Arriving Wednesday 1/24/07

100 BULLETS #80
Written by Brian Azzarello Art by Eduardo Risso Cover by Dave Johnson Dizzy Cordova has been through two lifetimes of pain. And Agent Graves, the man who pulls her strings whether Dizzy knows it or not, has one more for her to endure. So is Dizzy in or out? On sale January 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS
52 WEEK #38
Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid Breakdowns by Keith Giffen Art by various Backup features by Waid and various Covers by J.G. Jones Variant cover on WEEK 35 by J.G. Jones The New Year begins with the deadliest day Metropolis has ever seen - and by the end of the month a villain will stand revealed, a hero will fall in the outer reaches of the galaxy…and the reveal of Supernova will deepen his mysteries even further. WEEK 35: Art by Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning, plus The Origin of Black Canary by Waid and Howard Chaykin. WEEK 36: Art by Chris Batista & Jack Jadson, plus The Origin of Green Arrow by Waid and Tim Sale. WEEK 37: Art by Patrick Olliffe & Drew Geraci; plus The Origin of Firestorm by Waid and Jamal Igle. WEEK 38: Art by Shawn Moll & Jadson; plus The Origin of Red Tornado by Waid and Phil Jimenez. WEEK 39: Art by Joe Bennett & Ruy Jose; plus, The Origin of Mr. Terrific by Waid and Dave Johnson. Retailers: 52 WEEK 35 will feature two covers that may be ordered separately. Both covers are by J.G. Jones; one copy of the Variant Edition may be ordered for every 10 copies of the Standard Edition ordered. Please see the Previews Order Form for further details. 52: A year without Superman; a year without Batman; a year without Wonder Woman…but not a year without heroes. Week 35 on sale January 3 • Week 36 on sale January 10 • Week 37 on sale January 17 Week 38 on sale January 24 • Week 39 on sale January 31 • 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US
Written by JEFF CHRISTIANSEN, STUART VANDAL, RONALD BYRD, SEAN MCQUAID, MARK O'ENGLISH, MIKE FICHERA, ANTHONY FLAMINI, ERIC J. MOREELS, MICHAEL HOSKIN, CHRIS BIGGS, MADISON CARTER, RICH GREEN & AL SJOERDSMA Cover by TOM RANEY What's the origin of M-11 the Human Robot? Who are the members of the Circus of Crime? What are the powers of Spider-Man 2099? Who are Digitek and Garko the Man-Frog? Who was Cage's first costumed foe? Find the answers to all these questions and many more here, as the Official Handbook continues to visit not just the Marvel Universe proper, but all related universes beyond! This one has something for everyone! New characters getting their first Handbook coverage? Freedom Ring, Death's Head 3.0, Nextwave and more - CHECK! Older characters not covered in 2000s Handbooks? Arcade, Circus of Crime, Graviton, Ikaris, Impossible Man, In-Betweener, Tiger Shark and more - CHECK! Older characters that never had a Handbook entry before? Bug-Eyed Voice, Human Robot, Thundersword and more - CHECK! Major characters getting massive expansions and updates to reflect their new status? Norman Osborn, Quasar, Storm and more - CHECK! Entries for major events, technology, pantheons and alien races - and for characters from different countries, deepest space, other realities, dimensions, and past and future eras - covering more of Marvel's universes than ever before? Contest of Champions, Digitek, Badoon, MC2's Fantastic Five, New Universe's Mark Hazzard, Japanese Gods, the M'kraan Crystal, Spider-Man 2099 and more - CHECK! These updates will ship quarterly in 2007! 64 PGS./NO ADS/Rated T+ ...$3.99
Thick-headed Ethan has no idea that his roommate, Vincent, is the megalomaniacal Underlord. Self-absorbed Vincent has no clue that Ethan is the stellar-powered Star Fighter. As hero and villain, they're mortal enemies, but as roommates, they REALLY hate each other. Join comicdom's ultimate odd couple as they fight to keep their secrets secret and learn to live together in peace. PLUS: an origin, a power-up, a team-up, a break-up, a breakdown, a betrayal, a helpful fashion tip, sex, violence, vandalism, death, some jokes, young love, a whole lot of lies, and epiphanies all around. (Though not in that order.) • Collecting the four-issue mini-series that calls 'a deviously twisted tale . . . with more layers than a wedding cake.' • Written by rising star Drew Melbourne, with pencils by Yvel Guichet (Superman, JLA) and inks by comics veteran Joe Rubinstein. Text and illustrations of ArchEnemies™ © 2006 Drew Melbourne.
Written by TOM DEFALCO Penciled by RON LIM Cover by MIKE WIERINGO As the Earth is slowly mutated into New Asgard, Thunderstrike returns and the Avengers face the terrible vengeance of Sylene, the daughter of Loki, who is determined to make up for the mistake her father made when he accidentally caused the origin of the original Avengers. 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99
BETTY #162
by Various 'Tear Jerker': Deeply affected by a sad video she watched, Betty can't help but be reminded of it, especially every time Archie says something to her! 'Really Special': In this poignant tale, a pair of glamorous gloves from Betty's grandmother makes Mr. Cooper realize what a special young lady his daughter has grown to be. 'Hot & Cold': Betty gives the first big chill an icy reception!
A desperate young man breaks into a house and finds its owner awake inside; a school teacher returns from a tropical vacation carrying a disturbing secret; a girl's playground bullying triggers a horrifying event-three separate stories inextricably linked by forces beyond the awareness of their participants. The winner of Dark Horse's 2005 New Recruits contest, Blessed Thistle heralds the debut of an unsettling new voice in graphic fiction, Steve Morris. Relentless in its questioning, unflinching in its answers, this thinking-man's thriller delves into the heart of suburbia and reveals it to be very dark indeed. Scary and surprising, unexpected and unpretentious, this original graphic novel sheds a terrifying light on a few ordinary people and the simple decisions that change their lives forever. Text and illustrations of Blessed Thistle™ © 2006 Steve Morris.
