Arriving Thursday 7/6/06

52 WEEK #9
Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid Breakdowns by Keith Giffen Art by various Backup feature by Dan Jurgens & Norm Rapmund Covers by J.G. Jones The story of the year continues in four more action-packed chapters of comics' only weekly superhero adventure! This month, get ready for the debut of three new characters that will create a powerful impact in the DCU...and change the face of 52 completely. In WEEK 9, with art by Shawn Moll & Tom Nguyen, learn who dies before Devilance. Plus, witness the debut of the new JLA! WEEK 10, illustrated by Chris Batista (LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES) & Jimmy Palmiotti, features the debut of Supernova, the new guardian of Metropolis! WEEK 11, featuring art by Joe Bennett & Jack Jadson and Todd Nauck & Marlo Alquiza, sheds light on the mysterious woman protecting Gotham City…wearing a very familiar uniform! Black Adam finds love in the arms of mythology in WEEK 12, with art by Eddy Barrows & Rob Stull. Isis is here! Plus the debut of the new SECRET ORIGINS backup by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund! 52: A year without Superman; a year without Batman; a year without Wonder Woman …but not a year without heroes.
Written by Gail Simone Art by John Byrne & Trevor Scott Cover by Ariel Olivetti The startling adventures of the new Atom begin in this series based on concepts developed by comics superstar Grant Morrison, written by Gail Simone (VILLAINS UNITED) with art by John Byrne (ACTION COMICS) & Trevor Scott (THE AUTHORITY) and gorgeous covers by Ariel Olivetti (SPACE GHOST)! Strange things have been happening in Ivy Town since Ray Palmer disappeared. In fact, it appears that the the whole town's been experimented on for decades. Enter Ryan Choi - the young hotshot professor who's filling the empty slot on Ivy University's teaching staff… and who inadvertently ends up filling the old Atom's super-heroic shoes! Can Choi make a difference in a town more creepy and mysterious than anyone ever realized? And can he live up to the towering legend of his predecessor?
As Ethan and Vincent, they're roommates. As Star Fighter and the Underlord, they're mortal enemies. For months we've gotten to know them, but this July everything we know is about to change. In the wake of tragedy, one roommate will be forced to confront his past, while the other will embrace a shocking new future. In their darkest hour, fate will draw them into one final conflict. Star Fighter versus the Underlord. No distractions. No holds barred. One will win. One will lose. And two lives will never be the same. PLUS: some jokes. Part four of the four-part ArchEnemies: Sinners and Saints graphic novel. Written by rising star Drew Melbourne, with pencils by Yvel Guichet (Superman, JLA) and inks by comics veteran Joe Rubinstein. ONE HERO. ONE VILLAIN. ONE APARTMENT.
Written by Michael Oeming Pencils & Cover by Travel Foreman Father versus Son, God versus God, East Vs West! This is it -- the big showdown mortal man has been waiting for! Ares and his Olympian allies have marched to the doors of the evil lord Mikabushi! But what will Ares' son, Alexander - who has fallen under the influence of the cruel god - do when he finally sees his father? Will he run to his fathers arms or lop them off with the legendary Grasscutter sword? This clash of titans drenched in blood finally comes to end in this issue! With Ares announced to join a major super hero team this year, don't miss out on this series!
32 pages of art and ONLY art. No text, no ads. Covers, splashes, collectible cards, sketches-- the best of the best Witchblade art. See it here in unadulterated form. With one hundred issues and a decade of work to choose from, you can bet this is going to be stunning!&n! bsp; Featuring art by the top names in comics including Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Adam Hughes, Keu Cha, Chris Bachalo and more!
Written by David Lapham Art by Ramon Bachs & Nathan Massengill Cover by Lapham Collecting the epic tale from DETECTIVE COMICS #800-808 and #811-814 written by David Lapham (Stray Bullets)! As the Dark Knight tries to shut down a drug ring turned deadly, Bruce Wayne must contend with a wayward 14-year-old who's dangerously close to Gotham's underworld!
Written by Sam Kieth Art and cover by Kieth The final devastating battle between Batman and the Joker erupts in this epic miniseries conclusion! Secrets from the past are revealed and others remain hidden - all in front of the unblinking fisheye lens of the media!
