Arriving Wednesday 6/28/06

52 WEEK #8
Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid Breakdowns by Keith Giffen Art by various Backup feature by Dan Jurgens & Art Thibert Covers by J.G. Jones The series filling in the gaps of the DCU's lost year continues! In WEEK 5, illustrated by Chris Batista & Jimmy Palmiotti, It's a mystery in space and a surprise so unexpected that even the cover is top secret! WEEK 6, with art by Joe Bennett & Ruy Jose, features the debut of some major players, as Green Lantern discovers the world's newest sensations: China's own super-hero team! Booster Gold sells out in WEEK 7, illustrated by Ken Lashley & KWL Designs! But he's sure to see the same people on the way down that he met on the way up! And WEEK 8, with art by Eddy Barrows & Rob Stull, puts the spotlight on John Henry Irons…Man of Steel! With Superman gone, can he stop the never-ending schemes of Lex Luthor? Plus, 'The History of the DC Universe,' backup feature continues each week by Dan Jurgens and Art Thibert! 52: A year without Superman; a year without Batman; a year without Wonder Woman…but not a year without heroes.
Written by Geoff Johns & Kurt Busiek Art by Pete Woods Cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson The stunning conclusion of the 8-part 'Up, Up and Away!' Superman falls from the sky, and his re-introduction to Metropolis brings changes to Clark Kent's life that no one could have imagined. While putting the pieces of the city back together, Superman must prepare to find his place in every part of his life, before he can resume his never-ending battle against evil!
Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI Pencils & Cover by RON GARNEY CIVIL WAR TIE-IN! 'THE WAR AT HOME' There's no turning back now. Peter has made the most important decision of his life. As the sides square off for the looming Civil War, he'll have to live with it. Now the big question is, what will this decision cost him? Part 2 (of 6).
Written by John Ridley Art and cover by Georges Jeanty & Karl Story The psychotic Hellbent and New American do battle as Wes's plan has gone horribly wrong! Can the New American overcome this titanic threat when three of the most powerful members of the CDC failed, costing a life? And just how far will he be willing to go for revenge?
Written by SIMON FURMAN Penciled by JORGE LUCAS Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO MYSTERY MASTERMIND REVEALED! Cosmic powerhouses Ronan and Gamora get it on... big time: a truly planet-shattering conflict that will, quite literally, reshape an entire world. Don't miss this important issue that helps redefine the cosmic map as we know it! This tragic series can only end with... Annihilation!
ANT #6
written by MARIO GULLY & MARC HAMMOND art & cover by MARIO GULLY It's a change of pace and scenery for Ant this issue. Hannah heads to a new city, ready to set up shop and move on with her life. Meanwhile, a new enemy plans on giving her a chilling welcome.
Written by MARC SUMERAK Pencils & Cover by GURIHIRU The Powers are on their way to the Big Apple... and our favorite sibling super heroes are ready to join the big leagues! But will Power Pack's dreams of becoming the hottest new heroes on the scene be squashed by one of the greatest Avengers villains of all time? Not if Earth's Mightiest Heroes have anything to say about it! Part 1 of a special 2-part epic!
by David B. In this continuing spin-off of his award-wining masterpiece Epileptic, David B. focuses once again on his relationship with his ailing brother, but delves deeper into their fantasy life and obsession with history. In the second installment, two become fascinated by the Papuan Wars, and David discovers odd metaphorical parallels between those long-ago events and rituals and his brother's struggle with his disease.
by Digerolamo, Lloyd, Ortiz, & Peyer Bart gets bent out of shape when all of his friends get caught up in a reading frenzy over the newest kid's fantasy novel, and he literally sets out to destroy literacy. Then, a school field trip goes awry when Bart, Milhouse, and Martin end up on a runaway train. Also, picture if you will, Bart as the newest action star!
Written by James Robinson Art by Don Kramer & Michael Bair Cover by Simone Bianchi Batman vs. Two-Face vs…Harvey Dent? The 8-part 'Face the Face' storyline ends with a bang in a grand finale that will have a long-lasting impact on Batman and Robin's relationship!
BETTY #157
by Various 'Snap Decision': It's sand, surf and silliness as Betty shares her summer photo album with you! 'The Mystery of History': A book on queens and empresses has Betty daydreaming about a life of luxury and loyal subjects… much like Veronica! 'Networking': Betty learns that dating the most popular guy comes at a price, namely privacy!
Written by REGINALD HUDLIN Penciled by SCOT EATON Cover by JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER 'BRIDE OF THE PANTHER' With a super hero Civil War ready to explode in the U.S. and snakes in the Wakandan court preparing to strike, the road to the altar could not be more complicated for T'Challa and Storm. For one thing, they must plan who is coming, and you won't believe who's invited! Part 4 (of 5).
Written by Keith Giffen & John Rogers Art by Cully Hamner Cover by Duncan Rouleau Even a wake-up call from Oracle can't brace the Beetle against a two-pronged magic attack!

