring BLACK CAT, SHANG CHI-THE MASTER OF KUNG FU, PALADIN, MISTY KNIGHT, COLLEEN WING and THE ALL-NEW TARANTULA. 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99
Written by Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges Art by Tony Akins & Andrey Pepoy Cover by James Jean So Jack's gone and got himself kidnapped, bloodied, broken, and spirited away to a mysterious prison camp called the Golden Boughs Retirement Village. For any other Fable this would spell a mess of trouble, but for Jack it's no more than a…okay, it's also a mess of trouble for him, but he'll stay undaunted when he meets the enigmatic author of his current dilemma: the mysterious Mr. Revise!
Written by Steve Englehart Art by Tom Derenick & Mark Farmer Cover by Mike Zeck & Jerry Ordway Shipping twice in August, Parts 2 and 3 of the 3-part 'Double Trouble!' In issue #15, Star Girl, Vixen and Gypsy attempt to raise the stakes, but they find themselves at the mangling paws of a Wildcat gone mad! Can these three fare any better than the rest of the JSA, or will Amos Fortune and the Gambler succeed in cashing in the young heroines' chips? And in issue #16, the stakes are raised for one final battle for the villains' fun and profit. Will Stargirl and Wildcat, teamed with Vixen and Gypsy, be enough to turn the tables so the JSA can go home winners? Place your bets, folks!
Written by Brad Meltzer Art by Ed Benes & Sandra Hope Two standard covers by Ed Benes Variant cover by Michael Turner It begins here - a bold new era for the World's Greatest Heroes by New York Times best-selling author Brad Meltzer and superstar artist Ed Benes! It's Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman…and the true roster of members who will become the new Justice League of America. Join us as we head into 'The Tornado's Path.' Retailers please note: this issue will ship with two covers by Ed Benes, one featuring Green Lantern and Green Arrow (left half of art above) and one featuring Superman and Batman (right half of art above). For a signed edition, see the Dynamic Forces section of Previews. A variant cover by Michael Turner is also available - see order form for details.
written by GERRY DUGGAN & BRIAN POSEHN art by RICK REMENDER & HILARY BARTA cover by RICK REMENDER June 19 • 32 pg • FC • $2.99 'SEASON'S BEATINGS' Santa screws things up with the Kid and gets beaten up by a bear. And a surprising name goes on the naughty list...
Four years after former FoxHound hero Solid Snake saved the day on Shadow Moses Island, a new terrorist organization known as 'Dead Cell' has hijacked the environmental cleanup facility known as the Big Shell and taken the President of the United States hostage. In response to their threat, FoxHound agent Raiden must join forces with a mysterious Navy Seal known as Pliskin to rescue the President and neutralize Dead Cell, whose leader is said to be none other than Solid Snake himself! Collecting issues 1-6 of Sons of Liberty, and featuring a new cover from artist Ashley Wood!
by Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Les McClaine 'Explosive' doesn't begin to cover this collection of The Middleman! Not only does it include the entire rip-snortin' adventure that is Volume Two, but also three all-new 'Legends of the Middleman' bonus stories - thrilling tales of the Middlemen of yore guest-illustrated by three of comics' hottest artists! Adventure! Excitement! Masked Wrestlers! It's all in here!
by Masashi Kishimoto Now training for the finals of the third phase of the Chûnin Selection Exams, Naruto may have met his mischief-making match when he comes under the tutelage of naughty new mentor Jiraiya! Naruto begins to learn how to harness the fearsome power of the Nine-Tailed Fox chakra that lies within him. Meanwhile, secret alliances are exposed, revealing that other ninja villages are plotting against Konohagakure… Rating: T
Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Pencils & Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL CIVIL WAR Tie-In! The team behind last year's mega blockbuster HOUSE OF M reunites for a startling important chapter in the CIVIL WAR, the history of the New Avengers and the life of this year's break-out star Spider-Woman. Straddling the world's of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra as a double agent for Nick Fury isn't going to fly in the middle of a war, and Jessica is going to find this out the hard way. It's the end of the road for Jessica Drew, and where she ends up will shock you. An important lead-in book for the upcoming SPIDER-WOMAN ongoing debuting after CIVIL WAR! 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99
by Serena Valentino & Crab Scrambly Victoria and Rebecca struggle to survive in this continuing story about an older woman and her young niece who move into a house that is haunted by the vengeful victims of horrific crimes that were inflicted by the house¹s previous owner, Madame Lalaurie.