Written by Greg Rucka Art and cover by Jesus Saiz 'Pawn 502' concludes! All spy agencies have special forces. Only Checkmate has Shadowpact - but even magic may not stop a survivor of Luthor's Everyman Project from blowing this op sky-high! On sale January 17 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by PAUL JENKINS Penciled by TOM RANEY As the Civil War rages, two of the universe's greatest heroes are confronted with pasts they can't leave behind in two heart-rendering tales. On Earth, the Sentry confronts his inner demons as the shadows of past and future battles tear him apart. Within The Negative Zone, the walls of 42, are pulled back to reveal the return of one of the Marveldom's greatest heroes…now face-to-face with a Universe they no longer recognize. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
Palomo Grove is overrun with Hollywood stars, all in town for the funeral of comedian Buddy Vance. But the celebration of the man's life turns into something altogether different as the amassed armies of dark and light threaten to tear all reality asunder. The final march to the battle for Quiddity, and our very existence, begins here! *Retailers: See your order form for a special incentive
by Ben Jones & Frank Santoro This issue: Girl ninja Castle must deal with her deepening mystery while questioning her own grip on her sanity. This is a perfect jumping-on point for anyone that missed the critically acclaimed first issue!
Written by Chuck Dixon Art and cover by Derec Donovan The explosive miniseries continues! The world's greatest archers are being murdered one by one. Can Connor find the killer or will he be the next to die? On sale January 24 • 3 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Harvey Award-Winning *Best Writer* Ed Brubaker (Daredevil, Cap, Uncanny X-Men) and best-selling *Marvel Zombies* artist Sean Phillips' *CRIMINAL*is the hottest creator-owned debut of the year, and the fourth part of their acclaimed first arc, 'Coward' shows you exactly why critics are already hailing it as the best new comic of the year! Leo's attempt to make a deal goes badly, and the men on his and Greta's trail have made their move, leaving a path of death and destruction in their wake... And bringing Leo face to face with the violence that lurks deep inside his darkest places. What happens next will shock even him! Bonus -- CRIMINAL promises more content than the average comic, with each issue packed from cover to cover with content, featuring a full length continuing story, as well as back-up stories and articles and DVD-style behind the scenes extras. 32 pages/no ads/Mature Content…$2.99
A hospital bed might seem like a nice, safe place for an injured man to be, but not if he's Cal McDonald. As if it weren't bad enough that Cal was hospitalized after being on the receiving end of an extreme case of police brutality-now he's enduring an even more surreal horror, one known commonly to drug addicts as 'withdrawal.' Cal's body may be healing but the nightmare visions the withdrawal brings threaten to tear what remains of his sanity to shreds. And when Cal finally does make it to the other side of this ordeal, he wakes up only to discover that the world's deepest, oldest evil-the vampire Nosferatu -came calling and took Cal's ex Sabrina with him!
Written by Mike Carey Art by Jim Fern & Mark Pennington Cover by J.H. Williams III Aratsu, the deadly kami of knives, returns for the third and last time to collect on the debt the Hara twins owe. But while Kai and Toshi are prepared to battle him to the death, the price they'll pay will be more terrible than they ever dreamed. On sale January 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS
by Cullen & Brian Hurtt Eddie has killed a few people in his day. He's died plenty of times, too. But how many more knuckle-headed demons have to go down for him to figure out who's behind all this? The walls are closing in on Eddie as he tries to avoid yet another untimely demise.
Written by Bruce Jones Art and cover by John Watkiss Part 1 of the 2-part 'Homecoming.' Brandon Cayce's troubles didn't begin when he died in that downtown plane crash. The secrets of his life before death unfold as Brandon and Scott cope with the fact that their own father may have been part of conspiracy to breach the borders between dimensions. On sale January 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS
by Rod Espinosa & Lee Duhig 'The Battle for Earth!' 100 million years ago, the dinosaurs evolved intelligence and escaped into space to avoid the Ice Age. Now they've returned, and they're bent on the extinction of Man! Astronaut Hank Armstrong struggles to save a convoy from biomechanical Jurassic weapons. On the other side of the world, Debra McDonald, a waitress with a dead-end job, encounters a different species of dinosaur. Will these newcomers make a difference? And if so, can they do it in the few hours left before Humanity is wiped out?
DMZ #15
Written by Brian Wood Art by Riccardo Burchielli Cover by Wood 'Public Works,' Part 3 of 5. Matty risks his undercover status by foiling a terrorist cell's suicide bombing operation, thus turning away the mysterious girl who'd been helping him. Meanwhile, he uncovers who the terrorist's main backers are, and once again realizes that things are never what they seem in the DMZ. On sale January 17 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS
Written by BRIAN K. VAUGHAN Pencils and Cover by MARCOS MARTIN Outside the hidden hospice of the vigilante caretaker known as Night Nurse, Doctor Strange takes on a terrifying new villain in the strangest battle of the Sorcerer Supreme's career! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99
by Andy Mangels & Fabio Laguna Welcome to the time of fearsome dragons, brave knights, and beautiful damsels! Dragon's Lair #2 is the second installment of this four-issue series and features a hair-raising showdown between Dirk the Daring and The Mud Men!
'BLEED WITH ME' Chinatsu's all-consuming quest for vengeance against the vampire lord who murdered her family has lasted hundred of years... and you don't live that long without making a few enemies of your own. Now in New York, Chinatsu finds her own past, and mistakes, have finally caught up with her as Freya, a powerful vampire with a long-standing grudge has coming looking for payback.
by Taylor McKimens The Drips opens up an exuberantly colored world of trailer parks, deserts, and long, lonely roads, part film noir, part-Western. McKimens' hallucinatory visions are rooted inremarkably detailed drawings rivaling those of Basil Wolverton. McKimens is a contributor to the New York Times and his artwork has been exhibited internationally, including in New York's Museum of Modern Art.