Written by Garth Ennis Art by Colin Wilson Cover by Garry Leach WildStorm celebrates Battler Britton's 50th anniversary with this rollicking 5-issue miniseries from the hallowed halls of IPC, the legendary home of England's greatest comics creations! As the Nazis rain terror throughout Europe, Allied forces are on the run in North Africa. It's October 1942 and Rommel's Panzers are unrelenting in their pursuit. Wing Commander Robert 'Battler' Britton of the RAF and his squadron have been dispatched to an American airstrip to spearhead a joint action against Hitler's war machine. Now they must survive taunts, threats, and assaults…and that's just from the Yanks!
by Various 'Luck Before You Leap': Life is a day at the beach, literally, when Betty finds a beautiful seashell and she and Veronica have one 'lucky' break after another! 'Successful Dressing': Veronica learns that dressing 'glam' won't get her anywhere when all Archie wants is to toss the football around… enter sporty Betty! 'Frank Talk': A barbecue with both Betty and Veronica turns out to be anything but a picnic for Archie!
Written by DWAYNE MCDUFFIE Pencils & Cover by SCOTT KOLINS An indescribably powerful cosmic being gathers nine of Marvel's most mismatched super beings for purposes beyond their comprehension. Can Spider-Man, Gravity, Venom, Henry Pym, The Wasp, Medusa, Kraven, Firebird and the Hood keep from killing each other before they have to face the dangers of their destination, the deadly artificial planet known as Battleworld?
Written by JACK KIRBY & ED HANNIGAN Penciled by JACK KIRBY & JERRY BINGHAM Cover by JACK KIRBY Heroism seems to run in the Black Panther's family...but which way are the new heroes running? The King's favorite king returns in some of his earliest solo sagas! Mutated monsters menace the wondrous reign of Wakanda! Captivating Kirby classics not seen in nearly thirty years! Collects BLACK PANTHER #8-13.
Written by John Byrne & Will Pfeifer Art by Byrne & Dan Green Cover by Byrne What will be the fate of Etrigan? The long skein is unwound in this final issue extravaganza!
Hellboy and Abe Sapien take center stage in a flashback story set during Abe's early days at the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, and Liz Sherman reveals weird tales of the family members that she killed while discovering her firestarter powers. And in Europe, Doctor Kate Corrigan bargains with an ancient evil over the fate of her dead friend, Roger.
Chris Ryall (w), Gabriel Rodriquez (a & c) In 'Primal Scenes,' part 4 of the adaptation of Clive Barker's epic novel, word of strange goings-on in Palomo Grove brings unwanted attention to the town's inhabitants, Howie faces his destiny, and Tommy-Ray is brought one step closer to becoming Death-Boy. All while the Jaff prepares for War.
Renowned horror and western writer Joe R. Lansdale reunites with his Jonah Hex collaborator, artist Timothy Truman, to tell the grittiest, roughest, downright meanest Conan story ever seen in comics. This five-part series begins in the wretched wastes of Stygia, a burning, grinding stretch of desert so desolate the only thing more unforgiving are its inhabitants. There, Conan comes to the aid of an old ally, uncovers a scheme to acquire untold-of wealth, and punishes his foolish enemies most cruelly. Yet when his treasure hunt reveals an alluring spirit with long unsatisfied needs, the Cimmerian knows a gentler touch is required to win the day. Teaming the wild, scathing wit of Lansdale with the unflinching vision of Truman, Conan and the Songs of the Dead is an unprecedented take on the grand hero of sword-and-sorcery-pushing one of the most brutal heroes of literature to new extremes! Conan® and Conan the Barbarian® (including all prominent characters featured in this issue) and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Conan Properties International, LLC unless otherwise noted. All contents © Conan Properties International, LLC unless otherwise noted.
(W) Ron Marz (P) Pat Lee (Col) Dream Engine (Cov) Pat Lee Cyberforce was born thanks to having the DNA of an alien race spliced into their genes. Now the team may very well die at the hands of those same god-like aliens! As the alien mothership nears earth, Cyberforce must be at full strength to have any chance of winning the coming battle, and that means finding powerhouse Impact and convincing him to rejoin the team. Of course, first Ripclaw and his teammates must survive an aerial dogfight, and face off against deadly mechanized warriors. Ron Marz and Pat Lee continue the rebirth of Top Cow's team supreme!