by Palmiotti, Moder, Conrad, Conner (w/ Palmiotti), & Quesada New York City is starting to feel the pain as the entire police force and the criminal underground are on the hunt for Jane. Meanwhile, the Fitzgerald family is starting to fall apart at the seams and the 'Big Apple' is starting to turn rotten as we learn that the corruption goes deeper than anyone would have imagined. As if that wasn't bad enough, Jane is forced to deal with personal issues in her life and everyone around her pays for it.
story by PETER BERGTING art & cover by PETER BERGTING August 2 • 32 pg • FC • $2.99 'NEZABUDKA'-For one hero to rise, another must fall. Lin and Milo has to accept their fates as the final chapter comes to its tragic end.
by Takeshi Konomi At the Kanto Tournament, Hyotei Academy's Gakuto and Yushi's brilliant play drives Seishun's Momo and Eiji to assume the Australian formation, a technique they masterfully pulled off in a previous match. Meanwhile, the Seishun team of Kaoru and Sadaharu walk a landmine filled with 'scud serves' and accurate, aggressive doubles play. But just when things look bleak, Sadaharu unleashes his well-planned counterattack… Rating: A
Written by Alan Moore Art by J.H. Williams III & Mick Gray Cover by Williams & Jose Villarrubia A softcover edition of the final PROMETHEA collection features issues #26-32, plus a poster insert showing issue #32 in all its glory! This is the story of the end of the world, with guest stars from around the America's Best globe! Retailers: Please consult the order form for a special order incentive offer on this title.
by Michael Avon Oeming & Mel Rubi After the incredible final page of Red Sonja #12, the She-Devil with a Sword hurtles towards her confrontation with the ultimate evil of the Hyborean Age as our most exciting story arc continues! Writer Michael Avon Oeming and artist Mel Rubi are joined by a special guest artist (supplying a special glimpse into Sonja's past) and cover artists Frank (Shanna/New Avengers) Cho, Mel Rubi and Ed Benes! Look for a new Red Sonja mini-series event this month as Dynamite debuts The Queen of the Frozen Wastes!
by James Turner Rex must work his way past sophisticated security systems, battle a giant indestructible robot, defeat dozens of bulletproof crystalline guards, and climb up steep surfaces in order to finally meet with Space Warlord Vaglox - and have a cup of tea. Only then can he obtain the object of his quest: the overdue Principia Mathematica. It all sounds ridiculously easy. Except Vaglox hasn't got any fresh cream, and might not play fair.
by Gotham Chopra & Jeevan Kang A maelstrom of violence results in the worst tragedy of all and opens a wound that not even eternity can heal. James Jensen takes the first step from being a simple soldier to becoming a true warrior.
Written by PAUL JENKINS Penciled by JOHN ROMITA JR. Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR. FROM THE PAGES OF NEW AVENGERS-THE GOLDEN GUARDIAN OF GOOD IS BACK! He's the most powerful super hero in the Marvel Universe, a forgotten legend from a time gone by, reawakened and reborn in the world of today. So why is the Sentry his own worst enemy? Featuring the New Avengers, the Hords of Attuma, Terrax the Tamer and more! Collects SENTRY #1-8 184 PGS./Rated T+ ...$21.99 ISBN: 0-7851-1707-5
written by JIM VALENTINO art & cover by JIM VALENTINO & CHANCE WOLF July • 24 pg • FC • $1.99 'GREAT RESPONSIBILITY' Originally published in the sold-out IMAGE COMICS hardcover, this stand-alone story reunites JIM VALENTINO with CHANCE WOLF on his seminal character! Eddie Collins and his father, James, must come to an understanding about what being ShadowHawk means for both of them. A very special issue at a very special price - a must-have item for the collector or the curious!
by Turner, Krul, To, and Moran In a time long past, when the world was still young and primitive, magic thrived in this untamed land. However, a deadly new threat has emerged from the shadows looking to claim the planet's raw magical power, and they won't let anyone or anything stand in their way! It's a brand new Soulfire tale unlike any other you've ever experienced, as only Aspen could deliver!
