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Tomorrow will mark the debut of our newsletter, MacGuffin Gazette (formerly Brand MacGuffin -- a little help with the title please -- anyone?). It'll be a bare bones sales tool at first, primarily a way to highlight what's new and what's on the horizon. Not exactly Comix Experience's Onomatopoeia, but we'll see how it goes.

The first issue will be pretty simple, a list of new releases, what's coming next week, what we recommend in a general, a spotlight on one of those titles and maybe a few comic news blips. While primarily an in store promotional tool, I'm hoping that I can convince a few stores to let me leave some copies out because we need to get more word out.

Everything was trending pretty well the first couple of weeks, slowly but surely improving. There's something about Valentine's Day, though, because it was one of our best sales days, followed immediately by four of the five worst sales days we've had, including by far our worst Saturday (yeah, yeah, the weather was nasty that day). As with any new store, it's early, so there's good days and bad days, but you string several bad days in a row like that, it sets the nerves on edge. The upside of being so slow (half full, half full, half full) was that I was able to work up a decent new flier/coupon and the newsletter. As I said we'll see how it pans out.

Now for the interactive portion of this evening's entertainment -- what sort of content would YOU suggest for such a store newsletter (and seriously, an ideas for the title)?


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