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100 BULLETS #71
Written by Brian Azzarello Art by Eduardo Risso Cover by Dave Johnson Agent Graves is up to his old tricks again, delivering the notorious attaché and a road map for revenge to a set of Midwestern brothers. But what is it about this particular deadly delivery that has the remaining members of The Trust taking notice?
Steve Niles & Dan Wickline (w); Milx (a & c) The space station has been invaded and the vampires are in control. One by one the humans are being turned into vicious monsters and their time is running out. Can Locke and the handful of remaining crewmembers find a way to warn NASA before Cobb can feast on their blood? And if you're NASA, what do you do with a multi-billion dollar space station full of the undead? Series creator Steve Niles teams with writer Dan Wickline (Blood-Stained Sword) and artist/painter Milx (Silver Surfer) to bring you the conclusion of this deep space horror epic.
by Fred Van Lente & Ryan Dunlavey They think they're smarter and more cultured than us! They've kept Mickey Rourke's career alive! Now it's payback time! The Xeric Award-winning ActPhilo team flambés Gaulic geniuses Rene 'I Think, Therefore I Am' Descartes, existential emeritus Jean-Paul Sartre and Jacques Derrida: The Deconstructionator! Freedom Fries not included.
Plotted by Alan Moore Written by Leah Moore & John Reppion Art by Shane Oakley & George Freeman Cover by Dave Gibbons Penny is determined to rescue her father, and her new allies are almost convinced that it's worth the risk. After all, if the government kept the old comics folk around, surely there's one heck of a weapons cache to be found, too. But will the prisoners of The Castle be waiting when their small band arrives?
by Mark Kalesniko Alex is the story of failed dreams and the consequences faced by a man who discovers that accomplishing his career goals are no route to inner peace. It is a story about the redemptive power of art, and about how fleeting those chances for redemption can be in a society that emphasizes different values. This existential, 250-page exploration of depression and the healing power of art was originally published over ten years ago as a six-issue comic book series and is collected here as one book for the first time.
by Rod Espinosa The Eisner-nominated creator of such critically acclaimed, sweeping epics as Neotopia and Courageous Princess applies his visionary hand to this time-honored tale of an adventurous young girl who is swept into a strange, magical fantasyland. Things are never what they seem in Wonderland. A chance meeting with a Cheshire Cat takes Alice to teatime at the Mad Hatter's, where she is the guest of the hour!
Written by Steven T. Seagle Art by Becky Cloonan Cover by Frank Quitely The arresting new Vertigo venture into sex and death continues with Part 2 of the premier storyline 'Head' by writer Steven T. Seagle and artist Becky Cloonan. Adam Chamberlain - America's poster boy for living sex-free until marriage - is about to take his show on the road to the Dark Continent. But what could drive a Christian youth minister to leave it all behind and head out into the spiritually uncharted territories of southern Africa? Bullets, hit men, parents, paparazzi, pornography, and the voice of God…for starters.
by Kaori Yuki Sara is finally ready to accept the responsibility that goes along with her position as Jibril Setsuna still refuses to accept his role as the savior. Overcome with guilt at the capture of his sister and Zaphikel, Setsuna falls into a depression and is unable to act. Will he be able to assume the role of the savior and lead the resistance before it's too late? Rating: T+
Written by JAVIER GRILLO-MARXUACH Penciled by GREG TITUS Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO ANNIHILATION continues here! From one of the writers of the hit television series 'LOST', comes a new vision of the venerable villain as Super-Skrull brings his devious cunning to bear on an unstoppable enemy! Super-Skrull bursts into the frontline of the war against the Annihilation Wave-taking the fight to the enemy in his own ruthless way. And for once, evil may just be the only way to defeat evil!
by Various 'The Manga Scene': When Ms. Grundy catches Archie reading a manga comic book, she assigns him a 500 word composition on the subject. Can America's foremost comic book teen learn about his Eastern counterparts before the deadline? 'Note Well Taken': When Archie finds his father's old jazz trumpet in the attic, will it strike a joyful refrain or a sour note with dear old dad? 'Posing a Problem': When Archie poses for a public service ad, the prospect of becoming a girl-magnet model goes to his head… until Betty and Veronica make him strike a difference pose!
