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52 WEEK #14
Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid Breakdowns by Keith Giffen Art by various Backup feature by Waid and various Covers by J.G. Jones In WEEK 13, featuring art by Todd Nauck & Marlo Alquiza, it's the resurrection of Sue Dibny! But are the Elongated Man's ex-teammates here to help, or hurt? Plus, the origin of Elongated Man by Mark Waid and Kevin Nowlan! In WEEK 14, with art by Dale Eaglesham & Art Thibert, Steel faces a turning point, and Montoya and the Question go international! Plus, the origin of Steel by Waid and Jon Bogdanove! It's the death you never expected in WEEK 15, featuring art by Shawn Moll & Tom Nguyen! Plus, the origin of Metamorpho by Waid & Eric Powell (The Goon)! Celebrate the nuptials of Black Adam and Isis in WEEK 16, illustrated by Joe Bennett & Ruy Jose! Plus, the origin of Black Adam by Waid and J.G. Jones! WEEK 17 features art by Chris Batista, Jack Jadson & Ruy Jose, and can be described in one word: Lobo! Plus, the origin of Lobo by Waid and Giffen! 52: A year without Superman; a year without Batman; a year without Wonder Woman…but not a year without heroes.
by Kaori Yuki Setsuna and his team have broken into prison to rescue their ally Zaphikel. But they are shocked to find out that they're too late - Zaphikel's wings have already been cut off! Meanwhile, the evil angel Rosiel chairs a meeting of the leaders of Heaven. He announces that he is one step ahead of Setsuna and the rebels, as he knows where they plan to escape to after the prison break. Rating: T+
Written by KEITH GIFFEN Penciled by ANDREA DIVITO Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO Variant cover by BRYAN HITCH One empire has fallen. Two heroes are dead. It all comes together here! Individually, the Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull, Ronan and Nova have faced down the Annihilation Wave... and lost! Now, they must unite those who remain or die by Annihilus' hand! The Annihilation has only begun! No ads - 32 pages of story at no extra cost! 32 PGS. NO ADS!/Rated A ...$2.99
Written by MICHAEL HOSKIN, ANTHONY FLAMINI, JEFF CHRISTIANSEN, SEAN MCQUAID, RONALD BYRD, CHRIS BIGGS, ERIC ENGELHARD, CHAD ANDERSON, STUART VANDAL & MARK O'ENGLISH Cover by ANDREA DIVITO Get caught up on all of the players in the Annihilation event - just in time for this month's ANNIHILATION #1! Featuring Annihilus, Nova, Ronan, the Silver Surfer, the Super-Skrull, Thanos and more - all from the Xandarian Worldmind files of the Nova Corps! 48 PGS NO ADS/Rated A ...$3.99
by Mark Smylie THE TRAITOR KING - The siege of Abenton begins in earnest as Euwen, King of Angowrie, sends rams against the gates and ladders onto the walls. Artesia leads a nighttime cavalry raid into the besiegers' camps, which comes as a surprise to King Euwen and his men, and prompts a white flag of temporary truce. But the Traitor King has a surprise in store for her as well!
Written by Bruce Jones Art and cover by Ariel Olivetti Part 3 of the 5-part 'Darker Than Death,' written by Bruce Jones (MAN-BAT) with fully rendered color art by Ariel Olivetti (SPACE GHOST)! Is the hostage Batman risked everything to save already beyond his - or anyone's - help?
Written by Matt Manning Art by Wes Craig & Terry Beatty Cover by Dave McCaig It's a wild night in Gotham City! Batman and Batgirl know that Catwoman's planning to steal a priceless piece of art. But can they keep an eye on her when some of Gotham's most dangerous criminals are loose?
written by KEITH GIFFEN & SHANNON DENTON art & cover by MATT JACOBS July 12 • 48 pg • BW • $4.99 Created by Eisner winner KEITH GIFFEN and Cartoon Network writer SHANNON DENTON! A young minister has a crisis of faith when he finds out he's God's sleeper agent and it's up to him to stop the apocalypse. It's Blade meets The DaVinci Code in this bold new graphic novella!
by Various 'White Out Conditions': A summer outing with Veronica gets boring fast when she refuses to do anything that would soil her white outfit! 'The List': Veronica has made the guest list to the most exclusive, invitation-only party in town… or so she thinks, until she learns all her friends have been invited, too! 'Who's the Coolest': Summer fun gets simplified when Veronica's pool filter breaks… but luckily the garden hose still works!