Eric Powell draws Star Wars, Adam Hughes draws Hellboy, and Joss Whedon makes his artistic debut-that's just a smidge of what's included in this 25-cent gift to all the fans who've supported Dark Horse Comics through our first twenty years! Dark Horse Comics is proud to present Dark Horse Twenty Years, a collection of original art by a distinguished list of Dark Horse creators, past and present. Every page holds a different piece, each showcasing a character from the company's history of great original and licensed properties. Instead of drawing their own creations, these jaw-dropping talents have traded characters, each offering an unexpected take on one of the icons of Dark Horse. Legends of comics drawing the characters you'd never expect. You won't see this much talent in the same place for another twenty years! • Cover by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola!
written by GARY WHITTA art by TED NAIFEH cover by DAN BRERETON July 12 • 48 pg • FC • $4.99 Catch up with Death, Jr. and his pals as they take their summer break from school. DJ's going to work with his dad, but may realize he has very unrealistic expectations about what it takes to be Death, while the rest of the gang heads for a less-than-savory summer camp.
by Takeshi Obata Although they've collected plenty of evidence tying the seven Yotsuba members to the newest Kira, Light, L and the rest of the taskforce are no closer to discovering which one actually possesses the Death Note. L recruits Misa to infiltrate the group and gather information. But L's careful planning goes awry when the Shinigami Rem reveals to Misa who the first and second Kira really were, and who the current Kira is. Armed with her new knowledge, Misa will do anything to help Light. But what will that mean for L…? Rating: T+
For the first time ever Crusade is offering the first volume of the ultimate collection of Tucci's multi-Eisner award nominee Shi. The massive issue is packed with almost 600 pages of story and art that includes the entire runs of 'The Way of the Warrior,' 'Tomoe,' 'Rekishi,' and 'Senryaku,' featuring the top superstars in comics including Jim Lee, Joe Quesada, Marc Silvestri, George Perez, and Adam Hughes. An added bonus of fan letters, notes, and early design sketches are also included.
Written by Paul Dini Art by J.H. Williams III Cover by Simone Bianchi Gotham's wealthiest citizens find themselves victimized by the mysterious new villain Facade as a story arc by new DETECTIVE COMICS creative team of writer Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series, BATMAN: WAR ON CRIME), artist J.H. Williams III (PROMETHEA, SEVEN SOLDIERS) and cover artist Simone Bianchi (SEVEN SOLDIERS: SHINING KNIGHT) begins! Operating with a gang trained to pass as members of the cities' elite, the masked mastermind's crimes baffle the police and leave members of Gotham society fearing for their lives. It's up to Batman to use a 'facade' of his own, that of socialite Bruce Wayne, in order to bait the villain's underlings and discover the true identity of their elusive leader.
by Siddharth Kotian & Mukesh Singh Be a part of History! Virgin Comics debut issue! The rapid decay of the city of Sitapur and its festering crime wave forged by the fearsome renegade God Bala, has forced the divine pantheon to re-birth a fierce feminine warrior by the name of Devi! Taking the form of a young city girl now cast as a 'warrior of the light,' the Devi finds her only ally is a burned-out detective who has made quite a name for himself as a hunter of the strange creatures that lurk within the city's underbelly. A very modern take on a very ancient myth!
They won their first real battle in the war for Krynn, but the war has only just begun for the Companions! Friendships born in conflict will be torn apart. Hope will rest on the shoulders of a disgraced Knight and his two inexperienced companions. Worlds long divided by hatred and prejudice will either band together in a last struggle against darkness --or perish for all time.
Written by Bill Willingham Art by Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Jim Fern, Jimmy Palmiotti and Andrew Pepoy Cover by James Jean Collecting issues #42-47 of writer Bill Willingham's Eisner Award-winning creation, FABLES: ARABIAN NIGHTS (AND DAYS) opens a new front in the struggle between the Fables and the Adversary as the worlds of the Arabian Fables are invaded - leading to an unprecedented diplomatic mission to Fabletown and a bad case of culture shock! This seventh volume of the popular Vertigo series also includes 'The Ballad of Rodney and June,' the 2-part story of forbidden love among the Adversary's wooden soldiers, and features stellar art by Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Jim Fern, Jimmy Palmiotti and Andrew Pepoy.