Written by J. Torres and Robbie Busch Art by Chris Cook, Scott Roberts, Al Nickerson, and Scott Underwood Cover by Robert Pope Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi are here to rock the Block Party! Ami loves the Mermaid Pants craze, but Yumi isn't convinced they're all that. Plus, Courage the Cowardly Dog is in for one heck of a ride when real monster trucks overrun the farm!
Written by Will Pfeifer Art by David Lopez & Alvaro Lopez Cover by Adam Hughes Selina's escape from the 'real world' begins to unravel as the Angle Man returns and the GCPD is close to solving the murder of the Black Mask! Meanwhile, Selina's replacement as Catwoman finds herself in over her head and forced to turn to an old ally for help: the JSA's Wildcat!
Written by PAUL JENKINS Penciled by RAMON BACHS & STEVE LIEBER Cover by JOHN WATSON 'Embedded' There's a truth buried deep in the heart of every war, and reporters Sally Floyd and Ben Urich will be there, uncovering that truth in the midst of the biggest conflagration in the Marvel Universe! In the wake of the Stamford Disaster, the public cries out for Super Hero Registration. Are the costumed heroes of the Marvel Universe protectors or ticking time bombs? Find out here when Spider-Man has his say. And you won't want to miss as one hero makes public a painful secret. 'Accused' The lone survivor of the team that caused the Stamford Tragedy has been found. But living through one of the worst superhuman disasters in history may be the worst thing that could happen, as this vilified hero is placed under arrest for the deaths of an entire town. Unfortunately, the trouble's just beginning... Also, with the lives of Marvel's heroes in turmoil what opportunities lie for their nemeses? Norman Osborn has a few ideas... And, in 'Civil War Correspondence,' see stories inspired by tales of war correspondence throughout history!

Written by Will Pfeifer Art and cover by Cliff Chiang Crispus Allen's adventure in the afterlife continues as the Spectre attempts to shake Allen free of his human perspective so he can see the world from a higher plane. But Allen's human side continues to bedevil the Spectre as Allen struggles with the Spectre's concept of justice versus his own sense of right and wrong. And the clock is ticking on the Spectre's holy mission - one Allen may be unknowingly preventing!
Written by ED BRUBAKER Penciled by MICHAEL LARK Cover by DAVID FINCH 'DEVIL IN CELL BLOCK D' The opposing forces in Rykers finally explode, in an all-out war. It's the riot in Rykers, and Matt Murdock will find himself caught between his enemies and a hard place. Will this violent take-over prevent Matt from finding the answers he seeks about Foggy's murder, and about who's been manipulating him from the outside? And what the hell is Punisher doing here? Part 5 (of 6).
Written and illustrated by various Cover by Ariel Olivetti In 2005, DC set the stage for INFINITE CRISIS with the unbelievable $1.00 special COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS. Now, DC presents an equally crucial 80-page one-shot specially priced at just $1.00, giving fans the opportunity to sample six new projects set to debut in July and August! BRAVE NEW WORLD includes original stories that act as a preview for the following books: • MARTIAN MANHUNTER by A.J. Lieberman (Harley Quinn, Gotham Knights), with art by Al Barrionuevo & Bit (Gotham Knights) • OMAC by Bruce Jones (Year One: Batman/Scarecrow, Nightwing, THE Warlord) with art by Renato Guedes (Adventures of Superman) • UNCLE SAM AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex, Hawkman) with art by Daniel Acuña (Outsiders, JLA covers) • THE CREEPER by Steve Niles (BATMAN: GOTHAM COUNTY LINE) with art by Justiniano & Walden Wong ( Day of Vengeance) • THE ALL-NEW ATOM by Gail Simone (Birds of Prey, Villains United) with art by John Byrne (BLOOD OF THE DEMON) & Trevor Scott (THE AUTHORITY) • THE TRIALS OF SHAZAM! by Judd Winick (Batman, Green Arrow) with art by Howard Porter (JLA). Don't miss the chance to get in on the ground floor of these six exciting new series! Plus, witness the shocking return of a character you never thought you'd see again!
Written by PAUL JENKINS Penciled by ROMAN BACHS Cover by STUART IMMONEN House of M has changed the world forever. Now, from the ashes of this cataclysmic event comes a new generation...GENERATION M. Find out exactly HOW things have changed as a group of mutants brought together by this common tragedy must fight together for a better tomorrow. Collects GENERATION M #1-5.
by Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir, & Buckethead Destiny's Hand: a pirate ship that cannot be sunk, led by a dying Captain who will not give up. His final wish before he dies is to find the legendary Devil's Eye. And who does he appoint to lead his fearless crew in search of the lost treasure but Olivia Soldana, a brash 16-year-old girl who can outdo any man! By the writers of Amazing Agent Luna!
(W) Warren Ellis (P) Harris/Hamner (C) JD Mettler (Cov) Tony Harris Get all of Warren Ellis' best Top Cow works including the mini-series Down #1-4 as well as his Tales of the Witchblade issues #3 and 4. If you're an Ellis fan, this is a must-have in your collection. Includes new cover art by fan favorite, Tony Harris!
by Chester Brown The penultimate chapter of this 1980s classic begins as Josie, in the form of a vampire, avenges her death by killing Chet. Pygmies still roam the streets, and one devours the remains of Chet's body. All of this, plus previously unpublished art, new covers, and extensive commentary by Chester Brown.