BEYOND #2 (Of 6)
Written by DWAYNE MCDUFFIE Pencils & Cover by SCOTT KOLINS Still reeling from the shocking death of one of their number, eight of Marvel's most mismatched super beings struggle to survive both a brutal battle between Medusa and Venom and the impending crash of their damaged starship. 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99
by Lichius, Cogan, & Francavilla The Black Coat finally uncovers the secret behind The Butcher's depraved experiments and the evil organization that's funding them. But when a trap set for the crazed killer backfires, these mortal enemies clash in a duel to the death that brings the first series to an unforgettable conclusion.
BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL #116 (MR) (C: 1-0-0)
The return of Hyakurin! Rin continues to live in her family's abandoned döjö, fretting over Manji's absence and disturbed by her odd visitors, Döa and Isaku. Hyakurin's arrival is a relief, and the two ladies set out to search for their missing friends, starting with Giichi. This fan-favorite, bald-and-bespectacled warrior has been missing for quite a while. After the death of his son and the dissolution of the Mugai-ryü, does Giichi even want to be found? Meanwhile, in a horrible prison under Edo castle, Doc Burando continues to write his medical opus, On the Perfection of Anatomy, and several more unlucky convicts become unwilling participants in the demented doctor's experiments. This issue also features the return of Hiroaki Samura's absurd and hilarious 'Biography,' with rare, accompanying Samura pinups!
by Mac Rauch, Stephen Thompson, Keith Williams, & Dennis Calero 'RETURN OF THE SCREW' Part 2 - The 1984 film starring Peter Weller, John Lithgow, Ellen Barkin, Jeff Goldblum, and Christopher Lloyd is a cult classic loved the world over! Writer Mac Rauch and director WD Richter return to their creation with a brand new story! Part two continues as Banzai, along with his Hong Kong Cavaliers, protects our way of life as we know it! Meanwhile they must contend with: remembering where they parked the Jet Car, a huge electro-magnetic pulse, the Widow's buttocks, Lectroids, a misplaced syringe, and the World Crime League! Gah! Who has time for a 'sound check' at this rate! The rollicking adventure picks up steam as the crap really hits the fan in this one!
Written by Man of Action, Robbie Busch and others Art by Christopher Cook and others Cover by Matt Jenkins Another action-packed issue featuring Ben 10, Juniper Lee, and the Powerpuff Girls' rivals the Rowdyruff Boys!
Written by PAUL JENKINS Penciled by RAMON BACHS & STEVE LIEBER Cover by JOHN WATSON Embedded within the heart of the battle between super hero registrants and resistors you will learn the real story behind both sides of the Civil War! In any conflict there are those who want to keep the facts hidden, but on the Front Lines the truth will be told. In 'The Accused': The New Warriors survivor goes on trial! Their life was spared from the Stamford Disaster. Will justice be so kind? Also featuring true tales of war in Civil War: Correspondence. 32 PGS. NO ADS! (each)/Rated T+ ...$2.99 (each)
A twisted wizard brews a strange adversary for Conan from blood and the dust of the Stygian wastes. In this forsaken desert, the Cimmerian travels in search of an ancient and glorious prize. Yet its secret must be won from the grip of a conniving spirit and loyal zombie guard. Heat, grit, and evil are relentless in this wretched land, but no more so than Conan, a force of will born from sinew and steel, determined to claim his treasure and see it spent most mirthfully. Acclaimed horror and western writer Joe R. Lansdale and his long-time artistic collaborator Timothy Truman enlist award-winning colorist Dave Stewart to continue their unflinching take on sword-and-sorcery's greatest hero!
