Quick Hits

*Despite evidence that Naruto is taking over the world our Manga sales are spotty at best. I'm still feeling that section out as we go and trying to improve the variety there. What it really needs, though, is an influx of cash that will result in an influx of books.
(read more on Naruto's high watermark at The Comics Reporter)

*Did anyone ever read The Atlantis Chronicles by Peter David and Esteban Maroto? Those were my favorite Aquaman comics of all time (yeah, yeah, Aquaman was barely in them). Busiek & Guice's new Sword of Atlantis, One Year Later version of Aquaman reminds me of that.

*Reason #7 that we don't carry DVDs. Talk about an area where we can't begin to compete. Although, Robert Scott does give some good ideas on how to do it right if you're going to do it at all (have to love the outside the box thinking).

*Very interesting new project Phonogram: Rue Britannia from Kieron Gillen and Jamie "Long Hot Summer" McKelvie coming from Image. Nice promotional idea as well.

*Two of our customers asked me yesterday why they never see any other customers in the store. Now that'll bring your day down a notch or two. It was our second best Wednesday, though, so no complaints.


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