SPAWN #159
written by DAVID HINE art by PHILIP TAN & DANNY MIKI cover by PHILIP TAN & TODD McFARLANE Wanda's family is torn apart as Spawn bares his heart to Cyan... Literally! And Granny Blake gains her reward for living a virtuous life in the service of God. She is among the pure souls chosen for the Rapture. The one thing she didn't expect was to find that Heaven has become a War Zone and she's on the front line.
Written by J.M. DEMATTEIS Penciled by MIKE ZECK Cover by MIKE ZECK Writer J.M. DeMatteis and artist Mike Zeck craft the ultimate tale of revenge in this groundbreaking and legendary collection! Kraven the Hunter has stalked and killed every animal known to man. But there is one beast that has eluded him. One quarry that has mocked him at every turn: the wall-crawling web-slinger known as Spider-Man. And to prove that he is the hero's master, he will pull on his costume and become him...after he shoots and buries him six feet under! Collects WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #32-33, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #393-394 and SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #131-132. 160 PGS./Rated T+ ...$19.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2330-X Trim size: standard
Written by SEAN MCKEEVER Pencils & Cover by TAKESHI MIYAZAWA It's time for Mary Jane to take her relationship with a certain someone to the next level, and she knows it. Unfortunately, being the lead in the school play leaves little time for a social life! And is MJ's mind playing tricks on her, or is Liz getting back together with Flash? 32 PGS./All Ages ...$2.99
Four more thrilling tales of planets in peril and Jedi in jeopardy! The Clone Wars grind through the galaxy, shaking every system to its core and testing loyalties on both sides of the conflict. The last days of the Jedi are at hand, but if their Order is to fall, they're going down swinging! Presenting another round of lightning-paced, action-packed, all-ages Star Wars goodness, all told in the same stripped-down stylization as Cartoon Network's micro-series. • The Clone Wars Adventures series are a top seller, and very kid-friendly, perfect for younger readers. • The stories contained in this book are based on the popular Cartoon Network micro-series, and showcase the same visual sensibilities and exciting, stripped-down style. • Currently there are over 100,000 copies of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures in print! Star Wars © 2006 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Clone Wars Adventures and Knights of the Old Republic are © 2006 Lucasfilm Ltd.
After having his drug deal disrupted by Super Bad James Dynomite, Kane seeks revenge on his arch-enemy by setting him up. Will Dynomite take the fall? Go to jail? Can this pretty soul brotha survive in the cruel prison system? Stay tuned!
Written by Joe Kelly Art and cover by Ian Churchill & Norm Rapmund Don't miss a turning point in Kara's life as some of the missing time from One Year Later is revealed! When Kara returned from space, she found Paradise Island gone, Superboy dead and Superman powerless. Feeling very much alone, she found romance with someone that no hero will condone. Who is Supergirl's boyfriend?
Written by Mark Waid & Tony Bedard Art by Barry Kitson, Adam DeKraker & Mick Gray Cover by Kitson The Legion struggles against the mighty giants of Colossal Boy's hometown! And with Brainiac's resurrection plan in action, can the Legion trust him to play god?
Brian Wood (w), Kristian Donaldson (a & c) Pella accepts reality and turns herself into the twin authority of her pursuers, the Yakuza and Porno Swede crime families, but not without a contingency plan, a way out of it all, one that will forever change the very nature of the big city, 'The Supermarket' and keep her new friends safe. Not too shabby for a 16-year-old convenience store clerkette from the suburbs. Wood (DMZ) and Donaldson (Doomed) conclude their tale in an explosive way!
Written by Joshua Dysart Art by Enrique Breccia Cover by Eric Powell Abby, Tefé and Swamp Thing are finally reunited, but with an escaped King Toad, a wild Woodrue and the town of Houma in flames, the series conclusion may prove more traumatic than tender for the Holland family.
by Murphy & Diego Jourdan In Issue 26, The Value of Gold, Donatello enlists the aid of Raphael and Casey Jones to investigate an unusual New York City sweatshop… one that uses underpaid workers to create 'Internet gold'. Based on a true story! Bonus back-up short story by Murphy and Jim Lawson, and a frontispiece by George Flint.