Written by TONY BEDARD Pencils & Cover CASEY JONES 'IT'S YOUR FUNERAL' Standalone issue! Saying good-bye is never easy. After the madness of the World Tour, the Exiles finally have some down time. But that means having to bury some of their own. In Tony Bedard's final issue of Exiles, the team says good-bye to those that have fallen in the past and must make some very difficult choices about the future.
Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI Penciled by MIKE MCKONE Cover by ADI GRANOV CIVIL WAR TIE-IN One member of the FF lies hospitalized, a casualty of the CIVIL WAR that's fragmented the superhuman community! And another member of the team is secretly helping the opposition...even though the consequences will tear the first family of the Marvel Universe apart!
Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI Penciled by MIKE McKONE Cover by MIKE McKONE A covert government task force has presented Reed Richards with shocking news: After years of exhaustive research, the mystery behind the Fantastic Four's powers has finally been discovered. With Reed's help, these scientists hope to recreate his original space flight - creating dozens, if not hundreds, of new superhumans in the process. Reed cautiously agrees to assist the group, but what are the hidden risks involved in the experiment that may be deadly to all involved? Collects FANTASTIC FOUR #527-532.
by J. T. Krul, Koi Turnbull, & Jason Gorder Maylander begins has assault on the Blue, determined to wipe them off the face of the earth! As Aspen races to aid her friends, she meets up with Cannon, (now completely Taras free!!) also ready to fight alongside his people. But, can even the combined might of Aspen and Cannon help make a difference against Maylander's powerful weapons? His powerful NUCLEAR weapons?!? Find out as J. T. Krul, Koi Turnbull, and Jason Gorder bring you the next exciting issue in the Fathom series!
by Amy Hadley With rare exception, girls are fatally drawn to jerks! Upon discovering this sore and sobering truth, Penny takes it upon herself to form her own underground club to identify these boneheads and cure her girl friends of their addiction to them! But her plan comes crumbling down when she is falsely accused of actually going out with one of these guys. And it doesn't help that she finds herself falling in love with him!
Written by GARTH ENNIS Penciled by CLAYTON CRAIN Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN Stunning art and a story that only Garth Ennis could tell! He's paying the price for his deal with the Devil - is the Ghost Rider condemned to ride the highways of Hell for all eternity? His saving grace could be in the form of an unlikely ally: an industrious angel with a deal that would free Ghost Rider once and for all! Collects GHOST RIDER #1-6.
Written by Walter Simonson Art and cover by Howard Chaykin Hawkgirl goes wing-to-claw against Khimaera, the ancient evil that has been plaguing St. Roch! But with all of the recent turmoil in her life, Hawkgirl isn't in top fighting form…
by Various Hoax is the comics anthology for readers who crave a bit more grit in their comics and for half the price most comic collections go for in these times of economic woe. The ongoing surrealistic adventures of Mr. Rickheit's naughty, pubescent, female twins, Cochlea and Estasia, make David Lynch seem like a daisy picker! Miss Lydia Gregg is up to her old tricks ranting and raving with 'Disease is a Sexy Bitch.' Mitch Hess continues to break new ground in avante garde comics poetry in 'Captured On a Petri-dish.' Karl Kressbach journeys deep into 'Madman's Corner,' uncovering the nuances of the everyday insanity of a gang of idiosyncratic homeless coffee shop patrons. Nate Neal picks up the slack with several works of inspired cartoony lunacy, and the whole sha-bang is topped off with the all new Hoax Spring Calendar by guest writer Sean Beaudry.
by Albert Benjamin Thompson Winner of the 2005 Xeric Award, Husk is a collection of short stories, comics, selected drawings, and journal entries from 2000-2005. Jumping from photorealistic to cartoony styles and a flavor for the abstract, Thompson displays a world both fictitious and autobiographical, serious and ridiculous, vulgar and sweet, and as dark as it is touching.
by Matt Broersma An elderly lady-killer, living out his last years in shabby gentility. A mysterious young man wandering aimlessly through an urban wilderness. A chance encounter between two petty lives, each with its own secrets. Insomnia #2 continues Matt Broersma's comics-noir dissection of American society, rendered in uncannily moody two-tone drawings.
written by ROBERT KIRKMAN art & cover by RYAN OTTLEY & BILL CRABTREE The story from Marvel Team-Up #14 continues! Angstrom Levy makes his play against Invincible - sending him from dimension to dimension in an attempt to weaken him. Can Invincible figure out a way to stop him before Angstrom succeeds in killing him? The answer will shock you!
ION #3
Written by Ron Marz Art by Greg Tocchini & Jay Leisten Cover by Kalman Andraszofsky Torn between the way he's been and the strange force he seems to be becoming, Kyle Rayner is drawn to the one Green Lantern who may be able to help him find his way: Mogo, the planet-sized emerald warrior! Will Kyle find what he needs, or is he in a world of trouble?