Written by JOE CASEY Pencils & Cover by CHRIS WESTON More secrets of the FF's earliest days revealed! This issue: the Human Torch's first solo adventure (not a raging success)! Mr. Fantastic's first solo adventure (also not a raging success)! A team divided! An enemy uncovered! Plus, an army of cosmically-mutated monsters! What more could you ask for?
Written by CHRIS ELIOPOULOS & MARC SUMERAK Art & Cover by CHRIS ELIOPOULOS You loved his back-up stories in your favorite comics! You loved his first two smash-hit one-shots! Now there's even more to love, because Franklin Richards is back for more fun and mischief in this third spectacular collection of short tales... and, as always, his robot pal H.E.R.B.I.E. will be nearby to help prevent the potential disasters he unleashes. Marvel's tiniest hero explores the uncharted corners of the Baxter Building...and the FF may never be the same!
by Mike Wolfer & Sebastian Fiumara Fan-favorite Mike Wolfer teams up with Sebastian (Jason X) Fiumara for an all-new tale of murder and mayhem! They failed to heed the warnings of the Curse Of Camp Blood and now they must pay! Lured into a high-tech trap set by the Trent Organization, Jason Voorhees was to become a billion-dollar lab rat, the secrets of his immortality ripped from his undead body. But after evading capture and dealing gut-wrenching death to those who would imprison him, Jason takes the battle to Trent's Crystal Lake headquarters and nothing will stop his gore-drenched rampage! The only teenaged survivor of the previous night's bloodbath is now in the hands of the Organization, and is also the target of Jason's trail of destruction. Can Violet, 'The One That Got Away,' ever, truly escape the fury of the maniacal mass-murderer? Several horrific covers available including the Regular, and Gore, by interior artist Sebastian Fiumara, a Wraparound and Terror by Juan Jose Ryp, a Body Count by Richard Ortiz, and a special Leather cover by Fiumara limited to just 900 copies!
Written by GARTH ENNIS Penciled by DARICK ROBERTSON Cover by GARY FRANK The thrilling conclusion! Ever since Nick Fury joined the war, he's been mired in just as much incompetence, stupidity, and bad luck as actual fighting. Every mission has been an unmitigated disaster and this latest adventure has been no exception-having tracked an assassination target behind enemy lines, Fury and his small crew of soldiers are trapped in a mansion with German officers. Meanwhile, the man they were hoping to assassinate is leading an entire battalion against them! With a battle he hasn't a prayer of winning, Nick Fury will have to decide whether a fight to the death is all he has left to live for.
GOON #18
As chaos erupts in the streets from the unnamed Priest's growing power, the Goon is faced with an even deadlier foe . . . A darker evil from the depths of Hell itself. Now it's up to Goon and Franky to save their berg from this outlandish beast, this harbinger of total destruction, this . . . this . . . really BAD, uh, thing! This issue will stun you! It'll shock you! You can't unsee what you see here! Not for the faint of heart. Don't miss it!!
by J.C. Tyler & Ralph Tedesco Grimm Fairy Tales explores a much darker side of the classic Brother's Grimm fairy tales. This issue features a twisted retelling of the classic fairy tale 'Snow White.' A stepmother jealous of her daughter's beauty and popularity resorts to extreme measures to ensure she gets the attention she desires. But her terrible actions pull her into the world of Grimm Fairy Tales where she is taught a lesson that she may not survive!
by Scott Lobdell & Sidney Lima When a visiting dignitary's daughter is scheduled to attend a party at a horror-themed restaurant in New York City, ATAC agents Joe and Frank Hardy are enlisted as undercover protection! But in a building where anything can happen - where the walls literally have ears - can the Hardy Boys find and stop the assassin before it is too late?
by Peter Bagge A certain event from Buddy's past comes back to haunt him, and forces him to take drastic action to keep things from spiraling out of control! Also in this issue, killer features on Alice Cooper and Football Wives! And in the ongoing 'Bat Boy' comics serial, President Bat Boy evolves into a tyrant (much to the delight of his all star pop diva cabinet)!