The final issue of this anthology miniseries goes out with a bang as comics and Hollywood stars alike unite for one last romp through the world of Eric Powell's The Goon. The issue begins with the return of Powell's pal, co-creator of the Comedy Central hit show Reno: 911! Thomas Lennon to the comics scene, teamed up with B.P.R.D. artist-extraordinaire Guy Davis! Further stories come from Arvid Nelson, creator of Dark Horse's newest horror title Rex Mundi, along side Humberto Ramos, hot off the heels of his debut on Marvel's Wolverine and co-creator of the Dark Horse miniseries Revelations; as well as a very special appearance by British indie artist Roger Langridge, creator of the critically acclaimed Fred the Clown! And as a special bonus, Dark Horse's own intrepid editor Scott Allie also brings to life his own little corner of The Goon universe with the help of Jefferson Street Studio-mate Todd Herman, as they examine the life of one of the book's most underrated heroes, Willy Nagel. The Goon™ © 2006 Eric Powell.
Written by NEIL GAIMAN Penciled by JOHN ROMITA JR. Cover by RICK BERRY Variant cover by JOHN ROMITA JR. The double-sized finale of NEIL GAIMAN and JOHN ROMITA JR.'s epic! The Eternals face their mystery enemy at last. This issue will solidify the Eternals' place in the Marvel Universe. Will they register? Guest-starring the Avengers! 48 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99
Written by Bill Willingham Art by Mike Allred Cover by James Jean Part 1 of the 2-part 'Father and Son,' featuring phenomenal art by Mike Allred (Madman). As tensions continue to heat up between Fabletown and the Empire, Bigby reluctantly decides it's finally time to square accounts with his long-estranged father, the North Wind. Bigby may not like him, but since he is the grandfather of his cubs, who seem to adore the old man, a trip home seems to be in order. So Snow and Bigby and all six (seven?) kids make the journey to the North Wind's keep. On sale January 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS
'The Long Seduction of Jude,' Part 1: When a new designer drug threatens to unleash a literal plague upon Bete Noire, Jude considers using vicious tactics upon the drug's source, Asia Minor... tactics that the Fallen Angel must prevent him from using. Written by New York Times Best-selling author Peter David (Spike vs. Dracula) with art by J.K. Woodward. *Retailers: See your order form for a special incentive
by Mike Kalvoda & Lan Medina This is the third issue of a series based on the hit movie series from New Line Cinema. Death continues to stalk spring breaker vacationers in Cancun. An accident at the Mayan ruins and a freak scuba diving tragedy claim the lives of two more of Carly's friends. A visit with a local fortune teller confirms Carly's suspicion that Death does indeed have a design. She is determined to escape Cancun and leave this nightmare behind once and for all. But another horrible accident at the airport claims the lives of several more vacationers and grounds the airplane, keeping Carly and her remaining friends trapped in Mexico.
Written by Danny Bilson & Paul DeMeo Art by Ron Adrian & Art Thibert Cover by Daniel Acuña Smackdown on the Strip! Bart Allen's dark twin Inertia lures the Fastest Man Alive to Vegas, determined to own the Speed Force at any cost. On sale January 17 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
by Boothby & Kazaleh Fry, Leela, and Bender are downsized in order to make an annual delivery of glass cleaner to a bottle city, but they soon find themselves trapped in a world on the brink of devastation, proving the old adage, 'Those who live in glass houses, shouldn't launch nuclear attacks.'
by Garth Ennis & Jacen Burrows Garth Ennis unleashes his next major religious epic in the vein of Preacher, but this-time, he's taking it up a notch! Wormwood is the anti-Christ, no way around it, his dad is Satan and his demonic powers help him fit right into New York. His best friend is Jesus, who is a black, mentally-challenged, man that just isn't performing many miracles these days. The pesky Armageddon is coming right up, and it doesn't look like Pope Jacko is going to be any help in stopping it. Ennis drags the whole world into the gutter with his trademark razor-sharp dialogue, biting wit, and the stunning art of Jacen Burrows, all in full-color. The Chronicles of Wormwood is an on-going series of series that launches right here! This sacrilegious artifact is available in two covers, Regular and Visions of Hell Wraparound, both by series artist Jacen Burrows.
A retelling of the classic Brothers Grimm Story 'The Frog King' offers yet another incredible twist from Zenescope! Alexandra has no problem making promises but she never seems to be able to keep them. It's no big deal because her looks and charm always let her get away with it. But when she promises more than she can deliver to the wrong person she finds out that keeping her word may be a matter of life and death. A trip to the world of Grimm Fairy Tales makes her realizes that promises should never be made in vain.
Written by Denise Mina Art by Leonardo Manco Cover by Lee Bermejo Concluding Denise Mina's 5-Part 'The Red Right Hand.' Despite having gathered all the happy people he can find in one place, will 'The Red Right Hand' have a happy ending? In the world of John Constantine, few things ever turn out for the best, but with a little help from his friends, could Constantine succeed in bathing Glasgow in good vibes? On sale January 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS
Written by Tad Williams Art and cover by Phil Winslade Fantasy writer Tad Williams (THE NEXT, Shadowmarch) and artist Phil Winslade (THE MONOLITH) follow the 'Helmet of Fate' as it travels around the DCU! The Golden Age mage Ibis the Invincible needs to pass on his mystical wand to a worthy successor - but like him, the young man he's picked is destined to have a run-in with Dr. Fate's helmet! The 5-part 'Helmet of Fate' saga continues through February and March, leading into the all-new DR. FATE #1! On sale January 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US Edited by Joey Cavalieri
Written by JUSTIN GRAY AND JIMMY PALMIOTTI Penciled by AL RIO Cover by BILLY TUCCI Humbug is hired by a ten-year-old boy to rescue his robot from super-villains while Misty and the rest of Heroes for Hire investigate a string of robberies that lead to illegal arms shipments coming into the states from a foreign power. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
by Brandon Terrell & Brent Schoonover The final act! Pierce and Bruno have infiltrated the Father's cult, but they find the Father has a new ally. Will they be able to stop the madman and his plans for Tinseltown? Remember, in Hollywood, its not what you know but who you blow away.
by Frank Santoro Romance comics manga-style, combined with the sun bleached Western Aesthetic of classic films. This is sunny, dreamy, hallucinatory comic storytelling. A man is adrift in the desert after an epic car crash. But what really happened, and who is he, really?