Written by JOSS WHEDON Pencils & Cover by JOHN CASSADAY This deluxe hardcover collects ASTONISHING X-MEN VOL. 1: GIFTED and ASTONISHING X-MEN VOL. 2: DANGEROUS, plus extras. In GIFTED, Cyclops and Emma Frost re-form the X-Men with the express purpose of 'astonishing' the world. But when breaking news regarding the mutant gene unexpectedly hits the airwaves, will it derail their new plans before they even get started? As demand for the 'mutant cure' reaches near-riot levels, the X-Men go head-to-head with the enigmatic Ord, with an unexpected ally - and some unexpected adversaries - tipping the scales! In DANGEROUS, a tragic death at the Xavier Institute reveals a powerful enemy living among the X-Men that they could never have suspected - and no, it's not Magneto. Things heat up in a way none of the X-Men ever dreamed, but will teamwork save the day when they can't even depend on themselves? Collects ASTONISHING X-MEN #1-12.
Written by Steve Englehart Art by Marshall Rogers & Terry Austin Cover by Rogers Don't miss this 144-page collection featuring the 6-issue miniseries reuniting one of the great Batman creative teams of the 1970s! In DARK DETECTIVE, The Joker enters a gubernatorial election using the campaign slogan 'Vote for me or I'll kill you!' Will it persuade voters?
Written by Christos N. Gage Art by Ron Wagner & Bill Reinhold Cover by Ariel Olivetti Concluding the 3-part 'Cold Case' by Law & Order: SVU writer Christos N. Gage! Can Batman clear his father's name? Thomas Wayne's reputation may be destroyed unless the Dark Knight can prove his father wasn't a serial killer - and find the real murderer!
Written by Bill Matheny Art by Christopher Jones & Terry Beatty Cover by Dave McCaig When Firefly and Mr. Freeze put Batman on ice - literally - it's up to Batgirl to save the day in her first solo adventure!
Written by Paul Pope Art and cover by Pope Paul Pope's mystery series set in 2039 continues! A forgotten legend from the past is again loosed on the streets of Gotham. Amid grisly murder and government conspiracy, Detective Gordon tries to solve the deadliest of mysteries: Who is the man behind Batman's mask?
written by ROBERT KIRKMAN art & cover by TONY MOORE & VAL STAPLES Hellcorp is in shambles and the demons under Lucifer's rule are left to pick up the pieces and rebuilt. Somewhere along the way, Battle Pope gets mixed up in it all. Reprinting ROBERT KIRKMAN's first published work, now in STUNNING full color, with a brand new cover by original artists MATTHEW ROBERTS & TONY MOORE and original cover colorist VAL STAPLES.
The Band of the Hawk-what's left of them-are on the run, Guts and Casca having rescued the Hawks' leader, Griffith, from the horrors of the King of Midland's dungeons. Starved, tortured mercilessly, and imprisoned in an iron mask, Griffith hangs on to life and sanity by a thread . . . and he'll be no help against the King's latest charges sent to bring him back to pay for his dalliance with the King's daughter. Now the depleted Hawks will have to face the Knights of the Black Dog, led by the merciless, bestial Wyald . . . one bad dog who's even worse when he unleashes the beast within! FOR MATURE READERS • Each volume of Berserk comes shrink-wrapped and carries an 18+ content advisory. • The first seven volumes of Berserk have sold over 125,000 copies! • Created by Kentaro Miura, Berserk is a manic manga massacre, a brute-force free-for-all of action, horror, and grim humor that inspired the wildly popular anime series.
Yamada Asaemon, the Shogun's executioner and sword tester, arrives at Burando's request! Known as Kubikiri Asa, the legend of this historical figure is explored in Dark Horse's Samurai Executioner series, and his presence will certainly be felt in Blade of the Immortal! Medical examiner Burando continues his studies on limb transferals and Manji's immortal body, with the hope that Asaemon's deadly, precise skills can quicken the pace! Hiroaki Samura's wild samurai ride takes a darker turn, as his horrific 'On the Perfection of Anatomy' story arc begins! This issue also sports a beautiful, wraparound Rin cover, painted by Samura.
by Richard Moore A new story arc begins! It's Paris' first date with Abbey... sort of. Abbey's representing the Boneyard gang at a mandatory gala for all supernatural entities living on earth. At stake is the future of the Boneyard itself. But when Lilith spikes Abbey's drink, turning Abbey into a stumbling drunk, can Paris cover for her?
