Consigning Casanova

I have to give Image credit, they certainly try to get their books into readers hands. When we first opened (and when any store first opens for that matter) we received free shelf copies of several Image trade paperbacks, presumably on the theory that once we sold one, we would then reorder that title to sell more and Image would more than make up their cost. As it happens, we were already carrying the titles they offered as part of their intro package, but it certainly helps to have additional shelf copies and its a practice that would certainly seem to be a long range benefit to Image.

Now they're offering a special overship program to increase the number of copies of their new "Image Slimline" title Casanova. Essentially retailers can double their initial order without any immediate cost, with all of the overship copies being sold on consignment (i.e. fully returnable to Image and without charge to retailers until after the expiration date for returns passes). This is clearly in direct response to the success of Fell which has sold so well that its first issue has gone back to press 3 times. Image must be expecting a similar result with Casanova and is therefore trying to maximize profits by getting as many copies to retailers up front and as part of the initial print run. It's the same tactic that DC is employing with 52, though without the threat of no reprints and no immediate trade paperback collections. It's programs like this (assuming retailers take advantage of them) that allow retailers to set aside fears of being stuck with unsold overstock and create the potential for both retailers and publishers to grow sales. DC did a similar promotion when V for Vendetta was released and are continuing it with certain titles as a tie in to Superman Returns.

More progressive programs in which publishers assume a small percentage of additional risk with the potential for significant returns can only help the industry's overall help and possibly convince retailers to take a few chances of their own with the additional revenue.

Meanwhile, Jog chimed in with an early review of Casanova that seems to support Image's faith in the title.


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