Months ago, astronaut Rus Livingston was abandoned on Mars. He has been taken over by a parasitic race of aliens who need a host to link their minds as one. With their minds now linked - they are turning their attention to EARTH. Invincible is the only thing that stands in their way!
WILL VINTON (W), ANDREW WIESE (W), and FABIO LAGUNA (A) Secret agent Jack Hightower was at the height of his career when something BIG happened. Now the world-class uber-operative and infamous ladies man is seeing things from a whole new perspective … a very, very different perspective, to say the least. Tall, daring, and handsome, Jack had it all-a stellar career, beautiful women, and more power and influence than he could shake a supermodel at. But despite it all, Jack longed for one thing that eluded him-the capture of his long-time archnemesis, Dr. Litigious Savant. On the fateful night when Jack's dream of cornering the elusive Savant is realized, things go terribly, dreadfully wrong, and Jack gets cut down to size by one of the doctor's insidious inventions … the size of your average action figure, to be exact. • Will Vinton is the animation pioneer who developed and trademarked the Claymation® process while creating some of the most innovative three-dimensional animation in history. Early in his career, Will won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film for Closed Mondays, a clay animated short. He went on to create, direct, and produce a number of the best-known animated characters in the world including The California Raisins and the Red and Yellow CGI M&Ms. Will also produced the television series The PJ's for The WB as well as Gary and Mike for UPN.
by Woo, Ennis, Kang, & Amano The story of the Seven Brothers rushes towards its conclusion as the Son of Hell makes his play. Rachel's efforts turn the brothers into fighters have proved fruitless, as the assassin Zhen prepares to finish off what's left of them. One last glimmer of hope remains! Features covers by Yoshitako Amano and Jeevan J. Kang.
Written by Jen Van Meter and Peter J. Tomasi Art by Patrick Olliffe, Don Kramer, Ruy Jose, Drew Geraci, and Keith Champagne Cover by Joe Bennett & Ruy Jose Reprints JSA: CLASSIFIED #5-9! The Injustice Society reforms with a crazy new mission: break into the JSA's very own headquarters to steal the key of Prometheus! But a flurry of betrayals and the loss of a teammate might threaten any chance that the Injustice Society has.
by O'Reilly & Stjepan Kade and Ezra have been hunting Fallen Angels for the last 1,000 years, but now The Children of the Black Sun have gone from being the hunters to the hunted. The Beast makes the first move by bringing a Nephilim back from the dead. It is this giant that reveals a past that will leave Ezra and Kade questioning their existence and the painful memories of their deaths so long ago.
by Jim Starlin Dynamite and legendary creator Jim Starlin present the return of the Cosmic Guard in the Kid Kosmos original graphic novel! Kid Kosmos is a direct continuation of the Cosmic Guard mini-series, and features 122 pages of ORIGINAL story and art in Dynamite's first-ever original graphic novel! Starlin is a master of all things time and space, and he excels in this, his most powerful vision yet! As Starlin prepares to return to the 'Cosmic' end of the DC Universe (in the upcoming Mystery in Space series), this Original Graphic Novel is the perfect companion, unleashing a raw and dynamic story from the master, Jim Starlin!
Written by Mike Carey Art by Peter Gross, Zander Cannon, Dean Ormston, Jon J Muth, Ryan Kelly and Aaron Alexovich Cover by Christopher Moeller The saga of Lucifer Morningstar comes to a close in EVENSONG, collecting LUCIFER #70-75. In the aftermath of the universe-shaking battle in Heaven, Lucifer and his cohorts return to pick up their lives and tie up their loose ends. As a special bonus, EVENSONG also includes the Prestige-format one-shot LUCIFER: NIRVANA, gorgeously painted by Jon J Muth.
by Greg Waller & Axel Giménez As Magnitude precariously clings to life after traveling back in time, The Combatant begins his insidious campaign against mankind. Meanwhile, Earth's greatest heroes scramble to make sense of The Combatant's sudden betrayal and begin to formulate a plan to oppose him. Does Magnitude hold the key?
Written by ROBERT KIRKMAN Penciled by PACO MEDINA & ANDY KUHN Cover by PHIL HESTER An all-new hero is introduced into the Marvel Universe, but is the world ready for Freedom Ring? And what does all this have to do with a reality-altering ring crafted from broken shards of the cosmic cube? Featuring Wolverine, Cable, Captain America, Spider-Man and more! Collecting MARVEL TEAM-UP #19-25. 168 PGS./Rated A ...$17.99 ISBN: 0-7851-1990-6 These MARVEL TEAM-UP TRADE PAPERBACKS STILL AVAILABLE! MARVEL TEAM-UP VOL. 1: THE GOLDEN CHILD TRADE…$14.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1595-1) MARVEL TEAM-UP VOL. 2: MASTER OF THE RING…$17.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1596-X) MARVEL TEAM-UP VOL. 3: LEAGUE OF LOSERS…$13.99 (ISBN: 0-7851-1946-9)
Written by CHARLIE HUSTON Pencils and Cover by DAVID FINCH 'Midnight Sun: Part One: The Woodwork' Moon Knight enters Civil War! Three months back on the job, and they're already coming out of the woodwork. The bad guys you expect. The gangsters and the hoods with old axes to grind. They all come with the territory. But the heroes--them you don't expect. Popping up to give you the eyeball and make sure you're toeing the line. Their line. Spider-Man and his wisecracks...Frank Castle, the angel of death himself, telling you he'll be keeping an eye on you...even the fugitive Captain America, with a word to say about crashing aircraft into the sides of buildings in New York City. And now, this other thing. Someone is out there. Someone hitting the old haunts, scenes of the old crimes. Leaving messages. Leaving bodies. Someone who knows you. Someone who crushes steel and pulls off limbs. All to get your attention. Someone out of your league! 32 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$2.99
by David Peterson A Return to Honor; Midnight's army has reached Lockhaven's Gates as the Guardsmice inside try to stave off the invasion. Kenzie and Celanawe convince Saxon not to try attacking the army head on. Will the return of the Black Axe sway the odds back in the Guard's favor, or will Gwendolyn resolve the conflict at her doorstep? The conclusion of the first Mouse Guard mini-series is at hand!
