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Today has been earmarked by me as a day for following up on previous posts (in the grand tradition of your least favorite daytime talk shows).

First Second, by virtue of their name alone, gets the treatment first. Over at Panels & Pixels we get another quick rundown of first impressions of the first wave of releases (keep reading, its broken up into 2 posts) and the promise of future reviews (to which I am looking forward). I continue to be perplexed by my feelings on The Lost Colony, but the more I think about it the more I like (which is something of a backhanded compliment I realize). From what I can tell there are at least three volumes planned so it should be interesting to see how Klein builds on the first installment. I'm also curious to see what sort of presence the entire line will have in the Direct and Bookstore markets and how they will fare. Finally, I should be able to take a look at Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda and Vampire Loves soon, so reviews of those and Sardine to follow.

My brief discussion of Continuity lead to a significant increase in the blog's traffic due to links from Comics Worth Reading and AIT/PlanetLar (thanks Johanna and Larry). The reviews and just a bit of commentary have begun to spring up, notably Graeme's review and speculation at the Savage Critic(s) and the always argumentative Newsarama posters. Still, I guess we're just going to have to wait to see what the data says when the orders are in (where's the fast forward button when you need it).

In a related note, an apparently confused fan followed Larry's example and decided to post Transmetropolitan #8 in its entirety on his Livejournal. That the issue was already released and in no way belonged to said fan was apparently inconsequential (I kid of course. And Ellis doesn't seem to mind much). So after the few of you reading this who somehow missed the boat on Transmet discover it and are desperate for more, head into MacGuffin where we have the entire run of trades in stock.

So, the search feature's not working real well, since all it does is point to the category pages, but since it provides some use we're going to leave it up. As for those category pages, they will slowly begin to include descriptions to go along with the titles and prices. The Sci-Fi/Fantasy page was the first, with others to follow.


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