Written by Siddharth Kotian Art Mukesh Singh Cover by Greg Horn Fighting a world corrupted by renegade gods and demons, the Gods of Light must reincarnate the fierce feminine warrior Devi. The unsuspecting Maya is forcefully lead down the path to be reborn the Devi. But the odds of Devi just surviving her rebirth get a whole lot worse when the world's deadliest assassin arrives in Sitapur…to kill her. Inserted into this issue will be a poster of the Greg Horn Devi #2 cover,
Written by Michael Moorcock Art and cover by Walter Simonson The thrilling series conclusion offers a look at the tumultuous and tragic events that lead up to the world of the Prince of Melniboné we've come to know! Don't miss this stunning revelation, insight into Elric's past!
written by J.R. RAND art & cover by JUAN E. FERREYRA created & co-plotted by JIM VALENTINO July 26 • 32 pg • FC • $3.50 'REVELATIONS 3:4' War. With Emissary's appearance serving notice of a new world order, tensions long kept in check boil over into global bloodshed. As Emissary comes to understand the effects of his arrival, he is compelled to make a decision - will he go against a government that wants to keep the world's first superhuman under its control?
Multiple Eisner Award-winning and Wizard Top Ten writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man; Ex Machina; Runaways) teams with acclaimed artists Steve Rolston (Queen & Country, MEK) and Jason Alexander (Damn Nation, Gotham Central) for the second installment of our first Escapist mini-series! Max Roth and Case Weaver have finished the very first issue of their re-launch comic, featuring a revamped Luna Moth, and their promotional plans include a risky publicity stunt that puts Denny in an old Escapist costume . . . and in harm's way! Also in this issue is a never-before-seen chapter from Men of Tomorrow, Gerard Jones's wildly acclaimed book on the history of comics, in which he unearths some scandalous press on the Master of Elusion! With cover art by the sensational James Jean, two-time winner of the Eisner Award for Best Cover Artist! • On Men of Tomorrow: 'A magnificent piece of work.' -Alan Moore 'Fascinating and heartbreaking …' -Art Spiegelman
Written by Bill Willingham Art by Mark Buckingham & Steve Leialoha Cover by James Jean Part 1 of the new 4-part story 'Sons of the Empire.' What's it like being the firstborn son of a bloodthirsty emperor whose empire encompasses more than a thousand kingdoms, scattered over a hundred worlds? Poor little Pinocchio is suffering seriously divided loyalties between his father, the Adversary, and his fellow Fable refugees in the Mundy world. What does he do while his father hosts a secret conference of the imperial elite to decide the ultimate fate of Fabletown? Plus, this issue contains the first of four short self-contained backup stories featuring Rapunzel.
Written by JOE CASEY Pencils & Cover by CHRIS WESTON The final chapter in the FF's baptism by fire! It all comes down to the final confrontation between a fractured family and their very first arch-enemy... not to mention a base full of cosmically-irradiated monsters! Everything -- including the future of the FF -- will be decided here! 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99
by Krul, Turnbull, & Gorder The world mourns as its oceans run red with blood. War between the humans and the Blue has erupted. Cities crumble and lives are lost. Even with the combined might of Aspen, Cannon, and Kiani, Maylander's forces continue to press their assault. As the relentless battle continues, one feeling begins to linger for the Blue more than any other - defeat.
Written by Stuart Moore Art by Jamal Igle & Keith Champagne Cover by Brian Stelfreeze Beginning the biggest Firestorm storyline yet: the 4-part 'In My Father's House!' Firestorm investigates his girlfriend Gehenna's mysterious past - and finds a new nuclear-powered menace - as his family life turns to chaos! Is it all connected? And who is the other Firestorm?
by Jeff Davidson & Stephen R. Buell Born with the mysterious developmental disability Fragile-X Syndrome, Little Jake's strange utterances are actually highly accurate prophecies of future events. With the world's spotlight shining brightly on Jake as he makes a chilling prophecy, his older brother, Esau, is left to wonder if he'll be strong enough to save his special little brother from a hideous fate.