Continuing where he left off with The Jackson 500, Volume One, Tim Biskup's latest fine-art collection contains paintings 101 to 200 in a series of five hundred business-card-sized paintings, reproduced at actual size. Acting as a kind of workshop for new ideas, the tiny paintings in The Jackson 500 Volume Two are spontaneous compositions that contain the buds of many of Biskup's recurring characters, themes, and color theories. With a fondness for mid-century graphic design, Japanese monsters, chaos, and smoking dinosaurs, Tim Biskup has honed an infectious style. His surreal, dense, colorful paintings evoke Paul Klee, James Flora, and Hieronymus Bosch, as well as animation pioneers like Ward Kimbal, Bob Clampett, and Mary Blair. • 'Tim Biskup is the most prolific and productive artist I know, a hundred fold. He is a living idea factory . . . ' -Gary Baseman
Written by Steve Englehart Art by Tom Derenick & Mark Farmer Cover by Mike Zeck & Jerry Ordway Parts 1 and 2 of the 4-Part 'A Game of Chance,' written by Steve Englehart (BATMAN: DARK DETECTIVE) with art by Tom Derenick (JLA) & Mark Farmer (JLA: THE NAIL) and covers by Mike Zeck & Jerry Ordway (DEADSHOT covers)! In this amazing story, the spotlight falls on the long-lost 'Detroit League': Steel, Vixen, Vibe, Gypsy and team leader Martian Manhunter! J'onn J'onzz takes the novice members of the untested Justice League to a remote location for some badly needed training -- but as luck would have it, Amos Fortune intends to build up his Royal Flush Gang's reputation by destroying the fledgling group!
by Various 'Table Fable': Rack 'em up for this tantalizing tale of a pool hall prodigy and his cue ball friends! 'The Tenderfoot': The hot sand on the beach has Jughead hopping like a frog… right into the arms of beach beauties, to Archie and Reggie's surprise! 'Reader's Choice': Jughead thinks a day at the beach is just what Dilton needs to get his mind off his habitual reading.
When Kat moves to a posh private school, things seem perfect-that is, until a clique of rich, popular kids frame Kat's science teacher dad for stealing school property. Can Kat and her new friend, rebellious computer nerd Mouse, prove who the real culprits are before Kat's dad loses his job? Key Selling Points: • Will appeal to fans of 'Madison Finn', 'Nancy Drew', 'Harriet the Spy' and 'Kim Possible' • Low price point will attract new readers to the manga category • Tweens will love the cool art and savvy characters • Parents, teachers, librarians and journalists will love the educational aspects and great role models • Includes a bonus lab experiment
The saga comes to a close as Sora, Donald and Goofy are forced to choose between their duty and their friendship to each other. The evil truth becomes apparent as our heroes discover who is really behind Heartless and the Darkness. Each must follow their own heart if they are to succeed and defeat the growing Heartless menace. But the choice will not be an easy one! Key Selling Points: • The bestselling series has sold 70,000 copies of each book and been on the BookScan list for months after its debut! • The first Kingdom Hearts game was a huge success selling over 4,000,000 copies and creating demand for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories-a game created simply to tide fans over between Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. • Will follow the release of the Kingdom Hearts 2 videogame. • Special low cost of $5.99 • The first book reached The USA Today bestseller list for all titles, rather than the graphic novel line. It hit #2 on BookScan its first week out and has been on the list every week since then. • Long term series. There are 4 Kingdom Hearts titles to be followed by 2 Chain of Memories titles tying into the next videogame, and finally the Kirara Princess tying into the third videogame. Blurbs: • Anime Insider 'Must Read' call out in the October issue - Anime Insider • 'Based on the Square Enix/Disney videogame of the same name, Kingdom Hearts is a head-on collision of two of the richest, most diverse fantasy worlds ever created. If you're a fan of the game, Shiro Amano's manga adaptation is a must, and, as the first of TOKYOPOP's new junior manga, it is also sure to appeal to young readers.' October issue - Anime Insider 10/05
by Mark Poulton, Stephen Sistilli, & Mike Capprotti Death washes up in the morning surf, as Koni's investigation of recent tourist killings leads her to a pack of vampire surfers known as the Black Bear Clan!
written by GERRY DUGGAN & BRIAN POSEHN art by RICK REMENDER & HILARY BARTA cover by KIERON DWYER CHAPTER TWO: 'VIOLENT NIGHT' A hard truth is revealed and Santa makes a decision he may soon regret. He and Winky the Elf leave the North Pole on a mission to find the last living boy that still believes in him. But before Santa can drop down the kid's chimney he runs afoul of the marauders and zombies that have inherited the earth.
by B. Clay Moore & Jeremy Haun There's more to the world's hottest actor than sexy starlets, tabloid gossip, and primo parts, because Nick Walker isn't just a Hollywood hunk, he's also the world's greatest super spy! When a routine investigation off the coast of France turns up a terrorist training facility, Nick Walker must juggle espionage and screen time in the first installment of this sexy, action-packed, full-color mini-series!
by J. Torres & Eric Kim Time is running out for Joel. If he doesn't make a move on Hannah soon, he's going to lose his chance forever. But can he get over his Korean cultural hang-ups in time to make his play for the girl of his dreams?
by Jamie S. Rich & Marc Ellerby Tristan has two things to his name - a band and a broken heart. Like A Dog is a band on the verge of blowing up and with Tristan finally back from an overseas trip, they think tonight's gig might just light that fuse! But when Tristan spots his dream girl in the crowd, will she fix his lack of love or send his band's career down in flames?