Written by GREG PAK Penciled by AARON LOPRESTI Cover by LADRÖNN PLANET HULK: ANARCHY, Part 1! On the run from the Imperial Army after escaping from the Great Arena, the Hulk and his crew of Warbound gladiators take refuge in a small farming village with a dark secret. Learn the horrifying truth about Miek's past-and discover if our heroes know the difference between justice and revenge! The smashing continues!!!
written by ROBERT KIRKMAN art & cover by RYAN OTTLEY & BILL CRABTREE forward by LOST co-creator DAMON LINDELOF In the aftermath of Mark's revelation concerning his father he's forced to pick up the pieces of his life and carry on. The ULTIMATE COLLECTION, VOL. 2 collects Invincible's struggle to become his own man, to stand on his own and live his own life. This is a can't miss for any INVINCIBLE fan and a perfect addition to any bookshelf. Collects INVINCIBLE #14-24, 0 and the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2004 story along with LOADS of extras.
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray Art and cover by Tony DeZuniga Classic Jonah Hex artist Tony DeZuniga returns to the character he helped define! Haunted by the accidental death of a young girl, Jonah Hex returns each year to place flowers on her grave. And each year a killer tries to avenge the young girl's death - by murdering Jonah Hex!
JSA #87
Written by Paul Levitz Art by Rags Morales, Jerry Ordway and Luke Ross Cover by George Pérez Everything comes together in this shocking final issue that paves the way for the next chapter in the adventures of the world's first superteam! The JSA's violent final battle against the Gentleman Ghost pits them against a vicious army of evil dead that may spell the end for the team - and their home - as we know it!
Written by Adam Beechen Art by Leigh Gallagher & Jesse Delperdang Cover by Ty Templeton The Royal Flush Gang has shuffled into a Star City bank and decked security. But is escape in the cards when Superman, Batman and company join the game? It's a full house of pain in 'Heroes!'
Written by TOM DEFALCO Pencils & Cover by PAT OLLIFFE Is this the end of the MC-2 Universe? The sequel to last year's surprise hit concludes and it's all-out action in the merry Marvel manner as... Determined to evolve, Galactus prepares to sacrifice the Earth and the entire universe! An army of Mainframes take on a horde of Punisher robots! The Silver Surfer unleashes his full cosmic fury against his former master! The last heroes standing make their final assault on the planet-eater! And Spider-Girl and a few friends take a desperate, perhaps fatal, gamble to save their world and the universe entire!
by Gertler, Haller, Atwood, & Erbes The world's most delightful marketing icon takes on gay marriage, mortality, internet piracy, and static electricity in six fun stories. Inside this stand-alone issue are 28 pages of comics (including a guest appearance by superguy Mister U.S.), plus more special features, all behind an infinity cover.

Written by Scott Lobdell Art and cover by Dustin Nguyen The new science fiction/fantasy series from acclaimed writer Scott Lobdell (Uncanny X-Men) and fan-favorite artist Dustin Nguyen (BATMAN) continues! The first shots of a new war have been fired, and the casualties are in the thousands. Jumping back several decades, what secret does Ambassador Tarkington hold that could have saved the crew of the Dreadnought? Could he have a hand in the assault by the fantasy empire?
Written by PETER DAVID Penciled by MIKE NORTON Cover by CAMERON STEWART Full moon's out, so guess who's comin' to bug our webslinger? WEREWOLF BY NIGHT! And he's turned Peter Parker's rival, Flash Thompson, into a werewolf too! Can Spidey find a cure before the sun comes up, or is Flash forever doomed to a life of fleas and howling at the moon?
HOUSE OF M #3 (Part 1) 72 PGS./Rated T+ ...$4.99
Written by ROY THOMAS, GERRY CONWAY & LEN WEIN Penciled by GIL KANE, JIM MOONEY & ROSS ANDRU Cover by JOHN ROMITA SR. The wisecracking web-slinger Spider-Man teams up with the biggest stars of the Marvel Universe in these classic adventures - including the Incredible Hulk, the Uncanny X-Men, Ghost Rider, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers!
