The Virtual Store

After several months of development more than should have been necessary, MacGuffin has launched the online portion of our store at At the moment it essentially functions as an online mirror of the graphic novel selection available at our brick and mortar storefront and acts as one more way for us to provide access to the widest range of graphic novels possible. Our online storefront will feature rotating specials on both graphic novels and runs of single issue comics and allows local customers to search our inventory before arriving at the shop.

Okay, announcement out of the way, time for a bit of internal monologue. Obviously we can't compete with Amazon on price, but we can try to compete on product. Now, the majority of what we carry is available from Amazon, but there are always times when Amazon is simply out of stock on certain books (a couple volumes of Cerebus and Torso, for example, are out of stock at the moment). Then again, the reverse is also true, as we're currently without Lost Girls while Amazon has it in stock. But then, the point really isn't that we're competing with Amazon any more than our brick and mortar store is competing with the Borders down the street. We're simply getting our name out into the ether in one more venue and if someone would like to get their hands on Kevin Huizenga's Ganges via us, then we're more than happy to oblige. Ultimately our online storefront is really one more form of advertising if nothing else. Or at least that's what one side of my brain says to the other.

All is now well, nothing to see here, move along to

UPDATE: Despite a week of testing, turns out as soon as I announce the opening of our online storefront, it decides to fall apart on me. From what I can tell everything should be working again this evening (Wednesday Nov. 1) or tommorrow morning at the latest. We appreciate your patience and hope that you'll stop back by tomorrow to check it out.


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