Creepy creatures are howling, growling, and stalking through the artwork of the first Goosebumps Graphix anthology when three hot, talented comic artists adapt the bestselling Goosebumps books into a cool, new graphic novel format! Scott Morse, creator of the popular comic The Magic Pickle, brings his quirky sense of humor and madcap illustrations to The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena, where two kids encounter an unlikely monster in sunny California.
Written by Judd Winick Art and cover by Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens Part 1 of the new story 'Away Game' - a 3-part flashback explaining what happened to Ollie a year ago after he was left for dead with Mia and Connor. After making it to a desert island, the three lick their wounds and plan a return to full power!
Written by Judd Winick Cover by James Jean Art by Tom Fowler, Jim Calafiore, Ron Garney, Paul Lee and others Green Arrow deals with the lingering ramifications of IDENTITY CRISIS in this volume collecting GREEN ARROW #52 and #54-59, featuring a guest appearance by Zatanna! Plus, Black Lightning joins Green Arrow as the pair track the unpredictable Dr. Light. And will an onslaught of villains mean the end for Star City?
Written by GREG PAK Penciled by AARON LOPRESTI Cover by LADRÖNN PLANET HULK, ANARCHY PART 2 Leading his army of gladiators and refugees, the Hulk smashes his way towards the Steppes - and freedom. But what of the millions still enslaved by the Red King? What of the rebels and slaves dying in the streets and fields? Who is the Sakaarson, and when will he come? The answers threaten to rip the Hulk and his allies apart-and precipitate a shocking transformation that could shake Planet Hulk to the core! 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99
Written by Steve Englehart Art by Tom Derenick & Mark Farmer Cover by Mike Zeck & Jerry Ordway Shipping twice in August, Parts 2 and 3 of the 3-part 'Double Trouble!' In issue #15, Star Girl, Vixen and Gypsy attempt to raise the stakes, but they find themselves at the mangling paws of a Wildcat gone mad! Can these three fare any better than the rest of the JSA, or will Amos Fortune and the Gambler succeed in cashing in the young heroines' chips? And in issue #16, the stakes are raised for one final battle for the villains' fun and profit. Will Stargirl and Wildcat, teamed with Vixen and Gypsy, be enough to turn the tables so the JSA can go home winners? Place your bets, folks!
by Steven T. Seagle & Stefano Gaudiano The Eisner-nominated series, collected for the first time! Dan Hutton lost everything... his name, his past, his wife, his life. Now in a witness relocation program, Dan is told his new identity has been compromised by two different groups each claiming to be U.S. agents. Not knowing who to trust, Dan runs back to the world that took everything he loved. Can a man who's forgotten his past hope to reclaim it?
KICKBACK HC (C: 0-1-2)
Joe Canelli is a crooked cop working in a corrupt police force. Joe is haunted by nightmares of powerlessness. When his partner is brutally murdered and he's betrayed by his colleagues, it appears that Joe's nightmares are coming true. With his back against the wall there's only one thing he can do-turn against the criminal network that he once embraced. • Kickback is a fast-paced, action-filled, noir-style, 96 page crime thriller from the co-creator of V for Vendetta, David Lloyd.
August 9 • 128 pg • BW • $5.95 KITCHEN SINK, the Utne Award-winning 'magazine for people who think too much,' is pleased to be partnering with Image Comics for the second issue in KITCHEN SINK's fourth volume. KS14 includes: graphic journalism and Fantagraphics' MOME; how King Kong '76 ascends its own tower of crap; Eugene Mirman and indie-rock comedy; fallen rapper Pez dispensers and other art by Packard Jennings; strippers for Christ; dating for monkeys; meditations on the first line of Moby Dick; green sex clubs in Japan and so very, very much more.
by CJ Henderson & Kieran Yanner A young woman is compelled by doubts over the medical diagnosis her mother has been sentenced to: to seek the help of Lai Wan. At the dying woman's bedside, Lai Wan discerns that something more deadly than disease has afflicted her mother - demons! But whose demons are they, and who is the one with the true strength to banish them? The compelling tale of the beautiful woman who can see inside your soul continues!
