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I've been meaning to do this for some time, but small little things always got in the way. Not anymore. With the launch of this blog comes the release of my little concept store, MacGuffin, into the world. Most would call it a comic book store, though I prefer the infinitely more self-important title: The Graphic Novel Bookshop. The idea's been percolating for years but I'm finally about to launch, having drawn inspiration from Page 45, Isotope, Jim Hanley, Comix Experience, Ait/PlanetLar, and even Diamond (I didn't say that the inspiration was necessarily positive in nature).

What you’ll find here is my attempt to both chronicle my own foray into retailing sequential art and to offer advice to those who, like me, believe Mel Thompson when he says that the Direct Market is seriously under-stored. Things will probably start off slow but I welcome any insights those of you who choose to emerge from the ether that is the internet feel inclined to provide. And if you happen to run a store and see me leading others astray, please jump into the fray and do bring your expertise.


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