FCBD Free For All (Seriously, They're Free)

In case you hadn't heard, Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, a first for us here at MacGuffin. You may recall that I spent quite a bit of time breaking down how we had ordered books for FCBD (part 1, part 2). Well, those books are ready to be picked up on Saturday starting at 11:00 in the a.m. and running until roughly 9:00 that evening. As a refresher, we'll have the following available (while supplies last of course -- which should be for the next several months):

Archie Comics 65th Anniversary Bash
Free Comic Book Day Bongo Comics Free- For -All!
Star Wars/Conan Flip-Book
Justice League Unlimited # 1
GI Joe Sigma 6 #1
Disney Comics Presents: Donald Duck
The Transformers/Beast Wars Special
Image Future Shock
Tokyopop Sneak
The Preposterous Voyages of Ironhide Tom!
Arcana Studio Presents # 3
Worlds of Aspen # 1
Jack the Latern 1942
Soulsearchers & Company / Deadbeats Flip Book
Comic Genesis: Generations 2006
Mr. Jean
Funny Book # 2
Impact University Volume 2
Liberty Girl # 0
Keenspot Spotlight 2006
Bluff & Tales from a Forgotten Planet
Free Scott Pilgrim
Owly: Breakin’ the Ice
Amelia Rules!
Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule # 1
Viper Comics Presents: Dead @ 17 & More
Wizard Presents: The Top 100 Trade Paperbacks of All Time

Having looked through them, I was particularly impressed by Mr. Jean, The Preposterous Voyages of Ironhide Tom!, Free Scott Pilgrim and Owly: Breakin’ the Ice. Good books for showing the diversity of comics (though not necessarily all ages appropriate). Most of the books are fairly successful as sales tools for new readers. What they're not quite as effective at is turning regular readers onto something new (though I do think the four I listed above will be fairly successful for that). Marvel's X-Men/Runaways is nice sales tool but suprisingly, the main story is probably the weakest element.


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