Written by Jim Starlin Art by Shane Davis & Matt 'Batt' Banning and Starlin & Al Milgrom Cover by Davis & Banning Captain Comet unmasks the secrets of his shadowy newfound enemies, only to discover a deeper, more baffling mystery that threatens the gargantuan floating space city that he calls home. Plus, the Weird discovers that not everyone is as he appears - including himself! On sale January 3 • 5 of 8 • 48 pg, FC, $3.99 US
by Steven Walters Meet Nathanial, Samantha, Yessnia, Ashley, and Rob. For these five friends who experience growing up together, the end of adolescence forces them to face problems that sometimes friendship can't help. Through a year, love, death, betrayal, and self-discovery unite these teens, but also may ultimately tear them apart.
Written by J. Torres Cover by Jonboy Meyers Art by Michael Chang Ting Yu Two monks hire Jubei to kill a monster terrorizing a village. But when Jubei arrives at the village, he is met with suspicion and even hostility. What do they have against the wandering ronin? What is this dangerous creature threatening their village? And why would the villagers rather live with the monster than have Jubei in their midst? On sale January 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
by Various A BOOM! Studios anthology! In the tradition of Cthulhu Tales and Zombie Tales! Everyone loves a good ninja now and again, so BOOM! turns its attention to these practitioners of the ancient Asian stealthy arts. From comedy, to drama, to action, this anthology features familiar BOOM! writers such as: John (Transformers: the Movie) Rogers, Johanna (Eureka) Stokes, Andrew (X Isle, Eureka) Cosby, Michael Alan (Second Wave, X Isle) Nelson, with the new addition of CSI screenwriter Henry Alonzo Myers! Featuring art from Ron (Thanos) Lim, Chris (Eberron: Eye of the Wolf) Lie, Chee (Second Wave), and more! Cover by Eisner Award-winning legend Dave Johnson!
story JAY FAERBER art TIM KANE cover KHARY RANDOLPH 32 PAGES FC JANUARY 24 $3.50 Gaia's attempt to jump-start the Nobles' failing public image goes horribly awry as the family of super-heroes find themselves in over their heads as they try to halt the rampage of a powerful monster. This is a great jumping-on point, as the repercussions of this event will be felt for months. Featuring stunning artwork by guest artist TIM KANE!
OCCULT CRIMES TASKFORCE # 3 (of 4) story DAVID ATCHISON & ROSARIO DAWSON art & cover TONY SHASTEEN 32 pg, FC September 20 $2.99 Tensions rise to dangerous levels in Manhattan as the Soul Ripper's horrific murder spree reaches beyond the streets of the Otherground and into the city at large. Sophia's only lead comes from Joan Alastor, a retired detective with a hex on her head and a chip on her shoulder. To find out what Joan knows, a bargain must be struck and what she wants in return may be more than Sophia and the O.C.T. can offer. RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES
Anything you've ever wanted to know about the characters in INVINCIBLE but were afraid to ask. Power levels, hometowns, relatives, origins, shoe sizes... it's all here. Written in the tradition of that other famous handbook and featuring drawings from some of the top talents in comics and animation. A MUST HAVE FOR ANY INVINCIBLE FAN!
What do you get when you mix two down-and-out space-idiots, an angry space-sexpot, a priceless space-idol, and a herd of murderous, revenge-seeking space-zealots? How would we know-we asked you! See Quinn and Krunk try to entertain the trigger-happy 3-Dog and his faithful cohorts with their butt-clenching tale of high adventure. See Quinn finally sort out his relationship with the irresistible Neoki with the simple aid of a breaching bomb. See Krunk tackle the awesome task of figuring out what his mom wants for Mother's Day (what do you get a lady who wears a welding mask to the hair salon?), but figures out how to cure his insomnia-with a brick! Created without a lick of shame by Zach Howard (Shaun of the Dead) and Sean Murphy (Scarecrow: Year One; Off Road), with screenwriter Hans Rodionoff, Outer Orbit is high-velocity, intergalactic action that puts the ass in assinine, featuring more grown men in thongs than a Lance Bass calendar shoot! Text and illustrations of Outer Orbit™ © 2006 Sean Murphy and Zach Howard.
by Various The spotlight is on the wonderful cast of Archie supporting characters in this double digest, featuring new stories, classic tales, puzzles, games, and your chance to 'Find Your Name in Print!'
by Ben Jones & Paper Rad Half art book, half graphic novel, this tome intersperses photographs, drawings prints, and junk by Paper Rad with two graphic novellas (Spaceballz and Alfe) by Ben Jones. Paper Rad's work synthesizes popular material from television, comics, video games, and advertising, and explodes with color, feeling, and good humor. This book, created and designed by the group, will explore the worlds of one of the most vibrant constellations of artists working today.