Written by Brian Azzarello Guest art by Danijel Zezelj Cover by Marcelo Frusin Since arriving in the town of Blackwater, Wes Cutter has been the embodiment of fear to the townsfolk, and a thorn in the side of the U.S. government. But was Wes born bad, or simply a product of the brutal times? Find out in this issue, which tells the origin of a violent man looking for peace.
Written by Mike Carey Art by Peter Gross & Ryan Kelly Cover by Christopher Moeller The 48-page series finale finds Lucifer - no longer Morningstar - leaving Creation behind him as he steps into the void. But Yahweh's plan has one final sting in its tail, and only a decisive confrontation between father and son will determine whose vision will prevail. Final issue.
by Brian Pulido & Di Amorim Medieval Lady Death fights for all humanity in this epic new eight issue series! Lady Death is captured by the Asparas an elite group of magical assassins and brought to her Eldritch father and immortal enemy? Can she finally logic with him and bring peace or does he plan on deceiving her again? Hint: his intentions are not good at all. As he begins his desperate search for Lady Death, Wolfram von Bach makes some very strange allies and a host of new enemies! This issue has standard and wraparound covers by Di Amorim, and a special Premium cover by Daniel HDR.
by Anders Nilsen Nilsen's most ambitious work to date! These are experimental, absurdist art comics that play on language and sequential abstractions. Nilsen jumps from the gag cartoon to paranoid soliloquies of a surrealistic apocalypse, with references to contemporary politics, pop culture, and religion. A page-turner that's funny, and a tour de force in black and white and color.
Written by Charlie Huston Pencils & Cover by David Finch 'To The Bone': One night on windswept rooftop, Moon Knight squared off against his greatest nemesis -- Bushman -- and something truly dreadful happened. Something Spector can't put behind him, nor should. Something Khonshu won't let him. You see, someone's about to pick a fight with Marc Spector. The night is young and there's a bad moon rising. Brace yourself for the modt brutal battle you've ever seen! Part 3 (of 6).
(W) Joshua Ortega (P) Francis Manapul (Col) Brian Buccellato (Cov) Francis Manapul Reluctant teen sorceress Abby lies bleeding to death, while the demon Berzelius forces her friend to commit suicide. Ana and Gabriel know Abby is in mortal danger, but can they reach her in time to save her? And where is Locke amidst all of the drama and despair? The second arc reaches its startling conclusion, in this surprise-filled issue brought to you by critically acclaimed novelist Joshua Ortega (Frequencies) and star artist Francis Manapul (Witchblade)!
written by Brian Bolland, Evan Dorkin, Willy Franz, Ron Marz, Dove McHargue, James A. Owen, R. G. Taylor, Danijel Zezelj art by Brian Bolland, Evan Dorkin, Sam Glanzman, Dove McHargue, James A. Owen, Andrew Robinson, R. G. Taylor, Danijel Zezelj cover by ANDREW ROBINSON Now MONTHLY! The return of EVAN DORKIN's Milk & Cheese on a regular basis! The best that you know and the best that you will know! No set genre! No limitations! As always, each issue allows the best creators a showcase to explore their creativity and also introduces readers to tomorrow's superstars!
Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Pencils & Cover by HOWARD CHAYKIN CIVIL WAR TIE-IN! New Avengers: Dissasembled Book 1. You read that right! The Avengers Dissassemble!! The Civil War is on and no book at Marvel will be more affected than NEW AVENGERS. You think Marvel would never screw with their top selling book? Wrong!! The Avengers are about to go to war over their beliefs and the shake up will shock you. Each stand-alone issue of this storyline will be illustrated by a genuine comics superstar, and this issue marks the triumphant return of one of comic's modern masters to the hallowed halls of Marvel Comics. Howard Chaykin, a true hero to Avengers writer Bendis, illustrates this issue told from Captain America's unique point of view as he is forced to form a new band of hoeroes who will fight on his side of the CIVIL WAR!
Written by WARREN ELLIS Pencils & Cover by STUART IMMONEN Dirk Anger loves you. He bought you flowers and candy. Did you get them? He HATES Nextwave, though. He's created lots of things to kill them deader than Elvis. Much deader. Can Nextwave survive this? And more importantly, will you return Dirk Anger's calls?
by David Hutchison A remarkable re-imagining of L. Frank Baum's timeless classic. Dorothy Gale longs for something more than the gray plains of Kansas, but when her wish is granted, she gets both her fondest dreams and her worst nightmares! Get all nine issues of this incredible tale in one handy, gorgeous, double-sized pocket manga!