Learn why generations of readers have considered Little Lulu one of smartest, cutest, and funniest comics ever to hit the shelves in the newest volume of Dark Horse's ongoing effort to collect this seminal all-ages classic in a library of affordable trade paperbacks. Lulu Moppet is the true-blue daughter of Main Street America, clever and sweet, mischievous and generous, an eight-year-old hero for anyone who ever wanted to bring home a gorilla, scare the pants off of ghosts, and outwit every grownup in sight. In this volume, comics geniuses John Stanley and Irving Tripp are at their very best, crafting tales guaranteed to thrill kids just as much as they crack-up their parents. • When Dell first published Little Lulu's funny-book adventures they were immediate bestsellers, no one had ever seen such wit and grace between the comics pages. Now, relive that magic with this whopping collection of tales filled with truth, laughs, and a grand old time! • 'Little Lulu was one of my favorite comics as a kid. Simple enough for kids to enjoy, but hip enough to make grownups laugh out loud, it's one of the great unsung comics.' -Harvey Pekar, creator of American Splendor • 'These little gems are timeless models of wry humor and unsurpassed comic timing . . . Like Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes, they create an entire kids' universe of secret clubhouses, favorite soda fountain hangouts, and fantastic menaces.' -Publishers Weekly
Written by Garth Ennis Art by Carlos Ezquerra Cover by Glenn Fabry After fleeing the United Kingdom in search of a new beginning, Kev tracks down an old friend and his beloved tiger. What he discovers, though, will have a profound effect on his future - if he can escape the sins of a past that are about to come crashing down on everyone he knows!
Written by A.J. Lieberman Art and cover by Al Barrionuevo & Bit Exploding from the pages of BRAVE NEW WORLD, Martian Manhunter stars in his first solo adventure in over five years! Written by A.J. Lieberman (Harley Quinn, BATMAN: Gotham Knights), who's reunited with the artistic team of Al Barrionuevo and Bit (BATMAN: Gotham Knights), this series will change the way you see the last son of Mars! Since coming to Earth, J'onn J'onzz has strived to fit in with his adoptive people, even altering his appearance in order to not frighten Earthlings. And in that time, he has struggled between following the ways and customs of his people and becoming human. But now everything he believed about his past has been shattered, and his tolerance for the failings of humanity is at an end. On a mission to seek the real facts about his past and his long-lost race, Martian Manhunter will stop at nothing to discover the truth about himself and the world he lives in!
Written by JUSTIN GRAY Penciled by JUAN ROMAN CANO SANTACRUZ Cover by DAVID WILLIAMS The Fantastic Four travel to the South Pole to study a newly-discovered species, but find themselves on the front lines of a battle against TERMINUS, the cosmic scavenger! The clock is ticking down toward Armageddon as the FF make their stand against a superior force from outer space! 32 PGS./All Ages ...$2.99
Written by JEFF PARKER Penciled by MANUEL GARCIA Cover by CARLO PAGULAYAN All adventure, all action, for all ages! Join Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and the Thing for a wild ride of all-new, unforgettable exploits as they take on Klaw, the Black Panther, the Molecule Man and Dr. Doom! Collects MARVEL ADVENTURES FANTASTIC FOUR #9-12. 96 PGS./All Ages ...$6.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2002-5
Penciled by SEAN PHILLIPS New Cover by ARTHUR SUYDAM Torn from the pages of ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR! On an Earth shockingly similar to the Marvel Universe's, an alien virus has mutated all of the world's greatest super heroes into flesh-eating monsters! It took them only hours to destroy life as we know it - but what happens when they run out of humans to eat?! Follow their search for more food, and witness the arrival of the Silver Surfer! Collects MARVEL ZOMBIES #1-5. 136 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$19.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2277-X Trim size: oversized

by JIM ALEXANDER, ALEX APP, BRIAN BOLLAND, JON HAWARD, PHIL HESTER, FRAZER IRVING, PAUL JENKINS, NATHAN MASSENGILL MIKE O'NEILL, JAMES A. OWEN, BRIAN STELFREEZE, R.G. TAYLOR & DANIJEL ZEZELJ cover by TOM SEELIG July 26 • 64 pg • BW • $5.99 Today's top stars and tomorrow's fan favorites join together in presenting short stories that push the envelope and expand the mind.