After their catastrophic encounter with the monster-god Katha Hem, the B.P.R.D. begin the work of trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild the team. Kate Corrigan travels to rural France in search of an ancient text that might undo the death of Roger, while back at B.P.R.D. Headquarters, Captain Daimio finally reveals the truth about his own death. Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, with artist Guy Davis and co-writer John Arcudi, launch the five-part series that will determine the future of the B.P.R.D., while revealing key secrets about their past.
Written by FABIAN NICIEZA Penciled by LAN MEDINA Cover by PATRICK ZIRCHER 'BORN AGAIN' The X-MEN 'BLOOD OF APOCALYPSE' prequel ends here! An incredible secret from Cable's past is revealed! Can a confrontation between Cable and Apocalypse result in an unbelievable ALLIANCE between these two powerhouses? And will Deadpool be forced to cap both of the megalomaniaX? Part 2 (of 2)
Written by Will Pfeifer Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Sandra Hope Cover by Dale Keown Distraught over his worsening condition, Captain Atom uses his draining power to look into the future...and what he sees will put him on a collision course with the Authority! And when Nikola loses control of the Void powers, will anything be able to contain this meltdown?
This issue, sit in on a candid conversation with one of 2005's breakout cartoonists, Epileptic author David B., in a wide-ranging discussion on life, art, and cartooning. Plus, The Journal's roster of critics analyze the best comics and graphic novels of 2005, in a wide-ranging section that looks into the work of cartoonists from Winsor McCay to Hank Ketcham to Chris Ware. Plus, celebrate the 25th anniversary with the leftist firebrands behind incendiary agit-prop comics anthology World War 3 Illustrated. And, as usual, all the news, criticism, and commentary that you've come to expect from the finest, most provocative magazine about comics available today, The Comics Journal!
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray Art by Dan Jurgens & Palmiotti Cover by Daniel Acuña The after-effects of INFINITE CRISIS begin to impact the DCU starting in CRISIS AFTERMATH: THE BATTLE FOR BLÜDHAVEN, a 6-issue miniseries written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray (HAWKMAN) with art by Dan Jurgens (SUPERMAN ) & Palmiotti and covers by Daniel Acuña (JLA CLASSIFIED) shipping twice monthly beginning in April! For more information, please see the February Previews catalogue!
Written by Warren Ellis Art and cover by J.H. Williams III Michael Jones has been played for a fool from the start. Military spooks turned adult film entrepreneurs was just the decoration. All Jones knows is everyone is against him, and that the odds say he won't live through the night...
DMZ #6
Written by Brian Wood Art by Wood & Riccardo Burchielli Cover by Wood Part 1 of the 5-part 'Body of a Journalist.' With his star power as a wartime reporter on the rise both within and outside the DMZ, Matty soon lands the break of a lifetime: an interview with the infamous leaders of the Free Armies.
Written by TONY BEDARD Pencils & Cover by PAUL PELLETIER 'WORLD TOUR: FUTURE IMPERFECT' Part 1 (of 2)! The new team is now complete, just in time to be pulled apart. The Exiles find themselves on a world under the rule of the Incredible Hulk! He's already killed all the heroes of his world, so what's to stop him from doing the same to the Exiles?!
Written by Bill Willingham Art by Mark Buckingham & Steve Leialoha Cover by James Jean Part 1 of the new 2-part story 'Wolves.' Here's the problem: Some time ago, in a bit of a snit, Bigby Wolf packed a bag and left the Fables series. Walked right out! But he's still under contract, so we sent Mowgli, of Jungle Book fame, to find him. It makes sense, right? Mowg is a terrific hunter, and he was raised by wolves. Send a wolf to catch a wolf, right? And in his world-spanning travels to track down Bigby, Mowg encounters all sorts of other wolves. In short, this story's all about wolves. Which you might have guessed if you read the story title.