As the secret caretaker of such an influential future leader, not only does Hanzo use vast and varied ninja talents, but in living closely with Ieyasu, he forms a close friendship with the young shogun. • Published in original Japanese format and unretouched which keeps the art intact. • This is a fifteen-volume story starring the legendary ninja and Kill Bill reference Hattori Hanzo. • Each volume comes shrink-wrapped and carries an 18+ content advisory. FOR MATURE READERS
by Ben Raab & Rick Burchett When an ancient sea monster is spotted off Bangalla's coast, the Phantom's children investigate, unbeknownst to their dear old purple-clad dad. But the trouble they find is more mundane and more sinister than they expected, as desperate men prepare to savage their peaceful jungle home. The Phantom's on them in a heartbeat, but will he be ready to face these new foes who may just be the advance troops of an invasion planned by his oldest and deadliest enemies?
When Will Turner goes looking for Captain Jack Sparrow on a remote island, he has no idea what-or who-lies in wait. Can the ever-crafty Jack escape certain death yet again? Key Selling Points: • Timed with nationwide theatrical release • The first movie was a huge success, performing $837.6 million at the worldwide box office • With Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley starring the movie caters to a huge audience • Cine-Manga movie tie-ins have all been successes-from Finding Nemo (220,000 sold) to The Incredibles (100,000 sold) • Special low price point of $5.99 • Book consists of highlights from the movie
by Ted Naifeh The exciting final issue is here! Polly has been repeatedly kidnapped and attacked, yet her guile has allowed her to not only survive, but dominate. If she lives through this, will she embrace her destiny of being the Pirate Princess, or will she return to her comfortable Victorian order?
PVP #27
written by SCOTT KURTZ cover & art by SCOTT KURTZ Things are getting out of control in the offices of PvP magazine. Jade's hot sister, Miranda is throwing herself at the gang's arch nemesis Max Powers. She's pulling out all of the stops and using her feminine wiles to seduce the boss. Only one thing can stop her: a company sanctioned sexual harassment class? Temperatures rise in this completely inappropriate issue.
Doyle and Abby are sloppy assassins, but they get the job done. However, that's not good enough for an assassins guild that is getting more pressure from the public to keep assassinations clean, and to revoke the licenses of those who can't. This just means that Doyle and Abby have to take on a big hit to pay the fines. But when the hit ends up being one of Doyle's ex-girlfriends, Abby gets jealous. Key Selling Points: • Irreverent comedy about assassins, with a poignant edge to it-will appeal to the Austin Powers crowd • From underground sensations Nate Bowen and Tracy Yardley, who have received indie acclaim for their series Nate and Steve • Features a pin up gallery from various artists, including Ross Campbell. • Will appeal to fans of GTO and Golgo 13: The Professional
Written by BRIAN VAUGHAN Penciled by ADRIAN ALPHONA Cover by MARCOS MARTIN The penultimate chapter of 'Parental Guidance!' The evil leader of the all-new Pride executes his REAL plan, and none of the Runaways will ever be the same. Check out the continuing adventures of the book the American Library Association named one of the Top Ten Books for Young Adults for 2006! Plus, what sinister force is behind the New Pride? Find out when this issue's final cover is fully revealed!
written by ERIK LARSEN art & cover by ERIK LARSEN Dragon returns to find that Mister Glum has taken over the world. The deadliest menace of all time and everyone's favorite fin-head face off-but is Dragon too late to make difference?
written by KIERON DWYER & RICK REMENDER art by SALGOOD SAM & PAUL HARMON cover by PAUL HARMON 'ESTIMATED CASUALTIES,' Part Two 1863. The American Civil War - A small collection of Confederate soldier continue to fight for their lives trapped between closing Union troops and a starving vampire, Lesser Blackthroat.
Lieutenant Garuru-Girororo's ruthless older brother-has taken command of the Space Invasion Force and has stripped Keroro of his rank! Adding insult to injury, Garuru has unleashed a plan to revert Keroro back to a tadpole. Luckily, Fuyuki has the Kero Ball! Can he use it to save Keroro...and the Earth? Key Selling Points: • Pinky and the Brain for the manga fan! • Smash hit anime currently available in Japan • Full of parodies of the most popular anime & manga series including; Gundam, Initial D, and Chobits • Includes Full color bonus pages • Eye-catching metallic foil covers • Deep consumer recognition due to MTV TV campaign
The World's Most Popular Manga! One of the world's biggest comics, containing the original manga versions of some of the most popular anime ever made! Each issue includes tons of full-color information about toys, TCGs, CCGs, video games and anime, plus amazing manga stories! Rating: T
written by PAUL JENKINS art & cover by CHRIS MORENO By day, he is mild-mannered pizza delivery boy, Eddie Edison. By night, he is also mild-mannered Eddie Edison…who just happens to be the alter ego of the Hyper-Human's teenaged sidekick, Hyper-Lad. But the pay sucks. So Eddie settles upon an unlikely solution: He becomes a paid sidekick to three other superheroes, but soon finds out how hard it is to juggle the schedules of four super-powered morons.