Written by CHRISTOPHER YOST & CRAIG KYLE Pencils by DUNCAN ROLEAU Cover by PACO MEDINA 'NIMROD' The mutant hunting robot from the future is back! Nimrod's first priority: finding his creator. Who is Nimrod's mysterious creator?! The New X-Men rush to his aid but discover that Nimrod is much more than they can handle! Part 2 (of 4) 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99
NEXT #2 (Of 6)
Written by Tad Williams Art and cover by Dietrich Smith & Walden Wong The new miniseries by fantasy writer Tad Williams heats up! The Iron Ring has sent the emissary called Sion to bring the Next back to their home for judgment and sentencing…but they can't go back without killing Monikka! And even Superman has a tough time going up against Sion…
Verily, the heroes of Penny Arcade return in the second volume of valiant chivalric deeds of brave heroism, heroic gallantry, and gallant bravery! Forsooth! Sir Gabe and Sir Tycho return in Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings! Collecting all the Penny Arcade strips posted online in the year 2001, Volume 2 includes creator commentary, an introduction from somebody sort of famous, and a gallery of artwork from the Penny Arcade card game! If you haven't heard of Penny Arcade, the most popular online comic ever, it might not be too late to salvage whatever reputation you have and get in on the fun all the cool people have been having. We won't tell anyone. • Fans of Star Wars, Sci-Fi, video games, and cartoons like South Park, Family Guy, or Sea Lab 2021 will appreciate the humor in Penny Arcade. • A collection of the #1 web comic in America!
by Eric S. Trautmann & Cold FuZion Studios Joanna Dark shows off her highly effective - and destructive - skills to her new employer. Is she a loose cannon, or just what they need? Written by Microsoft's own Eric S. Trautmann, and illustrated by Cold FuZion Studios, a production studio specializing in providing multimedia content for all levels within the entertainment field, this is the first of a six-issue series devoted to the world of Perfect Dark: Zero.
Bad things are brewing in the halls of The Ben Turpin School for K-8. When a science project goes wrong, only the prepubescent children are spared the fate of zombification- which is not to say that they're immune from being eaten alive! George Romero covered night, dawn, and day, but how about recess? With Recess Pieces, Bob Fingerman (Beg the Question, You Deserved It) dishes up a grisly combination of Hal Roach's Our Gang and zombies, zombies and more zombies.
From Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos, the best-selling creative team behind Marvel's Spectacular Spider-Man, comes an occult murder mystery set in the unlikeliest of places-The Vatican. When the Cardinal next in line to succeed the ailing Pope turns up dead, Scotland Yard's finest detective, Charlie Northern, finds himself on a plane to Rome with little more than a full pack of cigarettes. With the help of a priest, a coroner, and one beautiful lawyer, Northern must uncover the facts in a place legendary for keeping its secrets. There are forces at work in The Holy See that would see the truth remain hidden-forces ancient and dark, with a power not seen in this world for millennia, and an agenda that will leave Northern's world more shattered than he could have ever foreseen. • Collecting the six-issue miniseries. • Don't miss out as one of the hottest creative teams in comics crafts a supernatural thriller in the tradition of The Exorcist and The Da Vinci Code!
It is five decades after the Martians' failed attempt to invade Earth. Britain has become the world's undisputed leader of military technology, but the nation is cracking at the seams, and liberties are being revoked to maintain order. Now a face from the past steps forward to help save the future! The mysterious figure who saved the life of photojournalist Charlotte Hemming was none other than Robert Autumn. The aged gentleman adventurer-and hero of the previous graphic novel, Scarlet Traces-reveals that dastardly deeds are being done on Mars! Someone must go there and bring back the proof they need, and Hemming is the prime candidate. First she must travel incognito from the Earth to the Moon … but even there, all is not what it seems.