So it was written, so it shall be. The coming foretold, sealed into the hands of fate by the lips of the prophets from another time. The mystery is revealed and the great plan will now come to its fruition! Its number shall be three. From the far horizons, across the deepest reaches of the ethereal gulf, the thunderous echo of its name shall be heard! PENNY ARCADE! Penny Arcade, the most powerful webcomic in the universe, returns! The third volume of this cultural and supernatural phenomenon, The Warsun Prophecies, brings you every Penny Arcade strip published online in 2002 A.D., encased with the dark secrets of the mad prophets known as Gabe and Tycho. Behold! It has been foretold! • In the first three months the first volume of Penny Arcade sold over 30, 000 copies!
by Rafael Nieves & Vatche Mevlian Continuing the year-long celebration of The Phantom's 70-year Anniversary! The Phantom, en route to his beloved Bangalla to bury the remains of his childhood friend Mente Olalla, the victim of 'zombification' ('Damnation Game', The Phantom #5 & 6), receives an emergency call; a series of murders is taking place in the small village of Tsajaban, presumably the work of man-eating lions! With DEA agents Coughlin and Greaves at his side, The Phantom uncovers a deeper, more dangerous situation than even he could imagine, as he battles ancient gods and modern mercenaries to save the people of his homeland. Written by Eisner nominee Rafael Nieves (Vampire the Masquerade) and illustrated by Vatche Mavlian (Spiderman & Wolverine) in the exciting new wide-vision format (every page is a double-page spread, sandwiched by prose across the top and bottom)!
Written by MATT FRACTION Pencils and Cover by ARIEL OLIVETTI Civil War tie in The Punisher. Captain America. Uneasy allies in even the best of times, now two fugitives fighting a common enemy in CIVIL WAR. Every war is won or lost based on one decisive battle-- this might be the endgame for CIVIL WAR. A clash that's been building for thirty years comes to a ferocious head as The Punisher and Captain America finally collide, and the reverberations will be felt for months to come. Cap made a deal with the devil -- what happens when the devil comes to collect? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
PVP #30
story SCOTT KURTZ art & cover SCOTT KURTZ 24 PAGES BW OCTOBER 18 $2.99 'TIME TUNNEL!' Cole, Brent and Francis are transported back through time and stranded in medieval England. Can their Dungeons and Dragons skills help them stay alive in the 6th century?
RAMAYAN 3392 AD #5
by Dasgupta, Singh, & Chikerur Energized by the enchanted land of Mithila, Rama finds himself drawn towards the strange and beautiful princess, Seeta. The elders say that they are destined to be together and to be married, so flowers are thrown, dulcet tunes reverberate in the valley, and garlands are to be exchanged... until darkness engulfs everything. Finally, He has come to claim the key himself. Ravan.
When first-year high school student Miharu Ogawa gets a call from her parents, telling her to come straight home from school, she prepares herself for the worst. After all, the last time her quirky restaurateur parents told her to come straight home she ended up as a contestant on a kiddy game show! But nothing she could ever have imagined could have prepared her for their 'great news' . . . Miharu is getting married! How's a spirited and independent teenager who has never even kissed a boy supposed to deal with suddenly having a fiancé she's never even met? And how will her feelings change when she finds out that there are other boys out there vying for her affection, and other girls ready and willing to take away the man she's not even sure she's ready for? With her family, friends, (and enemies!) to cope with, will Miharu even have the time to find out if the handsome, devoted Kazuo Fujiwara is really the man she is meant to be with, the man connected to her by the red string of destiny? • Inspired by Japanese shoujo manga and anime, Gina has been writing comics for over seven years. • Red String collects the web-based comic, Red String, (, dealing with all forms of love; parental, romantic, heterosexual, homosexual, platonic, unrequited, heartbreak, dishonest, and any other sort not listed here. Comics are updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Text and illustrations of Red String™ © 2006 Gina Biggs.
ROBIN #158
Written by Adam Beechen Art by Frazer Irving Cover by Patrick Gleason & Keith Champagne Guest-starring Klarion the Witch Boy from SEVEN SOLDIERS! Robin and Klarion must use the skills and magic at their command to save Klarion's cat, Teekl, and all of Gotham City from a creature built entirely of black magic - the rampaging Judgment Beast! On sale January 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
The swashbuckling epic from Ron Marz (Ion) and Luke Ross (Jonah Hex) continues! The samurai Shiro pursues his lost love, Lady Yoshiko, by booking passage on a Mediterranean trader, intending to follow her to the New World. But when Shiro realizes Yoshiko has been captured and taken to the Egyptian coast, he finds himself trapped on a ship that will take him half a world away from her. Even Shiro's sword might not be enough to best an entire crew with cutlasses drawn! Praise for the first Samurai: Heaven and Earth series: 'The magnificence of Samurai: Heaven and Earth results from the combination of a charismatically earnest protagonist, the verisimilitude of the story's early eighteenth century settings, and the sheer grandeur of Luke Ross's artwork.' - ' Samurai features some of the best artwork I have ever seen in a comic.'
by Andrew Cosby, Johanna Stokes, & Rafael Albuquerque Dale and Otis find themselves in too deep with a crew of cannibal bikers. But now that they're tangling with The Head - that's a guy who is a head, and that's no body, just a head - they're in too deep to get out now. Otis just wants a drink. Dale thinks he can make time with The Stripper, but everyone knows all he's gonna get is slapped. More horror-riddled adventure fun in the vein of The Goon from the creator of the Sci-Fi Network series Eureka, Andrew Cosby, and a staff writer on Eureka, Johanna Stokes!
by Ralph Tedesco & Joe Tyler His patience is a virtue; his victims are a message to humanity. John Doe watches as a man so full of greed defends murderers, rapists, and pedophiles just to line his already overflowing pockets. Eli Gould is the epitome of avarice: a self-serving slimeball who values money and power more than the life of his fellow man. But that's about to change. John Doe has plans to teach the world a lesson it won't soon forget.
Written by Bob Haney and Mike Sekowsky Cover by Bob Brown Art by Carmine Infantino, Ross Andru, Neal Adams, and others Collecting The Brave and The Bold #59, #64, #67, #69-71 and #74-87! Re-presented here are Batman's earliest team-ups with Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Atom, Hawkman and more!