Written by JOE CASEY Pencils & Cover by CHRIS WESTON More secrets are revealed in the early days of the Fantastic Four in this stunningly-illustrated series! As the cosmically irradiated foursome answers their first call to action, Reed Richards ensures that he and his friends don't end up as government lab rats. But will Sue, Johnny and Ben go along with his plans? Plus, the secret of the FF's first adversary (hint: it wasn't the Mole Man!).
Written by Stuart Moore Art by Jamal Igle & Keith Champagne Cover by Brian Stelfreeze Firestorm struggles to hold his life together, while Firehawk battles the ice-queen called Killer Frost! But what does Frost want - and who is her mysterious new partner? Plus, the mystery of the disappearance of Professor Stein deepens!
Written by PETER DAVID Penciled by ROGER CRUZ Cover by MICHAEL WIERINGO Round 2 of 2: Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight's main event! Welcome to the biggest fight night in the history of wrestling! A grudge match between the two biggest brawlers to ever enter the ring! In this corner, weighing in at 245 lbs, from parts unknown, that Dastardly Destroyer, the gold-plated Devil of Disaster-your world champion, El Dorado! And in this corner, his challenger, weighing in at 167 lbs, from Queens, New York, that web-slinging, wall-crawling wonder, the one, the only, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! Folks, this epic encounter promises to be one for the ages! I want a no-holds barred, no disqualification, anything goes smack-down: biting, kicking, eye-pokes, and groin hits are not only allowed, they're suggested! At stake is not only Spider-Man's life, but the very soul of Round One's adversary, El Muerto! Now let's get ready to RUMBLE!
Based on the hit 4Kids TV show! The call comes in - Cobra Commander is seen in Japan, and the G.I.Joe team is needed immediately! Only one problem - no one is available except for Long Range and Heavy Duty - and they feel like they're not ready to face the world's greatest terrorist alone! Can the boys overcome their stage fright to stop the head snake?
written by JOSHUA LUNA art & cover by JONATHAN LUNA There are some things worse than death.
Gory Lori and her newfound sidekick are surrounded by zombies in a backwater redneck town. The question is are the humans in town any less of a threat? With a motorcycle and a small arsenal, the plan remains the same: kill 'em all, and let the devil sort 'em out. The gore comes in buckets in this tale that's in the tradition of classic Creepy and House of Mystery storylines!
Written by Judd Winick Art and cover by Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens Ollie Queen's first days in office as mayor of Star City aren't going to be easy. The uphill battle of saving the town from criminals and shady corporations is hard enough, and now Deathstroke's shown up...and he's got Green Arrow in his sights! It's the rematch you've been waiting for since Identity Crisis!
Written by Abby Denson, J. Torres, Sean Carolan and Jennifer Moore Art by Phil Moy, Chris Cook and Mike DeCarlo Cover by Phil Moy The 3-issue miniseries concludes with a bang! Ami's such an innocent tourist that it's no wonder Yumi's worried about their upcoming trip to Mars! Plus, is there anything Kaz can be good at? The girls will help him find out!
Written by DAVID MICHELINIE & BOB LAYTON Penciled by JOHN ROMITA JR., BOB LAYTON & CARMINE INFANTINO Cover by BOB LAYTON Iron Man faces his most untouchable foe in criminal industrialist Justin Hammer and his literal army of super-villains! But can the Armored Avenger overcome an even more implacable personal demon, invulnerable to technology or wealth? Guest-starring Ant-Man and the Sub-Mariner! Collects IRON MAN #120-128.
by Paige Braddock The gals in Jane's World are itching for spring, so get ready for the much requested swimsuit issue of Jane's World… well, the Jane version of a swimsuit issue anyway, which will definitely have a humorous leaning. Special cover art by James Courtney.
by Osbourne, Fern, Maicon, & André Finally a paperback version of the first Jenna mini-series! Readers can read the complete saga of Jenna, a teenager with strange demonic powers and a family straight out of Desperate Housewives. The volume also contains sketchbook material and a previously unpublished story.
by Andi Watson Simon Adams is certainly not one of those dead-beat Dads. Watch him stagger through the pee, the poo, and the puke in a sleep-deprived haze. Observe as he becomes a second class citizen in his X-chromosome controlled domicile. And feel as Simon tries to juggle career ambitions and his family in an act worthy of the best circus performers. No, you're not alone; this is what it's like for everyone.