SECRET SIX #3 (Of 6)
Written by Gail Simone Art by Brad Walker & Jimmy Palmiotti Cover by Karl Kerschl The Six learn who has been hiring assassins to take them out, while tensions flare among the group!
SHE-HULK 2 #10
Written by DAN SLOTT Penciled by PAUL SMITH Cover by GREG HORN You date someone long enough, you think you know them. But people change. And in the case of Colonel John Jameson, change can come with a fur coat, big fangs, and a very nasty appetite! Yeah, that's right, gamma-fans! Get ready for She-Hulk's biggest throw down yet as she goes toe-to-claw with THE MAN-WOLF! Also a long absent cast member makes their stunning return! An important person from She-Hulk's past barges in! And one character leaves the book in a scene that you'll be talking about for months!
VIZ Media's monthly manga magazine, Shojo Beat, offers vast quantities of serialized shojo manga appearing in the United States for the first time. In addition to tons of beautiful artwork and compelling storylines from well-known manga creators, Shojo Beat offers quality editorial on Japanese trends, art, news, fashion, and culture, plus interviews, how-tos, and more! Shojo Beat is a hip, fun, informative read that will appeal to newbies and manga fans alike. Rating: T+
by Turner, Gunnell, Gorder, & Sotelo As Theo continues to unravel the puzzle that is his adolescent life, Ange and Dev begin to discover that something fishy is going on in their home world of Perspecta. Too bad they're busy dealing with the What If Mafia, fire drills, and track meets to find out more! They won't have to wait long for answers, though, as the leader of Perspecta puts in motion a dastardly plan that spells bad news not only for Perespecta, but Earth as well!
SPAWN #158
written by DAVID HINE art by by PHILIP TAN & DANNY MIKI cover by PHILIP TAN & TODD MCFARLANE Are you ready for The Rapture? Our advice is to say your prayers and avoid flying. This issue has the biggest revelations yet, but our lips are sealed.
by Various 'Leak': Its good cop, bad cop as larcenous Rouge The Bat, one of the most popular and deadly characters from the Sonic games and TV shows, seeks Sonic and the Freedom Fighters' help against a diabolical new group: The Destructix! It's a battle that will put Tails' life in mortal danger! Meanwhile, Rouge has her next item to steal, and you will never believe what it is! 'Call of Duty': Another exciting new Knuckles back up tale - featuring a decision that will change his life forever!
by David, Staton, Milgrom, Conner, & Leialoha With a momentous wedding looming, the question remains: Is Mayor Southland's first wife really dead, and how to prove it, either way? Bridget, Baraka, and the rest of the Soulsearchers are recruited for this tricky task, as they assume the roles of 'The (Private) Eyes of Lara Lamar!'
Written by SEAN MCKEEVER Pencils & Cover by PAT OLLIFFE Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the classic cartoon serial, here comes AMAZING FRIENDS! In an ALL-NEW one shot, a young Spidey's doing his darndest to find allies in his war against crime, but he didn't count on being matchmaker to two bickering heroes! Can the webslinger get Firestar to chill out and warm Iceman's setting them up on a date!? Also, classic reprints of UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN 2099, an ALL-NEW MINI MARVELS tale, and more! 96 PGS./ALL AGES ...$4.99
Peter David (w), Joe Corroney (a), Corroney, Howard, Murphy, Walpole (c) When Dracula goes to Los Angeles to meet with his law firm-Wolfram and Hart-he is astounded to find himself face to face with a non-corporeal Spike, who suddenly finds himself pleased about his ghostly state if it means he can spend his time following Dracula around and tormenting him endlessly. Concluding the epic, eras-spanning undead battle royale!
Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI Pencils & Cover by GARY FRANK He can't fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, or bench-press cars, but he might be the more dangerous than Hyperion, Doctor Spectrum, and Power Princess rolled into one. But how will the vigilante known as Nighthawk respond when he's asked to join the Squadron Supreme? 32 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$2.99
Written by Kurt Busiek Art and cover by Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino Halfway across the world from Metropolis lies a dark secret from another planet, one not even Superman may be able to contain. What is this threat, and why has a certain time-traveling magician taken interest?