SOLO #11
Written by Sergio Aragonés & Mark Evanier Art and cover by Aragonés Sergio Aragonés brings his inimitable style to DC's biggest icons in what promises to be the zaniest issue of Solo yet! Join the longtime Mad Magazine contributor and creator of Groo The Wanderer as he takes aim at Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and much, much more!
by Joe Edkin & Tracy Yardley 'No Thanks for the Memories Part 1 of 2': Sonic's 15th anniversary is turning out to be a raucous one, and this issue raises the bar for sheer Sonic mayhem! That's because the evil Eggman has trapped Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy and forced them to battle for their lives against Sonic's most dangerous adversaries from his early video game adventures!
SPAWN #157
written by DAVID HINE art by PHILIP TAN & DANNY MIKI cover by PHILIP TAN The Final Battle is approaching and Heaven needs new recruits. Zera sets out to find God, because only He can set the Rapture in motion. If Spawn is going to prevent the Apocalypse, this looks like his last chance.
Written by SEAN MCKEEVER Pencils & Cover by TAKESHI MIYAZAWA The Origin Thing, part 2 (of 2). The 'Dark MJ Saga' continues in this special two-part look at Spider-Man's origin through the eyes of Mary Jane Watson! She's turned wallowing in sorrow into an artform. But now MJ has found a kindred spirit, and his name is Spider-Man! Could this fleeting crush be the origin of a profound change for Mary Jane's personality?
Padawan Zayne Carrick faces off against the Jedi Masters hunting him in this shocking finale to the 'Commencement' storyline! Something is rotten in the Jedi Council on Taris, but the only ones closest to the truth are a vagabond, a criminal, a droid, and Zayne-now in the custody of the same Jedi falsely accusing him of murdering his fellow Padawan. It's going to take more than foolish bravery to get Zayne out of this one. Too bad that's all he's got!
Written by ERIC JEROME DICKEY Penciled by DAVID YARDIN & LAN MEDINA Cover by MIKE MAYHEW For Ororo and T'Challa, things are about to go from bad to worse. As the bond between them continues to grow in unforeseen ways, tensions simmer to the boiling point in the camp of the men who are hunting them. To say that the De Ruyter brothers aren't seeing eye to eye is to put it mildly. The outcome of their power struggle will have grave repercussions for Ororo and T'Challa. True Believer, you won't want to miss this key issue of the limited series that tells the untold love story between Marvel's two pre-eminent Black super heroes -- Storm and the Black Panther!
Written by Mark Waid Art by Barry Kitson & Mick Gray Cover by Kitson Chameleon takes center stage as he puts his detective skills to work on a challenging case that could have major consequences for 31st century Earth! Plus, get to know the Legion's newest member - no, it's not Supergirl!
Story by Bryan Singer, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris Script by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti Art by Rick Leonardi & Joe Rubinstein Cover by Adam Hughes Lois Lane is the focal point of this special illustrated by Rick Leonardi (NIGHTWING). She loved Superman…and then he left, seemingly forever. Relive the romance and gain insight into what she's been doing in the Man of Steel's absence!
Written by DANIEL WAY Penciled by STEVE DILLON Cover by TERRY DODSON As a boy, Kyle Richmond - the man who would one day become Nighthawk - witnessed the senseless murder of his parents. There was no reason for their deaths, no provocation - they were just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was a traumatic event that has left him scarred for life - and turned him into a hero more feared than the criminals he polices. Now, it's happening again... but on a much larger scale. The people of Chicago - men, women and children - are dying in the streets, victims of a monster whose thirst for slaughter cannot be quenched, whose soul is a bottomless void and whose scars run even deeper than Nighthawk's. Long ago, Kyle Richmond looked into the face of madness - now, it's looking back at him. And it's flashing a killer smile. Collects SUPREME POWER: NIGHTHAWK #1-6.
by Murphy & Hawthorne 'ROCK OF AGES' - Construction workers digging deep in the bedrock beneath New York awaken two long-buried robots! But when both the NYPD and the National Guard fail to stop the robots' rampage, it's left to Raphael and Michelangelo to try to save the city! Art by Mike (Hysteria, Umbra, The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty) Hawthorne! Plus, a bonus pin-up by Greg Titus!
Written by J. Torres Art by Scott Iwahashi & Francisco Herrera Cover by Sean Galloway Somebody has kidnapped Beast Boy, Pantha and Gnarrk! They've all been taken to The Arena to fight its champion gladiator - Private Hive! Will Kole and the other Titans find their teammates before someone gets hurt?
by Peter Laird, Jim Lawson, & Eric Talbot Mysterious disappearances and deadly reappearances... and Michelangelo makes new friends!
by Gipi A late-night telephone call about a recovered car that went missing seven years ago causes a chain reaction of violence in this all-new comics novelette. Ultimately this crime story turns into a tale of religion and hypocrisy.