Written by JUSTIN GRAY, JIMMY PALMIOTTI & JIM MCCANN Art by FEDERICA MANFREDI, JIMMY PALMIOTTI & DAVID WILLAIMS Cover by ERIC POWELL When wild west gunfighters with a reputation for shootin' first and askin' questions later, Kid Colt and Arizona Annie, take a job escorting a stage coach through dangerous Apache territory, they come upon a town stranger than any the west has seen. It doesn't take long before Annie and the Kid find themselves in hot water with the locals and runnin' low on bullets. And that's when things get really weird! PLUS: An 8-page story by Jim McCann and David Williams, introducing the woman who is here to tame the Wild West, one engraved invitation at a time - the Philadelphia Philly - and a man who's lost it all, even his name - the man called Spender. ALSO re-presenting three classic MARVEL WESTERN tales by two comic legends: 'Stagecoach to Shotgun Gap' and 'Those Who Live by the Gun' by Jack Kirby and 'The Man Who Robbed the Express' by Dick Ayers.
by Ben Towle The year is 1928 and an Italian airship expedition to the North Pole has mysteriously disappeared. As a worldwide search effort gears up, a down-on-his-luck American newspaper reporter is dispatched to the top of the Earth to cover the event. The first of a six-issue series from Eisner nominee Ben Towle!
Written by Frank Tieri Pencils & Cover by MICHAEL RYAN 'CHEST PAINS' Parts 1 (of 1)! New Excalibur is alerted to a depowered mutant that has recently been returned home to England...Chamber! Learn the secret history of Chamber, but will the team be able to find out the truth before Chamber is killed?!
by Brian Pulido & Dheeraj Verma There is no rest for the wicked as Freddy is back in this all-new, full-length epic story written by the master of horror, Brian Pulido and featuring the art of Dheeraj (Escape of the Living Dead) Verma! Using the dream suppressant Hypnocil, the town of Springwood has successfully locked Freddy Krueger out of the local kids' dreams. What's a dream demon to do? When a carload of gang bangers rob the local pharmacy, it all goes to Hell and Freddy is back in business, but not how you might think! The terror lives on several covers including the Regular, Wraparound, Gore, and Body Count by Juan Jose Ryp, the Terror by Dheeraj Verma, and a special Leather cover by Juan Jose Ryp limited to just 900 copies!
written by DAVID ATCHISON w/ ROSARIO DAWSON art & cover by TONY SHASTEEN incentive cover by TONY HARRIS July 6 • 36 pg • FC • $2.99 ROSARIO DAWSON (star of Sin City and Clerks 2) breaks new ground as she co-creates and stars in the OCCULT CRIMES TASKFORCE! When N.Y.P.D. detective Sophia Ortiz (modeled on Dawson) stumbles upon a bizarre murder scene, she is quickly brushed aside by a covert police unit - the Occult Crimes Taskforce. Versed in the black arts and equipped with mystical weaponry, the O.C.T. keeps the streets of Manhattan safe from unholy creatures of the night. Can Sophia help them stop this supernatural killer? Find out when this action-horror thriller hits the stands!
Written by Bruce Jones Art and cover by Renato Guedes From the pages of THE OMAC PROJECT and INFINITE CRISIS comes OMAC, the One Man Army Corps - a new series written by Bruce Jones (MAN-BAT, WARLORD) with art by Renato Guedes (ACTION COMICS)! When last we saw them in the INFINITE CRISIS: THE OMAC PROJECT SPECIAL, the army of OMACS was defeated, and Brother Eye was destroyed. Now, a new OMAC arises, but who is it? More important, who's controlling this unstoppable killing machine?
by Eiichiro Oda After almost drowning at the hands of 'Sawtooth' Arlong, captain of the nasty Fish-Man pirates, Luffy bounces back with a few tricks up his sleeve. The fate of Coco Village, if not the rest of the East Blue, rests upon the outcome of their final battle! Rating: T
Written by Judd Winick Art by Pop Mhan & Art Thibert Cover by Daniel Acuña Featuring guest art by Pop Mhan (BATGIRL)! The team hits hard against Mallah and the Brain - only to find themselves outnumbered!

by Aaron Williams The third ps238 collection is here! Gathering issues #11 through #15 and including loads of supplemental ps238 comics, this third collection is the best ever! You'll meet Malphast, the half-demon half-angel, travel through time, see the return of the Rainmaker, go on a rescue with the Revenant and more! Read the critically-acclaimed comic from the creator of Nodwick and co-writer of Image Comics' Truth, Justin, and the American Way, Aaron Williams.