August 9 • 32 pg • FC • $3.50 story by JEFFERY STEVENSON art & cover by CARLOS RODRIGUEZ & JOËL SÉGUIN created & co-plotted by JIM VALENTINO A dictator planted by the U.S. government to oversee a sensitive region of the world goes rogue with unconfirmed access to a stealth-capable nuclear arsenal. Two Special Ops teams were dispatched to quell the situation. Their body parts are currently being recovered. Will Task Force 1's technology be enough to reach the dictator...without killing them all along the way?
In part two of this cosmic epic from Furman and Figueroa, capThungerwing, while Optimus Prime-the memory of the insane, tormented Decepticon scientist's last near-apocalyptic rampage still uppermost in his anguished memory - unleashes his own last resort solution - the Wreckers! Features a special wraparound and variant character sketch cover from Figueroa. *Covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio. *Retailers: See your order form for special incentives
Written by WARREN ELLIS Penciled by BRANDON PETERSON Cover by BRANDON PETERSON It's time for the coming of Gah Lak Tus! And his arrival could mean the end of all life on this planet! Not even the power of S.H.I.E.L.D or the brilliance of Fantastic Four leader Reed Richards seems able to stop its inexorable march to Earth. What role do the Ultimate X-Men have in this drama? And who on Earth is Misty Knight and how does she know the fate of our world may rest with - Ultimate Silver Surfer? Collects ULTIMATE EXTINCTION #1-5. 120 PGS./Rated T+ ...$12.99 ISBN: 0-7851-1496-3
Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Pencils & Cover by MARK BROOKS The team that brought you last year's Ultimate Spider-Man Annual returns! And they've brought Punisher and Daredevil with them! While Foggy Nelson offers Spidey some legal advice, Police Captain Jean DeWolfe gives him some other advice...on how to take down the Ultimate Kangaroo! Will Peter Parker be able to navigate his way through this all-action moral maze? And more to the point...will Punisher just shoot him instead? 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99
Written by ROBERT KIRKMAN Pencils & Cover by TOM RANEY 'MAGICAL' The mysterious Magician's standing with the X-Men is put to the test as questions about his past begin to surface. Did he lie to gain entry to the group? Do his actions belie his true motivations? Just what is this strange young man all about? Meanwhile, a tormented Jean Grey is having great difficulty dealing with the results of the Shi'ar testing. Elsewhere... Dazzler stirs. Part 2 of 3. 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99
by Dan Parent 'A New Leaf': Veronica just hasn't been herself... nothing seems to rile or upset her, until Betty pulls out a ring and announces she's engaged to Archie, that is! Why the sudden change in everyone's favorite rich girl?
Written by DANIEL WAY Pencils by STEVE DILLON Cover by JOE QUESADA Discover the origins of ORIGINS! This bonus edition reprints WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #1, plus extras - including an annotated script by writer Daniel Way! 32 PGS./NO ADS/Parental Advisory ...$3.99
Written by PETER MILLIGAN Penciled by NICK DRAGOTTA & MICHAEL ALLRED Cover by MICHAEL ALLRED It's hard to keep a good girl down...especially when she's Dead! That's right, True Believers, hold onto you're freaking hats! After a brief hiatus caused by their, ahem, deaths, everyone's favorite mutants are back! And this time, they're bringing a host of...questions with them. Like why do some heroes and villains keep on dying, only to return from the dead? And why do other heroes and villains bite the bullet, only to remain dead? Who decides on this craziness? Is it some karmic wheel in the sky? Some fickle finger of fate? Or is it just some guy in the marketing department? Well, one such deceased villain, named the Pitiful One, is going to find out. When the Pitiful One decides that he's tired of being dead, he assembles a posse of Marvel's deadest villains to attack the world of the living. And it's up to Doctor Strange to stop him and his evil cohorts, but he needs help from...well, you know. With Kraven the Hunter, Tike Alicar and a few other surprise, dead guests. Collects X-STATIX PRESENTS: DEAD GIRL #1-5. 120 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$13.99 ISBN: 0-7851-2031-9



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