Written by Brian Azzarello Art by Danijel Zezelj Cover by Marcelo Frusin Featuring guest art by Danijel Zezelj (EL DIABLO, CONGO BILL)! America's dirty and violent underside was exposed during the Civil War and Reconstruction. However, for Atticus Mann, a former slave turned Freeman, the struggle to survived was doubled in the face of racism and brutality.
Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning Art and cover by Neil Googe To the save his adopted homeworld, Earth, and his daughter, Majestic must fight the duel of his life against the most lethal of Khera's warrior sons. Weakened and dying, can he prevail? And can he prevent the other parties from turning the situation to their own ends?
Written by JEFF PARKER Penciled by MANUEL GARCIA Cover by JUAN ROMAN CANO SANTACRUZ He's not so tough... he just has complete control of EVERYTHING on an elemental level. Oh, and he can take over the body of anyone in the world without even being nearby. That's all. How in the world are the FF going to stop THE MOLECULE MAN???
Written by BRIAN REED Penciled by ROBERTO DE LA TORRE Inked by JIMMY PALMIOTTI Cover by FRANK CHO Invasion! The Brood have come to Earth and Ms. Marvel is the only thing standing in their way. But are the Brood looking to conquer, or are they just looking for someplace to hide? Do NOT miss this issue or you'll miss out on the debut of a frighteningly powerful new villain in the Marvel Universe! As an added attraction, the entire planet Earth might just explode! With words by Brian Reed (SPIDER-WOMAN: ORIGIN), pencils by the revolutionary Rob De La Torre and a cover by Frank Cho (NEW AVENGERS), this issue has got it all!
by Stefan Petrucha & Sho Murase Nancy, along with Bess and George, find the wrech of an old yacht with a safe inside full of jewelry worth a small fortune. Cousins of the Druthers, who are clients of Nancy's dad Carson Drew owned the yacht. Their will leaves everything to Mr. Druthers, specifically excluding his spouse - but no one has seen him for ten years. The rumor is that Mrs. Druthers murdered him. Things take a surprising turn when suddenly Mr. Druthers reappears, and Mrs. Druthers disappears!
Written by CRAIG KYLE & CHRIS YOST Pencils & Cover by MARK BROOKS 'CRUSADE' The kids are at an all time low, with Rev. Stryker causing problems on the outside and turmoil inside the Institute. At the time when they most need to be unified, will one of their own betray them? Part 2 (of 4)
written by MIKE BARON art by MIKE NORTON & KARIM WHALEM cover by MIKE NORTON 'HELLUVA PARTY' The devil throws a party. As the Tall Ships sail up the Charles River, Screwbarb, the Vice President, and several hundred friends crowd the bluffs to witness the Apocalypse. The devil is nothing if not arrogant: He's invited the Night Club to witness the demise of civilization, but the Night Club has other plans.
Written by Bruce Jones Art by Joe Dodd & Bit Cover by Jock The streets of New York have never seen anything like the war raging between twin super-powered crime lords and…twin Nightwings?
written by JAY FAERBER art by JON BOSCO cover by JACK LAWRENCE The Nobles struggle to come to grips with last issue's shocking events. Race has been hit the hardest, and he must find the strength to go on in light of his devastating loss. Meanwhile, Gaia realizes that public opinion regarding the Noble family is starting to change -- and not for the better.
by Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, & Christopher Mitten A taught suspense thriller! Trevor Schalk was an eccentric millionaire obssessed with reincarnation right up to his murder in 1980. Now Tim Gilbraight is having weird dreams in which he's a bitter, rich man - despised by everyone around him. It's up to PI Amy Devlin to determine if Schalk is a past life or a past lie.
written by PETER BERGTING art & cover by PETER BERGTING 'A ROAD OF MY OWN' With Milo more interested in playing the hero than actually being one, he makes a fatal mistake that sends the world sliding into a twisted nightmare. With the world literally dying under their feet, Milo, Lin and Alkuin are faced with a shocking revelation about the recent portent and its true meaning.