Written by J. Torres Art by Todd Nauck, Sean Galloway, Khary Randolph, Mike Norton and Lary Stucker Cover by Sean Galloway It's all-out action in this collection featuring TEEN TITANS GO#21-25! The Titans must stop Beast Boy - who's been turned into the terrifying vegetarian monster Garsaurus Rex! Robin is tempted to the dark side by Slade! The Titans crash a comic convention to discover the secret of Red X! And more!
Written by DAN SLOTT Penciled by ANDREA DIVITO Cover by ANDREA DIVITO Join Ben Grimm and his pals as they clobber their way through the Marvel U! And, spinning out of events from FANTASTIC FOUR, the idol of millions is now worth billions! So will big bucks make a Rockefeller out of this Rocky fella? Will Ben trade in Yancy St. for Park Ave? Tune in and see, True Believer! Special appearances by Goliath (Bill Foster), Warbird, Wonder Man and Peter Parker. Collects THING #1-8.
by Brian Kirsten & Ray Dillon The collected edition of the hit mini-series Touch of Death! Keli's routine trip to the supermarket turns deadly as an unexplainable accident permanently ends a mugger's simple plan of destruction. Shaken and weary, she returns home with her new husband Michael. The next morning, Michael awakens to discover his new bride has vanished without a trace during the night. The pursuit begins with a cryptic message scrawled on their bathroom mirror. To find Keli, he must discover what secrets she holds inside. Included in the collection is 'Epiphany.'
IDW continues their look back at some of the most beloved Transformers comics from years past. This special monthly series continues to present classic hard-to-find stories from the past two decades of Transformers comics. Once again, this issue features brand-new cover art from Ashley Wood (Metal Gear Solid) and Nick Roche, both of which present recreations of the original cover art. This issue features the conclusion to 'The Return to Cybertron' mini-arc with 'The Bridge to Nowhere!' originally presented in Marvel Comics' The Transformers #18! *Covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio. *Retailers: See your order form for special incentives


Written by Bruce Jones Art and cover by Bart Sears Brovis forms an uneasy alliance with Travis Morgan's friends - uneasy for them, that is!
by Winsor McCay With an unflagging work ethic, he drew thousands of cartoons and illustrations that appeared in newspapers around the country and gained him nationwide fame. But as popular as McCay was, his work was poorly preserved, and later generations have been unable learn about this cartooning legend. Checker brings McCay's work back into the public eye!
Written by DANIEL WAY Penciled by STEVE DILLON Cover by JOE QUESADA 'BORN IN BLOOD' It's Logan vs. Captain America vs. the X-Men in a super-charged standoff that will end with a revelation that will utterly and completely blow both Logan's and readers' minds. Do NOT miss out on this issue! Part 5 (of 5). 32 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$2.99
Written by Allan Heinberg Art and cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson The shocks continue as Wonder Girl confronts the all-new Wonder Woman, challenging the position she's assumed in the DCU. But their battle of wills is cut short when the titanic Giganta arrives on the scene, taking New York City hostage and forcing Wonder Woman to make a decision that could end her new career before it's even begun
by Layman, Neves, Garcia, & Isanove 'Pantheon Pandemonium!' continues the God War story! Experience a royal rumble between the Greek and Egyptian Gods, with Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Autolycus caught in the middle! Plus, the return of Callisto! Don't miss out-and don't forget to ask your local retailer about special limited edition incentive covers!
A power struggle ensues as the stress and confinement begin taking their toll. Freedom is guaranteed for the prisoners if they can stand united. However, a dark secret threatens to break them all apart, all while their vital need for food becomes increasingly problematic. Yet, who among them will risk their lives for the good of the group? Who among them will die to save another? Art and all five covers, which connect to form one horrific image, will be provided by George A. Romero's Land of the Dead cover artist Chris Bolton. Ted McKeever again provides a special variant cover. *Retailers: See your order form for a special incentive



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