Written by GARTH ENNIS Penciled by GORAN PARLOV Cover by TIM BRADSTREET 'BARRACUDA' Dermot and Alice have got a big problem. He weighs 300-pounds -- give or take a severed body part or two, incurred during his recent skirmish with the Punisher. He goes by the name of Barracuda. And he wants some payback. If the villainous pair is going to have any chance at survival, then their only hope just might be the man they tried to kill in the first place. Part 5 (of 6).
by Feist, Oeming, Glass, & Booth The teenaged Pug dreams of being a solider along with his friend Tomas, but as the day of choosing comes and goes, Pug finds himself apprenticed instead to the magician Kulgan, who sees promise in the boy despite his inability to control the magical powers welling up within him. As the boys grow older and more confident in their trades, Pug finds himself smitten with the Castle Crydee's Princess Carline. But will be be ready when an opportunity arises to protect her from great danger?
by Templeton, O'Brien, Sam, Mireault, & Burles With apes running the White House and a doomsday device in the hands of a madman, Caesar must choose between surrender and the destruction of the whole world. And in the back-up story, discover the truth about Lawgiver's past!
by Nobuhiro Watsuki Kenshin's fight with Enishi has entered its final stage, as has his quest for atonement. Will another life be required to complete the circle? The road of redemption has been a long one for the world-weary swordsman, but now that Kenshin has found the will to live, can he muster the strength to survive. Rating: T+
by Michael Alan Nelson & Chee The battle for survival in the wake of the aliens' return continues! With a young girl's life imperiled, Miles leads a team of survivors into a small rural town which has descended into chaos and anarchy. Ruled by a corrupt lawman who hates outsiders, things become even more perilous when one of them starts turning on their own. With danger like this, who's worrying about the aliens!
Written by Gail Simone Art by Brad Walker & Jimmy Palmiotti Cover by Karl Kerschl The thrilling follow-up to the smash-hit Villains United continues! Someone's out to get the Six, and this vicious figure from the group's past won't rest until they've been picked off one by one. Who will be the first beneath fall to the assassin's blade?
Written by John Broome and Gardner Fox Art by Carmine Infantino, Neal Adams, Murphy Anderson and Gil Kane Cover by Infantino & Sid Greene Don't miss this amazing Showcase volume spotlighting Ralph Dibny, collecting tales from THE FLASH #112, 115, 119, 124, 130, 134, 138, and DETECTIVE COMICS #327-371! Along with his wife Sue, Elongated Man travels the world to solve crimes, crossing paths with Batman and Robin, the Flash, Green Lantern and Zatanna!
by Beland, Boothby, Delaney, & Lash Three superior superheroic stories in one big ish! Meet Gastritus, the swallower of whole galaxies and a lot of pork rinds. Then, Stretch Dude, Clobber Girl, and Battle Baby find themselves on the wrong side of the law when the local League of Women Voters outlaws superheroes. And, finally, some of Radioactive Man's female friends from the Superior Squad grab the spotlight in a stirring adventure.
Written by Allen Warner Art and cover by Alé Garza & Richard Friend Lady Skye comes upon a series of strange statues holding secret messages that could be from her dead father. She also meets Braylon, the powerful Green Knight, who recounts his woeful tale of how he came to be - along with the tragic fate of his wife.
Written by Greg Rucka Art and cover by Ian Churchill It's one year later…and Kara and Power Girl have become the dynamic duo of the bottle city of Kandor as the new Flamebird and Nightwing! Don't miss the debut of new series writer Greg Rucka (WONDER WOMAN, THE OMAC PROJECT) and artist Ian Churchill!
Written by Martin Pasko, E. Nelson Bridwell and various Art by Matt Haley, Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson and various Photo Cover Experience the thrilling movie adaptation by Martin Pasko and Matt Haley, then continue with a collection of several classic stories collected from various Superman titles - including a special origin tale originally presented in THE AMAZING WORLD OF SUPERMAN, METROPOLIS EDITION #1 (written by E. Nelson Bridwell, with art by Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson).