Written by DAVID HINE Penciled by ROY ALLAN MARTINEZ Cover by JOHN WATSON SON OF M told how Quicksilver stole the precious Terrigen Mists from the Inhumans and how Black Bolt retaliated by declaring war on humanity. Now that war is about to break loose as Gorgon leads a terrorist attack on New York. Old friends become deadly enemies when the Fantastic Four are forced to defend their city against the Inhumans. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
by Groening In a Prince and the Pop Star-like tale, Bart finds himself living the sweet life when he switches places with his musical doppelganger, Biff Westwood. Then, Bart and Martin find themselves on a disturbing disciplinary camping trip with Principal Skinner and Groundskeeper, a trip that will have them begging for deliverance.
by Flynn, Yardley, & Amash 'I Am': The countdown to issue #175 continues! As Shadow and Dr. Robotnik's personal war intensifies, could it bring an end to life as we know it? When Shadow steals classified information about himself from Dr. Robotnik, he enlists Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to help him crack the code. But is he really ready to learn who he truly is? 'The Enforcers': Without his son's help, Knuckle's father Locke is losing control of Angel Island. Will the help offered by a mysterious new benefactor be accepted by Locke? And if so, will it mean the end of Angel Island?
Written by SEAN MCKEEVER Pencils and Cover by TAKESHI MIYAZAWA Who would you trust with a secret so big that its unveiling would change your life? Should you even try to trust anyone? Maybe your best option is to keep it to yourself--particularly when dealing with someone who often doesn't think before they speak. You know, someone like Gwen Stacy...! 32 PGS./All Ages ...$2.99
Despite his acceptance of the Sith ways, Darth Vader is shocked to find the Empire-and himself-complicit in an evil he thought he had put behind him . . . A Separatist freedom fighter deals with the realization that the sacrifice made by his brothers-in-arms has been for nothing-and that their families are paying the price for their resistance… The crew of a smuggler's ship is forced to take sides in a conflict they have sought to avoid-and which has already changed the course of all their lives… The dawn of the Empire plunges the galaxy into dark times, and every direction leads to danger! • Moving into the new, unexplored territory of the time period immediately following Revenge of the Sith. • References the events in the Del Rey novel Dark Lord. © 2006 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Dark Times are © 2006 Lucasfilm Ltd.
by Terry Moore With only four issues remaining, this series has never been hotter! Will the story of Francine and Katchoo turn out to be a romantic comedy or a tragedy? Will David live or die? What the heck was that flash forward business all about? Moore promises answers to all these questions as SIP approaches its final climax!
Written by Mark Waid Art by Barry Kitson & Mick Gray Cover by Kitson The Dominators' plan to destroy Earth reaches fruition as the Robot Rebellion sweeps the planet! And with key Legionnaires having defected to the 'Adult Legion,' Cosmic Boy knows this is a war the team can't win! On sale January 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
TAG #3
by Keith Giffen & Kody Chamberlain The series conclusion! The clock is ticking as Mitch finds his joints stiffening and the very skin rotting off of his still-functional corpse. Following a trail of clues he's discovered about the ancient pagan curse called 'Tag,' what will he do when he finally discovers the identity of the next person he has to... tag? Will he pass along the death sentence? Or will he let himself die, rather than take another man's life?
by Murphy, Brizuela, and Dwyer 'The White Worm' Michelangelo recounts this solo adventure as he researches the Manhattan haunts of author Herman Melville, only to encounter demonic forces from 19th century New York and a gigantic, otherworldly Leviathan!
Written by J. Torres Art by Todd Nauck & Lary Stucker Cover by Nauck It's Valentine's Day at Titans Tower! But when Robin's number one fan Larry is playing cupid, will the Teen Titans really want to get struck by love's arrows? On sale January 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US
The action erupts onto the world stage, as MEGATRON and his DECEPTICONS stir things up in the disputed (breakaway) Soviet state of Brasnya, initiating an incendiary border conflict. Meanwhile, the AUTOBOTS-aware that one of the DECEPTICONS' (facsimile) bio-constructs is active in the area-move to intercept, setting up a truly explosive confrontation. The Transformers: Infiltration team of Simon Furman and E.J. Su continues the ongoing tale. Artist Klaus Scherwinski once again provides a variant cover for the issue, too. *Covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio. *Retailers: See your order form for special incentives
'DOG DAY AFTERNOONS' After days of hearing a small dog barking, Tom decides to find out where this canine lives, so he can leave the owners a note asking them to keep the dog quiet. What he finds there can only be described as stupefying. Also... the Magical Kingdom offers to marry Tom & Lily after living together for four months??!! It's all there in black 'n' white!!
Written by CHARLIE HUSTON, MIKE CAREY, BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS & ROBERT KIRKMAN Penciled by MIKE DEODATO, RYAN SOOK, STUART IMMONEN, FRAZER IRVING, MARK BROOKS, SALVADOR LARROCA & LEINIL FRANCIS YU Cover by MIKE DEODATO The Ultimate Annuals return with life-altering events! In ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #2, something strange has happened at Nursery Two, the Baxter Building's Think Tank counterpart in Oregon. It's disappeared, seemingly swallowed up by the earth itself! And if you think that heralds the return of the macabre Mole Man, go to the head of the class! In ULTIMATE X-MEN ANNUAL #2, Dazzler - Alison Blaire, former X-Man - has awakened from her coma only to discover her life is in deadly peril! And even her former fellow X-Men may be powerless to save her as a betrayal within the ranks has left them shell-shocked. In ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #2, Punisher and Daredevil return! While Foggy Nelson offers Spidey some legal advice, Police Captain Jean DeWolfe gives him some other advice - on how to take down the Ultimate Kangaroo! Will Peter Parker be able to navigate his way through this all-action moral maze, or will Punisher just shoot him instead? And in THE ULTIMATES ANNUAL #2, as the Ultimates clear the wreckage from the recent attack on the United States, a monstrous evil from the past rises from the ashes to launch an attack when America is at her weakest. And with the ranks of the Ultimates severely depleted, all that stands in the path of the long-thought-dead bio-fanatic Arnim Zola is the indomitable Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America, and Sam Wilson, the high-flying Falcon! Collecting THE ULTIMATES ANNUAL #2, ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #2, ULTIMATE X-MEN ANNUAL #2 and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #2. 160 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$13.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2371-7
by Stewart, Parker, & Padlekar Last week Ian Dormouse was a shifty vagrant who sleepwalked through life. Now he's The Dream King, the most enigmatic mystic in Moscow's underground Burlesque scene! And he's not paranoid - strange and evil men really are following him. Does Ian actually have special powers, and can a group of strippers keep him alive?