Written by GARTH ENNIS Penciled by GORAN PARLOV Covers by TIM BRADSTREET 'Barracuda,' Parts 1 (of 6) 'BARRACUDA' Jigsaw, Ma Gnucci, the Russian -- Frank Castle's faced some fearsome foes in his day, but none as stone-cold rotten to the bone as The Barracuda. For most men, Frank Castle is the ultimate game. But for a stone-cold predator like the Barracuda, Frank Castle ain't nothing but a snack. Part 2 (of 6).
by Greg Rucka & Rick Burchett Tom Wallace was the confident and poised Head of Section in the first six volumes of the critically acclaimed Queen & Country series, but that wasn't always the case. Declassified looks back at his first days as an agent when he was sent to Hong Kong to investigate the murder of a British National.
by Various Neil Gaiman's Sandman is a phenomenon - a mass-circulation comic book that caught and held the attention of serious readers. Besides its mass appeal, The Sandman has long interested students and teachers in myriad disciplines, and they have begun sharing their reactions by writing analytical essays. This book gathers some of the best of this criticism, most by young scholars and all written in readable, jargon-free language. The book contains twelve wide-ranging essays of criticism, exploration, and appreciation. Each grapples with questions of how script and art combine to make The Sandman an especially complex, rewarding comic.
by Geof Darrow, with Peter Doherty & the Wachowski Brothers The Shaolin Cowboy again proves that though one man can make a difference, he isn't that one man! Nominated for several Eisner Awards, including Best New Series and Best Penciler/Inker (Geof Darrow)!
VIZ Media's monthly manga magazine, Shojo Beat, offers vast quantities of serialized shojo manga appearing in the United States for the first time. In addition to tons of beautiful artwork and compelling storylines from well-known manga creators, Shojo Beat offers quality editorial on Japanese trends, art, news, fashion, and culture, plus interviews, how-tos, and more! Shojo Beat is a hip, fun, informative read that will appeal to newbies and manga fans alike. Rating: T+
The world's most popular manga! One of the world's biggest comics, containing the original manga versions of some of the most popular anime ever made! Each issue includes tons of full-color information about toys, TCGs, CCGs, video games and anime, plus amazing manga stories! Naruto: Orochimaru reveals more about his evil plans for Sasuke. And Naruto finds out he has... a new teacher?! Yu-Gi-Oh!: Millennium World: Is Yu-Gi-Oh alive or dead?! Even his friends don't know! One Piece: Luffy and crew dock for some rest and recreation, but their holiday is cut short when they bump into some old acquaintances. Yu Yu Hakusho: Yusuke learns the true meaning of sacrifice from a little beast! Shaman King: How will Yoh and his friends make it to the Patch Village in time for the Shaman Fight? Hikaru No Go: Hikaru plays a spectacular move at the Young Lions Tournament and finally grabs the attention of Akira Toya! Plus: Exclusive preview chapter of a Shonen Jump manga series! Plus, don't miss all the extra Naruto, One Piece and Yu-Gi-Oh! coverage. Rating: T
Written by Bob Haney, Marv Wolfman and Len Wein Art by Nick Cardy, Bruno Premiani, Bill Molno, Irv Novick, Lee Elias, Bill Draut, Sal Trapani and Jack Abel Cover by Cardy The 'Showcase' format continues with a volume collecting BRAVE AND THE BOLD #54, 60, SHOWCASE #59, and TEEN TITANS #1-18. Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Aqualad unite for adventures only a teen team could handle!
Written by DAVID HINE Penciled by ROY ALLAN MARTINEZ Cover by JOHN WATSON It's a father and son reunion as Pietro seeks out Magneto! The Inhumans have been betrayed by one of their own. If their culture is to survive, Black Bolt must find Quicksilver. On Earth the word is out - Quicksilver is promising to restore lost powers to former mutants, and Magneto is not happy.