Written by Martin Pasko Art by Matt Haley Photo Cover The most anticipated movie event of the year gets its own official comics adaptation from DC Comics, written by Martin Pasko with art by Matt Haley! While an old enemy plots to render him powerless once and for all, Superman faces the heartbreaking realization that the woman he loves, Lois Lane, has moved on with her life. Or has she? Superman's bittersweet return challenges him to bridge the distance between them while finding a place in a society that has learned to survive without him. In an attempt to protect the world he loves from cataclysmic destruction, Superman embarks on an epic journey of redemption that takes him from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space.
Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI Penciled by DAN JURGENS Cover by GARY FRANK Now that the world knows his dark secret, Hyperion suddenly finds himself both alone and hunted. Four new super-powered individuals -- each based on a character from the original Squadron Supreme -- are after his hide, and they've got the will and means to take him down! Collects SUPREME POWER: HYPERION #1-5.
by Golden, Sniegoski, & Azaceta The pressure mounts as Nicholas Dane finds himself hunted by operatives that have ties to a secret cabal. What do they know about what's happened to Dane? Meanwhile, Dane finds that he has the ability to box without ever having stepped into a boxing ring! How is he channeling these talents?
Written by Geoff Johns Art by Tony Daniel & Kevin Conrad Cover by Daniels 'New Teen Titans' continues as the Doom Patrol join the Teen Titans in their battle against the Brotherhood of Evil. But what has happened to the Brain? Why will a former Titan refuse to rejoin the team? What secret lurks beneath Titans Tower? And who will be the newest member of the Teen Titans?
Written by DAN SLOTT Penciled by KIERON DWYER Cover by ANDREA DI VITO Pull up a chair, true believer, you've just been invited to the biggest super hero poker game EVER! Everyone's coming-- from Goliath to Tigra, from the Torch to Ms. Marvel, and many more (even camera-shy fellas like Cap, Spidey, and Wolverine!). So sit in while we play a few hands and swap some tall tales about the Idol of Millions! And if THAT doesn't hook ya, what if we told you that this poker party is celebrating a MAJOR MARVEL MILESTONE! An event that's taken over a decade (in Marvel time) for the Thing to reach... if he can go through with it. We're not kidding! This's SO big, even AUNT PETUNIA'S showing up for this one!
Last issue, The Tick decided he didn't need a super-hero mentor, especially one who would go so far as to license a comic book under his name! In this issue, Mentor plots revenge against his 'turncoat' protégé! Mentor and his contracted super-hero flunkies do battle against The Tick and Arthur in a weird hallucinogenic world where The Tick and his pal have been transformed into media superstars!
Chuck Dixon (w), Guido Guidi (a&c) Ever wondered what form your favorite Transformers would take if they existed in different eras? Wonder no more, as IDW's new Evolutions line will look at some special out-of-continuity tales involving the Robots in Disguise. In issue one of the five-part debut miniseries, 'Hearts of Steel,' writer Chuck Dixon and artist Guido Guidi transplant the 'bots to the Industrial Revolution, where a charismatic hammer-man named John Henry discovers that a steam drill is really an alien robot named Bumblebee. Before he can process this information, the pair are attacked by Decepticons disguised as tanks, trains and walking engines. Is this all part of a larger scheme by Starscream? And if so, will the other Autobots arrive in time to stop his nefarious plans?
written by MURPHY art & cover by MIKE HAWTHORNE July 5 • 52 pg • BW • $5.99 This issue rackets up the violence with a stunning shootout in a cathedral… as our heroine goes on the run from friend and foe alike.
Written by ED BRUBAKER Pencils & Wraparound Cover by BILLY TAN 'THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SHI'AR EMPIRE' Parts 1 & 2! A brand new era for the Uncanny X-Men begins here! Fresh off X-MEN: DEADLY GENESIS, Ed Brubaker takes the helm of Marvel's mighty mutants. Billy Tan joins Ed for a story that won't just affect earth, but will rock the foundations of the entire galaxy! Vulcan is out for revenge and has his sites set on the Shi'Ar Empire! Get ready for the ride of your life! A perfect starting point for any new reader!
Written by Brian K. Vaughan Art by Goran Sudzuka & José Marzan, Jr. Cover by Massimo Carnevale A stand-alone special issue featuring the art of Goran Sudzuka and revealing at last the 'secret origin' of Dr. Allison Mann, loyal but cantankerous caretaker of Yorick. What event from this brilliant young scientist's past will effect the future of the entire planet?



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