Written by Mike Carey Art and cover by Whilce Portacio & Richard Friend The unholy workings of the Blood Box are revealed! Still in the company of Detective Ashe, a werewolf of the Muertos Angeles police force, Dane and Mother-One continue to learn about Vascar, the deadly rogue vampire who has wreaked havoc throughout the western U.S. Most important, they discover the secret of the Blood Box! On sale January 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
THE WITCHBLADE CHANGES HANDS! One era of Witchblade ends as another begins! The unthinkable finally happens, as Sara Pezzini and the Witchblade go their separate ways! After 10 years and more than 100 issues, the Witchblade has a new bearer in a landmark issue that will forever change the series. Just who is this new bearer, and how was she chosen? What does Sara's life hold now that it's no longer tied to the Witchblade? All the answers are here as Top Cow's flagship title embarks in a bold new direction! FC, 32pg $2.99 continuing series
Written by JEPH LOEB Penciled by SIMONE BIANCHI & ED MCGUINNESS Wraparound cover by SIMONE BIANCHI 'EVOLUTION,' PART 1 A DOUBLE-SIZED SPECIAL 50TH ISSUE! WITH SPECTACLAR WRAPAROUND COVER BY BIANCHI! Superstar Jeph Loeb (Batman: Hush) is joined by future superstar Simone Bianchi for the biggest, best and, quite possibly, last battle between Wolverine and Sabretooth! These sworn foes have been locked in an endless grudge match that goes back longer than either can remember -- or even imagine. The key to victory is eons old, and it's certain to rock their world. Think you've seen Marvel's fiercest go toe-to-toe before? Those were just warm-ups. Also featuring a 12-page backup story 'PUNY LITTLE MAN,' by Loeb and superstar Ed McGuinness (Superman/Batman): He's big, he's green, he's mean, and he just got his mitts on Logan. Now THIS is gonna hurt. 48 PGS. Parental Advisory …$3.99
Fifteen years ago, from a hole in the ground in rural Washington, a tiny flying machine emerged and Charles Hoy found it. From all appearances, this small vehicle wasn't built with any existing human technology and Hoy made a fortune selling that technology to the first eager customer. Now with his fortunes dwindling and his curiosity piqued with more than a decade of questioning, Hoy has hired a team of adventurers to enter this vast, underground realm in hopes of bringing back even greater discoveries. But while the team expects the unexpected and is prepared for danger, nothing they can imagine will prepare them for The World Below. With The World Below, Paul Chadwick-creator of the internationally acclaimed Concrete-delivers a fever-dream hybrid of classic rip-roaring science-fiction adventure and quirky, unsettling psychological drama. Chadwick's unsurpassed storytelling skill and eye for detail and realism make The World Below a journey unlike any other. • Paul Chadwick is a multiple Eisner and Harvey award-winning writer and artist.
Written by PETER DAVID Pencils and Cover by PABLO RAIMONDI Having a hard time accepting the idea of Jamie Madrox, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Well, that's nothing compared to what's going to happen when Jamie is captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s foremost opponents and is transformed into Jamie Madrox...Agent of Hydra! Plus...Siryn and Monet decide to go shopping and have a grand Mall seizure! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
Penciled by ARIEL OLIVETTI, DENNIS CALERO, RENATO ARLEM & ROY ALLAN MARTINEZ Cover by RYAN SOOK Jamie Madrox comes face-to-face with the thing that terrifies him the most: having to make a decision. The divisiveness of Civil War has spread to his own team: Half of them want to cooperate with the government; the other half wants to take a stand against it. It's Jamie's choice that may well decide whether X-Factor stays together or cracks apart. And matters aren't being helped by Quicksilver, who offers Rictor the opportunity to get his powers back -- but at what price? Plus: They've been a thorn in X-Factor's side since the beginning, and now things are coming to a head. X-Factor's newest assignment causes them to again cross paths with their arch rivals, Singularity Investigations. The result is revelations that strike to the very core of who and what Jamie Madrox is. Collecting X-FACTOR #7-12. 144 PGS./Rated T+ …$19 .99 ISBN: 0-7851-2623-6 Trimsize: Standard
The huge LA refugee camp, home to the desperate survivors of the zombie outbreak, has been abandoned by their protectors in the armed forces. As wave after wave of flesh-hungry zombies pour into the camp, it's every man and woman for themselves. This could be the end of them all, but a small, mismatched group is determined to make it out alive… if they don't kill each other first. *Retailers: See your order form for a special incentive
An event of nightmarish proportions has begun! The dead are walking the Earth and tearing the living limb from limb in an endless pursuit to quench their insatiable hunger for flesh. Yet not all killers are undead. Eight of the country's most notorious murderers are being transferred across state when their bus enters a town overrun with feasting corpses. Now, the town's remaining survivors find themselves fighting a battle on two sides. Five innocents, countless zombies, eight killers and a wide variety of blunt instruments whether they make it out or not, it promises to be very bloody and incredibly gruesome. In the end, it's not the nightmare outside you need to worry about, but the monsters beside you.


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