Boba Fett rockets onto the scene with blasters blazing in this stand-alone story featuring the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter taking on a dangerous contract that proves deadly for all involved! Summoned to settle the score between two warring factions, Fett quickly shows his employers the importance of always choosing the right tool for the job, and the folly of underestimating just how much damage and chaos a single Mandalorian can inflict. Once unleashed, Fett's drive to finish the job is unshakable, and both groups quickly realize they're dealing with a bigger and much deadlier mutual problem-one that must be stopped before it obliterates everything! Don't miss this essential piece of the Boba Fett mythos written by Thomas Andrews (Star Wars Empire) and illustrated with the eye-popping art of Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Lone Wolf 2100).
Seeking to exploit a fatal flaw in the Rebel fleet's escape strategies, the Empire plants a sleeper agent in the Alliance's midst and sets into motion a series of events that will have devastating consequences for Luke Skywalker and his companions. Meanwhile, Darth Vader's own agenda runs counter to the Empire's schemes, and he's ensnared Lt. Janek Sunber to carry out a secret mission that will lead the idealistic Imperial officer straight into the heart of the Rebellion. • A compelling new story set between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back exploring Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance's desperate struggle against the Galactic Empire, delivered in high-octane, widescreen style by writer Rob Williams (Cla$$war; SW Tales) and artist Brandon Badeaux (Superman: Man of Steel; SW Empire). • Great starting point for new readers.
by Terry Moore Casey realizes she can't have the future she hoped for and makes a decision that affects the entire SiP gang.
Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Keenen Ivory Wayans & Xavier Cook, Mitchell Marchand (w); Robert Reed, Darren Huang (a & c) After gathering info from the streets, Dynomite finds out where Kane's big shipment is coming in… so he makes his way to Kane's hideout to take that jive sucka fool down! But it might not be as easy as he thought... will Dynomite do it? Or is it a trap? Read and see, suckas!
Written by Geoff Johns & Kurt Busiek Art by Pete Woods Cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson Don't miss Part 3 of the 8-part 'Up, Up and Away,' written by Kurt Busiek (SUPERMAN: SECRET IDENTITY, JLA/AVENGERS) & Geoff Johns (INFINITE CRISIS, TEEN TITANS) with eye-popping art by Pete Woods (CATWOMAN) and covers by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson (HARLEY QUINN)! This issue features guest stars galore, including Supergirl, The Prankster, Lex Luthor, the all-new Flea Circus and more as the Man of Steel mulls over an incredible offer - with incredible ramifications - from Green Lantern. Meanwhile, the Flea Circus breaks one of Superman's deadliest villains out of prison while another threat from his rogues gallery forms an unlikely alliance!
Written by Josh Dysart Guest art by Jock Cover by Eric Powell Hot off The Losers, fan-favorite Jock illustrates a special stand-alone story. Over the years, Swamp Thing has been accountable for many casualties in the swamp. But when he's found responsible for one particular death, Swamp Thing himself might find his own actions unforgivable.
by Ethan Young Relationships are hard - and nobody learns that lesson harder than Ethan. After receiving a devastating rejection letter, Ethan sees his dreams of becoming a comic book artist slip away - and his girlfriend suffers the consequences. All this, and he forgets to clean the litter-box!
by Lee Oaks A burnt-out boxer named 'Knuckles' is being tracked by the Mexican mafia, but when Thunder Monkey arrives, whose side will Knuckles choose? Everyone wants to know who Thunder Monkey is, and what is his original power!
Written by FABIAN NICIEZA Pencils by DALE ROSS Cover by TOM GRUMMETT Zemo and Songbird? When did that happen? A new base, a new mission statement, and a new outlook face the no-longer-new Thunderbolts!
by Griffith, Griffith, Garcia, & Atkinson The Tick meets The Sultan, his idol from the Golden Age of Super-Heroes! So, of course, the first thing they do is fight! Then The Sultan warns The Tick that Mentor is just using him to make money. Mentor is licensing merchandising rights to The Big Blue Guy! Mentor is also the silent force behind Blissburg, a city he created so that The Tick would have no competition for merchandising money in The City. The Tick could probably live with all this... until he discovers that Mentor is printing a Tick comic book!
by Brian Wood & Toby Cypress When Moss arrives in a remote coastal village on the North Sea, he is welcomed as what he appears to be: a somewhat grubby American backpacker. He gets contract work on the offshore oil rig and courts Julie Tucker, a local café owner and single mother. Gradually the town begins to realize just who it is they're harboring: a Special Forces soldier gone AWOL-turned-smuggler, and, if that wasn't bad enough, he has a lot of really rough bastards riding into town after him. The safety of the town and the woman he loves vs. the successful conclusion of a very lucrative drug deal which will Moss choose?