Written by Dave Gibbons Art by John Higgins Cover by Gibbons Jack, Billy and Saf are running for their lives from the modern- day incarnations of the Norse Gods! Now, in order to save the lives of those dear to him, Jack must decide if he can handle the true power of the Aesir! But once such a road is taken...can the traveler ever return home?
Written by SCOTT KURTZ & AARON WILLIAMS Art & cover by GIUSEPPE FERRARIO It's the day after his bachelor party, and Justin's running out of time. He's stuck in this mysterious alien suit, his fiancee is ready to kill him, and the FBI thinks he's a russian spy. To make matters worse, Agent Baxter McGee thinks he's found a weapon to take Justin down... a weapon with an orange jumpsuit and a kung-fu grip?! It's the '80s TV show you never saw, continuing in TRUTH, JUSTIN & THE AMERICAN WAY.
Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Pencils & Cover by MARK BAGLEY 'MORBIUS' It's Morbius: The Living Vampire versus Blade: The Vampire Hunter in a no-fang-barred battle- with Spider-Man in the middle and reporter Ben Urich's life hanging in the balance! Part 2 (of 2)
The deadly Koroshi League of Assassins is back-and its longstanding grudge against our favorite rabbit ronin is far from forgotten! This is especially true for Saiko, the swift and beautiful young murderer whose father and partners were killed by Usagi, Katsuichi-sensei, and Jotaro in the landmark issue #75. Usagi, fresh from his stay in the friendly Geishu Province, again runs afoul of Saiko by attempting to prevent her latest contract. But when he tries to protect the life of a prominent local merchant, Saiko takes the man's young daughter hostage! It's a life-and-death standoff . . . will the long-eared samurai prevail by sacrificing an innocent, or will he allow this homicidal up-and-comer to escape, free to continue carving her bloody path through feudal Japan? Find out this month, in Usagi Yojmbo! • Stan Sakai has won multiple Eisner Awards, a 2004 Young Adult Library Services award, a Parents' Choice Award, a 'Lifetime Achievement' Inkpot Award, and the prestigious National Cartoonists Society Comic Book Division Reuben Award.
Written by Bruce Jones Art and cover by Bart Sears Is even the fabled 'Sword of Truth' sufficient protection when every blade in Shamballah is being levelled at Travis Morgan?
by Ross Campbell Ross Campbell returns to the dark and crusty streets of Savannah in this new volume of stories. Chloe and her friends continue to find themselves trapped in the webs of relationships and social scenes that gather in the hidden corners of this strange little college town. But are they really trapped in this clique or is it exactly where they wanted to be?
Top Cow Productions, one of the leading publishers of comic books in North America, opens its archives again and Bandai Entertainment is proud to unveil a new series of graphic novels featuring their legendary character Witchblade! In the Spring of 2006, a 26-episode Witchblade anime series will be broadcast from Gonzo studios. This is the first American comic book character to be turned into an authentic anime series and will generate enormous interest for this graphic novel series. This is the story of Sara Pezzini, a New York street Detective, and how she came to wield the most powerful artifact in the universe - the Witchblade. Her journey will take you through the murder-filled alleys of New York, to the highest towers of society as a supernatural war is waged within her own soul!

Written by MARC GUGGENHEIM Pencils & Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS CIVIL WAR TIE-IN! 'VENDETTA' In the aftermath of the Stamford Massacre, Logan makes it his personal mission to take down the man responsible. But someone else is hunting the same prey: a mysterious trio whose identity -- and mission -- will send shockwaves through the Marvel Universe in the months to come. If Logan wants dibs on his prey, then he's going to have to go through them. Part 2 (of 6).
Written by PETER DAVID Penciled by DENNIS CALERO Cover by RYAN SOOK CIVIL WAR TIE-IN! Hot on the heals of both smash hits HOUSE OF M and SON OF M, QUICKSILVER returns to X-FACTOR! But is he friend or foe!? Oh, and just so you know, yes, Jamie Madrox and the regular cast of X-FACTOR do appear and they do stuff. Lots of stuff! (Layla knows stuff; X-FACTOR does stuff-get it? Got it? Good)
X-MEN #187
Written by PETER MILLIGAN Pencils & Cover by SALVADOR LARROCA In the aftermath of 'Blood of Apocalypse', the X-Men are left to pick up the pieces of the world that En Sabah Nur has shattered. Plus, the mystery of Apocalypse's fate deepens while one of his Horsemen makes a life-or-death decision.
Written by ALLAN HEINBERG Pencils & Cover by JIM CHEUNG 'FAMILY MATTERS' As Earth once again becomes embroiled in the Kree-Skrull War, one Young Avenger is mortally wounded - while another must sacrifice his future to keep the planet from being consumed in the conflict. Not even the combined forces of the YOUNG AVENGERS and the NEW AVENGERS can stem the tide of destruction. And in the battle's bloody aftermath, the YOUNG AVENGERS -- and their relationship to their would-be mentors -- are forever altered. The team's new status quo begins here! (Part 4 of 4)



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