Simon Furman (w); EJ Su (a); Su, Guidi, Raiz, Wildman (c) Ratchet needs answers, before the crisis on Earth escalates, and that means sending a crack team deep-literally-into enemy territory. Too bad then, given Ratchet's oath to protect human life, that his available resources amount to Verity, Hunter and Jimmy. Too bad also that Decepticon unit commander Starscream is intent on removing all evidence of his indiscretions, and that includes the particular bit of 'enemy territory' in question. Enter: Blitzwing and Skywarp! By Simon Furman and E.J. Su.
Written by WARREN ELLIS Pencils & Cover by BRANDON PETERSON As the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards and the X-Men's Professor Xavier frantically search for a last-ditch defense against Gah Lak Tus, the bizarre Silver Surfer is in a life-and-death struggle with Captain America himself! Plus, much more on the mystery of Moondragon...or is it Moondragons?
Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Pencils & Cover by MARK BAGLEY It's the Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man versus Ultimate Deadpool and his deadly band of Reavers-for all the marbles! And wait'll you see where the battle takes place! Deadpool's identity revealed and the relationship between Peter Parker and young Kitty Pryde hits an important milestone!
Written by CHRIS CLAREMONT Pencils & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO 'First Forsaken' Parts 1 & 2 (of 3) Here it comes! Find out why and how Psylocke came back to life. Find out what Jamie Braddock is up to and why he's been popping up from place to place in the past year. The last 28 issues have been building to this. Don't miss it!
by Warren Ellis & Max Fiumara Horror gets a whole lot more terrifying as Warren Ellis continues his full-color zombie epic! There were 500 people on Smoky Island. 498 of them have inhaled a black gas which belched out from under the fault line the island sits upon; A natural psychoactive that releases every foul thing in the human spirit, rendering its victims little better than zombies... a process that requires lots of energy from the body. Lots of protein. Two people were outside the area of release. One of them has family in town... and he doesn't know that they just ran out of warm meat. The boats they need to escape are on the other side of town. Just a little under five hundred cannibal psychopaths who don't feel pain are between them and safety. They don't know what's happened in Smoky Island. They don't know its history. And that's what's going to kill them. As well as the regular cover by Jacen Burrows, this issue is also available with a Gore cover by Burrows, and Wraparound and Terror covers by Mike Wolfer.
Written by Robbie Morrison Art by Talent Caldwell, Horacio Domingues & Matt Banning Cover by Caldwell & Banning Nemesis and Zealot take the battle to Raven's flagship, while Majestic and the Wildcats make a last stand against the Brotherhood's superhuman army! Can they achieve victory over the Bladesmen without killing Kara?
X-MEN THE 198 #4
Written by DAVID HINE Penciled by JIM MUNIZ Cover by JUAN DOE Death comes to the 198. One of the mutants in care of Xavier's dies and the rest of the refugees want answers. They've been patient, but it's time for them to let loose! Is the building tension at Xavier's finally ready to explode?! You bet it is! Part 4 (of 5)
by David Alvarez with Richard Cruz & Rangely Garcia It's snowing in Puerto Rico?!? How can that be? This is a terrible thing for an island that has never seen snow... and even worse for Yenny, who simply can't stand the cold!
Written by ALLAN HEINBERG Pencils & Cover by JIM CHEUNG In the wake of AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED, a mysterious new group of teen super heroes appears. But who are they? Where did they come from? And what right do they have to call themselves the Young Avengers? Young Gun Jim Cheung and TV superstar writer Allan Heinberg (The O.C., Sex and the City, Party of Five) promise to shock and surprise! Collects YOUNG AVENGERS #1-6.



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